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Thursday: A Quickie

Hey guys, welcome to the Thursday. I'll keep this post fairly short and sweet for you guys.

We've got a pair of votes for you committee members to vote on; the COTW and votes for the 3rd Quarter, so get your votes in.

COTW Oct 8-14 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
3rd Quarter vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Lastly, we've got the Minnesota Redesign competition going on. We've received some pretty amazing concepts so far. Get your concepts in by Friday, October 19th at midnight EST.


Wild Redesign Entry (by Caz)
Wild Redesign Entry (byDarren H.)
Wild Redesign Entry (by John T.)

Wild Redesign Entry (by  Michael L.)


Hartford Whalers concept (by Andy H.)

Using a pretty good concept logo Griswold, Andy tries to give the Whalers a rejuvenated look. I'm not feeling it. Too many colored panels and the jersey design doesn't flow too well. (6/10)

Seattle Mariners concept (by Felix T.)
With a lot of speculation around Seattle getting an expansion team in the near future, Felix takes a stab at giving the Emerald City a look for hockey. With the logo taken from the baseball team of the same name, there's not much originality here. Execution-wise, the logo is way too small and low. Overall, the design is decent but forgettable. (6/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen attempts to adjust the Avs' primary look with some teaks, along with a new third inspired by their pre-Edge jerseys. The primary jerseys are more of a lateral move, but the third is definitely an improvement on what the Avs wear now. (7/10)

BC Lions concept (by Jets96)
Jets96 sends us a pretty cool concept for CFL team, the BC Lions. The design is a classic one, and it looks fairly good. There's nothing much to complain about. (7/10)

Edmonton Eskimos concept (by Jets96)
The Eskimos probably have the nicest look in the CFL in my opinion, and this concept doesn't disappoint. I love the stripes, along with the logo on the arms. (8/10)

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Daniel J.)
Inspired by the Philadelphia Quakers, Daniels gives us a fauxback classic look that is fitting for a Winter Classic. I'm feeling a little imbalance in the design, due to the white in the logo and the absence of what from the jersey design but overall, I think it's a pretty solid jersey. (7/10)

Erie Otters concept (by Scott D.)
Finally, we go to the OHL for our last concept. This is a massive improvement on their current set. This whole look just screams "classy" and should be used on the ice as soon as possible. (9/10)
Thursday: A Quickie Reviewed by Thallos on October 18, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Its funny, that you say that the Eskimos have the best look in the CFL. The Argos wear practically the same jerseys and the Tiger Cats too, but the colours work better to me on the Eskimos jerseys, also Scott for COTW, but I'd really like to see the 1000th jersey game jersey redone or something, the yellow one.

Thallos said...

Yeah for me, it's mostly the colors for Edmonton. It's such a unique color scheme that they utilize so well.

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