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Friday: 9 New Concepts for Friday

Welcome to another friday post! I don't have a lot of time today, and there isn't much news, so we are going to get right down to business.

First off, I am putting a call out for a couple templates. Since the NHL has gone with numbers on the front of helmets, it would be great if someone could send along a forward facing helmet template (preferably paint friendly). Also, if anyone has a straight-on forward facing skate template, that would be great if you could also send that along to concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com

The voting process is still open for the Minnesota Wild Re-design Contest. Voting Committee members, you have until 11:59 pm EST to get your Top 5 votes in.

Wild ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Colorado Avalanche (Mason H.)

We saw a light blue version of this sweater from Mason earlier this week. I like the striping pattern, but I don't like the shade of dark blue... it doesn't show up in the Avs colour scheme. I would also like to see a bit more maroon on the sweater. 7/10.

New York Islanders (WinnipegJets96)

I think we can all agree that the fish-sticks logo is actually a lot better once you take it away from those awful 90's jerseys. This sweater again proves that, and has a lot of potential. I would like to see the same width hem stripes as arm stripes. Also, I am not convinced that the shoulder yoke is necessary. There are a lot of loose pixels around the logo which could be cleaned up. 6/10.

NHL All-Star (Adam H.)

I really like some of the elements here on these sweaters, but the perspective and sizing is off. The "EAST" and "WEST" on the front of these sweaters is far too big (as are the Name and Number on the back). I like the striped sleeves, but the stripes are probably too thin. Making them broader would probably make these jerseys better on the ice. Also, there are no TV numbers. 6/10.

Columbus Blue Jackets (Matt L.)

There simply too much going on on this sweater. Shoulder yoke, sleeve stripe, 2 half arm stripes per sleeve, and an extremely high hem stripe, plus a bunch of random areas filled with the fill tool... The back is also very crowded with the numbers and name, they need to be positioned better. Also no TV numbers. 4/10.

Michigan Stags (WinnipegJets96)

I really like this sweater, the striping design is really neat. My only adjustment would be the size of the main crest, it could be a bit bigger. 7/10.

Miami University (Ohio) Redhawks (Adam H.)

Again, sizing issues for the crest. I really like this clean, simple design. Why not use the feathers on both shoulder patches? It would make the jersey make a bit more sense logically. 7/10.

Dallas Stars (Thomas H.)

Great set here from Thomas. I like the use of the arched football-style text over top or the star logo. It works well. The green jersey looks great, but I'm not sure that the shoulder yoke is necessary on the light jersey. I also like that the striping reminds me of these North Stars sweaters. 8/10.

Arsenal (Colin M.)

These are my concepts, so I will leave it for you to pass judgement and comment on these ones. The description is on the concept. One thing I will say is that this kicks off (sorry for the pun) a small series of Arsenal Hockey concepts that I am putting together. Look for more in the upcoming weeks.

New York Islanders (Steven G.)

Love this jersey for the Isles. I like the 4 stripe theme and symbolism which the Islanders use, and I love  the execution of this theme with the chest stripes. 9/10, and a COTW nomination from me.
Friday: 9 New Concepts for Friday Reviewed by Colin May on October 26, 2012 Rating: 5


Kevin W. said...

I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but I have made a scaled-down fully-rasterized version of the large Bauer helmet in the templates section. It's been used in all of my recent concepts.


If someone could provide me a good front view of that Bauer helmet, I could make a front template.

Ricky said...

As an Arsenal fan, I hope to take these with as much enthusiasm. What loses my interes is the cannon in a circle . . ./ I would have used just the gold cannon from the current one. Excellent execution though!

Colin May said...

Hey, thanks Kevin, great job on that template!

Ricky, if you read my description on the concept, you can see my reasoning for using this logo. A trend I see in logos these days is simplicity (simple shapes, 1 or 2 colours, etc.) I really like this logo because of the huge amounts of symbolism packed into a really simple logo. For the rest of the Arsenal series, I do use the regular cannon logo (with a bit of re-colouring...) Forward Gunners!

Kevin W. said...

Also, Colin, might I suggest - for greater accuracy - using my Nike sock template in the future?

Colin May said...

Dang Kevin, good call. I have already sent in a bunch of these, but I may do have a couple still in progress/might do a few more EPL concepts. Thanks for the suggestion!

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