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Monday: Mo Negotiations, Mo Problems

Happy Monday HJC Readers.

First off, its been brought to my attention that I have been making an error in my posts. I've been using the word collier instead of collar, a bit embarrassing, I hope you all knew what I meant but still, own up when you mess up.

Second, the NHL would have began by now if it weren't for the lockout, and because of this, there isn't that much sports to watch right now. Personally, I wouldn't watch anyways, My KC Chiefs are 1-5, every team I picked in the MLB Playoffs got eliminated, the BlueBombers are having an awful season and basketball hasn't started yet. On the bright side though, the AHL season is in full swing now, and its going to be entertaining to watch, I was really glad to see Marlies highlights on Sportscentre Saturday morning, and I hope they begin broadcasting the games, at least until the lockout "ends".

In case you missed it, here's a link to the weekend update, and the first HJC podcast, I really enjoyed this week's podcast and lets hope for more in the future.

Congrats to Tyler G. on winning the Whalers re-design comp! A new contest is in now running, its a Minnesota Wild redesign. As Ryan said, not a lot of rules so I'm really looking forward to the creative concepts people come up with. Entries are due by Friday, not Saturday.

Here are some of the entries that have come in so far.

 Dylan A.

 Justin C.

Matt L.

Shawn R.
Jets96 (Me)

 COTW voting has begun again as usual,  check out the 4 concepts up this week and vote by Thursday. COTY 3rd quarter voting is underway, check out the best of the past 3 months and vote by Friday, not Saturday.

COTW Oct 8-14 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

3rd Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


MODO SEL Concept (By: Jesper W.)

I love international concepts, they make me do some research. The concepts are quite good, execution is exceptional. I prefer the red home jersey, the green and white stripes look less "Chirstmasy" and go together better than red and green, if there was some white in between the red and green, it wouldn't clash as much. The alternate is cool too, I like the script better than the logo, but I understand that the logo does have some history to it. I don't quite understand the...fox...cat thing under the collar, I'm not sure if its an ad, or not but, it doesn't take anything away from the concept. (9/10)

Jefferson City Osages Concept (By: Chris Z.)

This is a very unique concept. I did some looking into the Osages tribe, and they are an aboriginal tribe in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The logo is very respectful, using the tribes crest is good idea. The hem striping is interesting, I'm not sure if it has any special meaning, but I like it. The alternate is really cool, The striping is okay but the logo is so unique, its something you do not see in hockey jerseys often. I'm not sure if its aboriginal art or a symbol of some sort, but its still cool. One thing I'd change the T.V. numbers to be white instead of green. (8/10)

2012 NHL All Star Game Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Its close to being good, but it does need a bit of work. I think the colours should match the Ohio flag colours on the All Star game log. I wouldn't use the Colorado numbers and the jerseys do need the All Star logo on it somewhere. I'd switch the socks, pants,  and helmets around and get rid of the white yoke. other than that, there a lot I like here, The striping, no secret, I like it, also using the NHL logo is good idea.  (6/10)

Rolgue BK SEL Concept (By: Jesper W.)

The Edmonton Oilers of the Elite League..I think that would make sense, these two jerseys, while they don't match, they look quite good. The striping I don't think would work in the NHL, but just like the Buff-a-slug, it works for a European team. I think its best they don't match, because the red would work as a whole jersey colour, but black and green clash. The numbers are different, I really like them, the rounded numbers are HIGHLY underused in my opinion, and not being a Pittsburgh fan by any means, this is good to see. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Hartford Whalers Concept (By: Mike S.)

This was Mike's entry for the Whalers Contest. First off, I really don't like this template, if you're a paint user, using the CCSLC Template or the NHL shop template works better as it displays the concepts much more straight up in my opinion. The jerseys themselves are okay, but I wouldn't use Pucky as a primary logo, he's just a little silly. The alternate is okay though, I don't hate it, but I'd use the Whalers logo and put Pucky on the shoulders. (6/10)

Hamilton Tiger Concept ( By: Bastian S.)

This is an idea we may see over the next little while with relocation of a couple teams possible. I wouldn't say that Tigers is a good name for a Hamilton team but this concept does do justice to the look. The striping is cool but the chest stripe is what really makes it work, its unique and its something no team has tried yet. I really think yellow is the best home colour for this team, I'm not saying don't use black but, yellow is definitely underused and it would look more like a bee id it were black and yellow...no crappy song pun intended. Still, I like this and its one of the best Tigers concept I've seen. (8.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Tyler G.)

Fresh off is Whalers win, Tyler give us this and... eh. Its something that a lot of people want to see, and probably will see in the near future but, I'm not that big of a fan. Its just an idea I've seen a lot and I never was a fan of Chicago in black, except the pre edge alternate, that was okay. I think its time for Chicago to go for something black and white, like from the 20's. This is extremely well executed and if you like this, I can't blame you one bit, its just no for me. (9/10)
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Jesper W. said...

The fox under the collar in my MODO concept is an ad. It´s a swedish clothing brand called "Fjäll Räven".

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks Jesper, good to know

Tyler Gross said...

I'm gonna go with Bastian for COTW. I think those stripes could also look cool for a Winnipeg Jets throwback concept.

Justin said...

Tyler G. for COTW! Excellent stuff there!

Ryan said...

Jesper's, MODO. COTW!

Steven Grant said...

I'll second Tyler G for COTW. That would make a great third jersey for the Blackhawks.

stlsnake1985 said...

Yes, the hem striping on the Osages jersey does have signifigant meaning. It is an Osage ribbon pattern. Also the logo on the 3rd jersey is an Osage spider symbol.

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