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The winner of the COTW for September 3-9 is Steven G. (obviously). The concept of his that won is the Tampa Bay Lightning concept set! It beat out his Islanders concept set by a count of 4-2.


The winner of the August-COTY vote is Justin C. with his Winter Classic concept!
Here are the results of the monthly vote;
Justin C (WC) - 3
Justin C (DAL) - 1
Niklas - 1
Scott M. - 1
Justin C (HAM) - 0
Justin's Winter Classic concept will now move on to the 3rd Quarter vote which will occur sometime in the middle of October!


 The COTW nominees for the week of September 10-16 have been listed. You can see the concepts by clicking the banner on the side of the page or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members, the voting ends on Thursday.
COTW Sept 10-16 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

For this week, I add an additional nominee which was not seconded. I can do this as per the COTW rules (Found on both the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab and the COTY 2012 tab). I could have done this last week as well, but I didn't feel like there were any other concepts that could have competed with the concepts that were nominated.


If you haven't noticed, a new competition has finally started on HJC! It's your task to make the Burger King logo look good. Be sure to read all of the rules on the BK COMP page. There is also a new email to send your entries in to. The regular concept email stays the same.

Where to send regular concepts: concepts@HockeyJeryseConcepts.com
Where to send competition entries: HJCcontest@gmail.com

Don't send an entry to the regular email address as it won't be entered and it will be too late before you are informed.


Last thing, I would strongly suggest that when submitting a concept that you continue to include your descriptions ON your concepts. I would also suggest that you DO NOT use a transparent background. When you click on images with a transparent background here on the blog, the background shows as black. Thus, dark items on the concept would be hard to see.
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Anonymous said...

Ryan, why wasn't my Rome concept on the ballot? Jets96 nominated it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it wasn't seconded but it was a late post on a day of mourning.

Ryan said...

Keens' concept is the one that I thought can stand with the concepts that were seconded.

Justin said...

A big thanks to everyone that voted for me!

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