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The End (Of The Lockout) is Near?

Big, Big, BIG news today! The NHL has made an offer to the NHLPA to split revenue 50/50. The lockout may be ending soon!!! Also, if the NHLPA agrees with this new proposal, a FULL 82 game schedule could begin on Nov. 2. Click here for the full story

Also, the OKC Barons unveiled their new third jersey recently, and the CHL's Denver Cutthroats unveiled their jersey set. What do you guys think?

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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (Mike S.)
Mike redesigns the Lightning with a darker shade of blue and the addition of silver. I wish the striping in this set was more consistent. I wish they were more consistent altogether actually. I feel like the white jersey is the stronger of the two. The blue jersey is way too similar to Maple Leafs jerseys. The white has the cuffs which I think are a bit too busy with the small stripes and silver trim. Also, use the normal logo without the wordmark on both jerseys and this set would look great. 6/10

St. Sebastians High School Third Jersey (Jake M.)
From what I could gather, St. Sebastians current set is basically a white Blackhawks template with the name and number on the front, and a black version like the Hawks' old alternate. This is a very vintage looking jersey which may work if the school has some history to it. It's not very creative but not a lot of high school jerseys are. My jerseys in high school were Maple Leafs jerseys with green trim on the numbers. The execution on the jersey is very nice though. The inside of the collar shouldn't be white though, at least make it the off white. Also, put some sort of ID on the concept. 7/10

London Knights (Stephen T.)
Not much changes with Stephen's Knights redesign. The gold trim in the striping is ditched. On the black jersey, the yoke outline changes from white to green and the name and numbers also make the change from white to green. On the white jersey the main stripe on the arms is black and the yoke goes from cream with a gold outline to black with a green outline. The only nitpick I have is that the name and numbers on the black should stay white as they are hard to see. Execution notice, for accuracy, the OHL logo should be on the chest. 7/10

(Elitserien) Timra Concept (Jesper W.)
Jesper continues his European redesign series with Timra. I like Jespers new jerseys better than what the team wears but not by much. I don't like this template. It's extremely overused but Jesper does make it look a little better with the blue trim on the arms. 7/10

(Elitserien)Skelleftea AIK Concept (Jesper W.)
Jesper continues his series of European redesigns with AIK and I'm a fan. I love black white and yellow together. These are similar to what they wear now but with the addition of the side panels. They  remind me of Ottawa 67's jerseys which I actually really like. Execution is great 8/10

Fredericton High School Black Kats Concept (Matt M.)
You may remember a few months back, Ryan was contacted by FHS to design new jerseys. I don't think Ryan had heard anything back after submissions came in but this was Matt's submission. Very basic, very classy jersey design which I think works. I don't care for the Subway on the butt, but High School teams need it sometimes, my high school team's practice jerseys had a Hooters logo on them. I really like the logo on the jerseys. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept (Steven G)

I love when I see new work by Steven. He's got a good idea of what good hockey sweaters should look like and he shows it here. I hate the Nucks but if they wore the C in rink logo on the front of their sweaters I might not hate them so much. I like the V on the shoulders as well. I love the green jersey with Johnny Canuck as well. I'm not saying I hate the orca, but when compared to these jerseys, the poor guys gotta go. COTW nom. 9/10

The End (Of The Lockout) is Near? Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 16, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

second Steven G. for COTW

Matt Marczel said...

A little more info for clarification regarding the FHS jersey designs I made for the school.

In August I was told by Ryan that Jeff wanted me to contact him. So I got back to Jeff and he told me that he wanted to use my design albeit with some modifications. After a few email exchanges with Jeff and a number of modified jersey and shield logo renderings, I decided to submitt to Jeff a different jersey and logo design that I came up with while I was just messing around in my spare time (the design displayed in todays HJC post). Jeff and the rest of the staff at FHS really liked this design alot more than the previous designs I sent them, and they chose to have this design made for the team. Initially all jersey designs were for a white based jersey as they're only aloud one new jersey for this year, so that meant no dark jersey. But in the design package I included a matching dark jersey design that I made just in case later on they decided to add a matching dark jersey to complete the home and road jersey set. The reasoning for the Subway logo on the back hem of the jerseys, is because Subway is the sponsor for that team, and are paying to get the jerseys made by SP Apparel. The area on the back where it is placed was designated by their sponsor.
The white jersey design is currently being made.

here is a closer look at the logo I made.

DBro Alexander said...

Thanks for the info Matt. That's great that your jersey is being made!

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