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Third Jersey Mania

Hello Jersey Freaks! Hope your having a great Tuesday and I hope this post will make it a little better.

Some jersey news, The AHL's Toronto Marlies have a new Third Jersey which calls back to the Toronto Marlboros.

Property of Icethetics
Picture from Icethetics
Personally, I'm ok with it. Not a huge fan but I don't hate it. I like the logo close up, but from further away the crown kinda gets lost. I do like the jersey design though. What do you guys think?

Back to business.... 
COTW Sept 24-30 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)  

Saturday, October 7, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST

Remember, if you're going to send in a concept for the competition send it to HJCcontest@gmail.com instead of the usual email.
Speaking of the Whalers competition, here are todays entries

Whalers Comp. Entry (E. Awad)

Whalers Comp. Entry (Keens)

Whalers Comp. Entry (Mike S.)

Whalers Comp. Entry (Stephen T.)

 Whalers Comp. Entry (Kevin P.)

Now to the daily concepts

Indianapolis Colts Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
Pretty straightforward design here. True to the actual jersey. Again the numbers and name on back could be bigger. Looks a lot like a Leafs jersey...hmmm... 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes Alternate Jersey Concept (Kyle C.)
I like the direction Kyle's going here. I feel that the pattern used on the hem, arms, and socks is too small and seems very busy and looks odd from further away. Make that pattern bigger and bolder. Make the team show it off with pride instead of making it small and hiding it. I also feel that the yoke doesn't fit in with the unique striping. Maybe get rid of the gold outline... and if that doesn't look right then I'd scrap it. 7/10

Jacksonville Jaguars Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
 Randall has his own take on the Jaguars here instead of following the design of their current jersey. In fact this jersey is more similar to their pre 2008 jerseys. The color scheme is interesting and overall I like this concept. But I feel the need to once again say that the name and numbers on the back could be bigger. 7.5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Jersey Concept (Kyle C.)
Kyle bases this jersey off of the Pens' 90's jerseys, which I really like. It'd be nice to see some Robo-Penguin shoulder patches, or something at least. Make the 87 on the back a little bigger. Other than that there's nothing I really don't like with this, besides the fact that the team doesn't use yellow anymore, which is a shame. Great jersey Kyle 8/10

Indianapolis Racers Concept (WinnipegJets96) 
Pretty nice idea with the checkered flag striping but I feel that it goes a bit overborad. Get rid of it on the pants and I think it'd look better. I don't like the use of black on the jersey outside of the logo and checkered flag pattern. I think the "C" and the name on the back should match the color of the numbers. Also, the "Reebok" above the names should be white on both jerseys. It's hard to see and Reebok would not like that. However, this is a strong concept in my opinion and also has a retro feel to it, which teams seem to like nowadays. Make those adjustements and this becomes a very very well done concept. 8/10

WHA Anniv. Wild Jerseys (Saints) (WinnipegJets96)
Hopefully I'm right, but I'm assuming these are meant to be worn by the Wild on the WHA's 40th Anniversary. Sounds like something the team may do, but the league might not be on board. Not a bad idea though. And the execution is nice. I'd go with the first jersey since the Saints used that color scheme for the first 4 years of their existence then they folded. The logo was also the one they used 40 years ago. The Cleveland Crusaders then moved to Minnesota and were the red and yellow Saints for half a season. (Thanks WHA Uniform Database) Good idea and Great execution. 8/10

University of Arizona Wildcats Hockey Concept (Kevin W.)
 I like the simplicity of these jersey designs, and I like that someone didn't color in the underarms on the Swift template for once. One thing that bothers me though is that the white jersey doesn't have the same striping as the other jerseys. That may not bother others but I really like the consistency between a teams jerseys. As for the fourth jersey, I don't know anything about the Wildcats or their culture, I couldn't find anything concerning the brown/tan color, but I don't like it. It's way too different and I wouldn't want it to be worn more than once for a special occasion every year if this set was adopted. 8.5/10

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept (Stephen G.)
I'm normally not a huge fan of gradients on jerseys but this really fits in with the Flames. It makes the striping seem like it's burnt away. Which is really unique and I think would work well as an alternate, if not, a great piece of fanwear. The one little nitpick is the name and mumbers... I feel that they need to be red to match the logo or the logo needs to be a yellow C to match the name and numbers. It seems odd and unbalanced. 9/10 COTW

Third Jersey Mania Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 02, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Kevin W. Arizona concept for COTW

Love it

Brian said...

Awesome usage of color on Steven G's Flames jerseys. It gets a COTW nom.

Kevin W. said...

Alexander, allow me to explain some things about my concept. Both the different striping on the white uniform and the copper jersey are references to Arizona's football team.

During their greatest era (the 1990s) Arizona wore a white helmet with an asymmetrical red-white-blue stripe and recently decided to revive that helmet design after nearly a decade of its absence. I decided to incorporate that into the white jersey, but I just didn't feel it looked right to do a similar design on the navy and cardinal jerseys. Thus I went with a striping pattern derived from a previous jersey worn by the ACHA Wildcats.

As for the copper jersey, this past weekend Arizona wore copper-colored helmets against Oregon State as a tribute to the state's mining industry, since 2012 is the state's centennial. The plans to wear copper helmets sometime during this season were announced quite some time ago, so when I drew up the original version of the concept, I decided to incorporate the color into my design.

Ryan said...


If you need something said about your concepts then place that info ON your concepts.

Also his name is Dylan, not Alexander.

Kevin W. said...


Sorry about that, I saw that it said "DBRo Alexander" and I assumed his name was Alexander. My mistake.

Also, I had previously submitted that concept and the large amount of text really took up a lot of space, so I decided to remove it when I submitted the improved version. Evidently that wasn't a good idea.

DBro Alexander said...

Kevin, Thank you for the info on the Arizona Concept. It really clears things up. I don't think that striping pattern would have looked bad at all on a blue or red jersey.

As you can tell I'm not a big college football follower lol

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