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Monday: Columbus's Canadian Thanksgving Cornicopia of Conecpts

Hey readers. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus day for the American readers, the point is its a day off.

In news...talks are continuing between the players association and the league. Not much I can say since no one knows what they're talking about but...its a start.AHL preseason has started, and the regular season starts this week.

Lots of voting to be done this week; COTW September has begun as the best of last month compete, so remember to vote by Saturday night. Weekly COTW has begun as well, 4 votes came in last week, so.....lets try to get like...5 this week..at least, as many votes as possible will help as I'm expecting a tight race. Last but not least, Whalers voting has begun, so again, listen to Pucky and check out the entries, it is top 5 voting, and you can vote for yourself...just not in 1st place.


COTW Oct 1-7 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

September-COTY vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)

Whalers Comp Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
On to the concepts:
Team Canada Concept (By: Daniel J.)
Daniel continues with the international team concepts with this Canadian concept. I like the black being brought back, not just in the pants or numbers but actually in the striping, brings more separation between the red and the white, but not so much as to make it a main part of the jersey. The striping is sweet, kind of like Winnipeg's so I automatically like. One small execution error; The collier on the red jersey is red in the front but black in the back. (8.5/10)
Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Patrik G.)
I've seen this idea before and I like it. The third jersey template captures both today's look, and the 90's look equally, giving this jersey is own "fauxback" identity. I'd get rid of the yoke outline or put in a white yoke with it. I'm not a fan of the collier in this case, using a different one would flow a little more and on an execution not, use the Reebok script logo as apposed to the vector logo, but that's really minor. As a whole, this is something I'd wanna see in the future and just need some touching up to make it perfect (8/10)
Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Stephen T.)
The home and road are cool, I like the early 2000's look and... THEY MATCH! The 5 and the 1 on the back don't line up, the 5 is slightly higher, but they are still pretty good. The alternate loses me, the random red splash without and white doesn't work for me, the red just jumps outta nowhere. Maybe if there was more red across the jersey and if the TV numbers were white, it would work just a little better. The layout is good though, it shows everything off really well. Needs work but...it matches and looks okay. (6.5/10)

Team Czech Republic (By: Daniel J.)

The Czechs have always had cool jerseys, and this would be a good idea for the future. The striping on the shoulders is unique and suits the swift factor. The rounded numbers really do add an identity to the jerseys and the under arm mesh is cool...on the red jersey. I'm not sure if red under arm mesh would work better on the white jersey, but the blue doesn't work for me so much. Still a good look though (8/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Kyle C.)

Green seems to be popular in Canucks concepts...and wow, this one stands out to me. The Vs on the arms works really well and is something Vancouver needs to do, and the yoke is better than just a blue or white yoke. I like the Johnny Canuck V logo, but I kinda like the VC interlocking logo better.  Finally, ahaha, nice name on the back... I'd say that someone has beef for a certain #40. (9/10) COTW.

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Justin C.)

Justin brings us this Minnesota concepts that looks like it combines the current alternate and the early 2000's home jersey. The execution....its Justin's concepts, you know how good it is. As a concept, the yellow is a nice addition, its makes the jersey have more life, it would work without the yellow, but the yellow is better. The pants could use a bit of striping, around the bottom, and I'd use a different logo other than the kind of ugly script. It doesn't take away anything though and its really great. (9/10)

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Kyle C.)

We've all scene this concept before, its something Washington is going to do, we just don't know when. The lack of stars is okay, makes this more modern and "mature", and does keep it from just being a blue 70's jersey. The weagle works on almost any Capitals jersey. The pants are kind of plain and I'd add a small red stripe on the bottom of them. Still, this whole series by Kyle has been quite interesting and a lot of them I'd like to see in the NHL if it ever gets up and running.
Monday: Columbus's Canadian Thanksgving Cornicopia of Conecpts Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on October 08, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

Wrong name next to that Caps concept.

winnipegjets96 said...

wow...thats really dumb of me, sorry justin and Kyle

MMcG said...

Justin C's Wild Concept is top notch! Well done!

Kevin W. said...

I'll second Kyle's concept for COTW purely on the basis of the NOB.

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