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Friday: Vote, vote, vote

Good afternoon hockey fans. I hate to remind you all that there is no NHL going on right now, but fact is going to hit me hard this weekend. Instead of flicking on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday and seeing todays stars, they CBC will be replaying a classic NHL game, chosen by the fans (at least someone in the hockey world is choosing to put the fans first). Looks like I will get to see my Canucks play this weekend, currently their epic game 7 win over the Calgary Flames (from the 1994 playoff run) is leading in the poll. If you want to vote click here.

Speaking of voting, there are still a couple votes going on here at HJC. Voting committee members, please take a few minutes to vote. The outcome of votes are always much more balanced if more people give input, so please take the time to send in your votes. REMINDER: votes for all contests now go to the contest email (hjccontest@gmail.com), all other votes for COTW, Monthly COTW, COTY, etc. still go to the old email (concepts@hockeyjerseyconcepts.com). There are still votes going on for COTW: September, and the Hartford whalers competition.

September-COTY vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
Whalers Comp Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
We have a fantastic batch of concept today, so without further ado, here they are!

New Jersey Devils concept (by Steven W.)

I like what Steven has done here with creating retro inspired Devils unis without using green. The striping pattern is unique, and a great nod to the past, but I am not convinced that these are better than what they currently wear. one thing I really like is the red yoke on the light jersey, it looks better than their current black yoke, in my opinion. 8/10.

Hartford Whalers concept (by Bastian S.)

I have always been a fan of angled shoulder yokes. These awesome angled shoulder yokes in combination here with the fantastic logos and colours of the Whalers make an awesome concept. 8/10.

SEL HV71 concept (by Jesper W.)

Although the base template for this jersey is technically the awful reebok cookie cutter sweater that the Sens (and formerly the Bolts) use, Jesper has used it in a really unique way here. I like how the cut of the jersey has been used to make interesting shoulder yokes. Normally I would complain about lack of hem stripes, but here with all the advertising they would be too much. also fantastic work staying authentic to the jersey sponsorship, but at the same time making it look good on a jersey. 9/10. and a COTW nomination from me.

SEL Linkoping concept (by Jesper W.)

Solid work again from Jesper. The sweater looks good, although I do think a better balance could be struck with the advertising. the front of the sweater is very crowded on this one, perhaps to fix this some small ads could be moved to the sleeves. 7/10.

SEL Lulea HC concept (by Jesper W.)

I really like this jersey design, the yokes and striping are really sharp. Again the ads are well balanced on this sweater. I especially like the illusion of a hem stripe that the "SSAB" a creates. 8/10.

Hartford whalers concept (by Tyler G.)

I really can't say more about this sweater except that it's clean and classy and I love it. the only thing I would consider playing around with would be the yoke on the white jersey. Perhaps a little something could be done to make it look more cohesive. Also I would do away with the tiny stripes on the cuffs, they would be covered by gloves. Great nonetheless. 9/10.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Justin C.)

Justin re-launches the Senators uniforms here in a big way. I love the call backs to the original uniforms (I do think that the Sens actually should be wearing black at home all the time, like they did when they came into the league). I love the laurel leaf motif on these sweaters , and the use of the updated centurion profile logo. I also like the fact that the heritage uniform stays but gets an update. For me the added presence of red on this sweater, and the lighter overall feel is perhaps more in line with the original Senators identity than the current (AWESOME) heritage alternate. 9/10.

Friday: Vote, vote, vote Reviewed by Colin May on October 12, 2012 Rating: 5


Kyle C. said...

Justin for COTW! I love those Sens jerseys, they should just start wearing them. I prefer the current alternate over the red alternate, but still, they look really great.

winnipegjets96 said...

Jesper's series so far has been amazing, COTW on his HV71 concept, although I really like Tyler G.'s Whalers concept.

Kevin W. said...

Can I nominate both Tyler and Justin for COTW? Fantastic stuff.

Ryan said...

Haha no just one.

Kevin W. said...

Tyler it is, then.

Also, if I want my Whalers concept to be judged as a stand-alone concept like Bastian and Tyler, do I need to send it in again?

Ryan said...


Steven Grant said...

I'll second Justin's COTW nomination. All three jerseys look great, and having the 2D logo as the primary logo is always a good choice.

Colin May said...

I was so impressed with the overall quality of today's concepts. Good on all you guys for making fantastic concepts!! it was a real joy to post them today.

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