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Wednesday: Concepts, Contest, and COTW

The "Make the Burger King Logo look good Contest" is underway.  You're supposed to make the Burger King Logo look good (see where the name came from).  Make sure you read all the rules on the BK COMP page before sending in your entry.  There is also a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS for contests.  The regular email stays the same.

Where to send regular concepts: concepts@HockeyJeryseConcepts.com
Where to send competition entries: HJCcontest@gmail.com

If you send a contest entry to the regular address it may not get entered, so make sure you're sending it to the correct email address.


Also, if you're a committee member, don't forget to vote for the COTW Sept 10-16.  Click on the banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the entries.

COTW Sept 10-16 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


BK entry (by Bill M.)

BK entry (by Brian R.)

BK entry (by Casey R.)

BK entry (by Jaricasso)

BK entry (Mike S.)


Buffalo Sabres (by Stephen T.)
These jerseys look pretty good, but I would hate if the Sabres switched to an overused blue and red colour scheme.  I get why Stephen did this, trying to combine different eras of the Sabres history, but I don't think it worked.  The logo looks good though, it seems to work well in any colour scheme.  The player names on the  home jersey would be too hard to read.  Also the TV numbers on the back view are on the wrong side (right now the left sleeve would be "33", and the right sleeve would be "00").  7/10

Minnesota Wild (by Kyle C.)
Here Kyle gives the Wild a third with some traditional striping.  The traditional striping seems to work really good with this colour scheme.  I also like that the primary logo is used as the main logo.  My only concern is whether or not the numbers have enough contrast.  8/10

Cincinnati Reds (by Matt D.)
Another good concept in Matt's MLB Hockey Series.  I like how he kept the numbers with drop shadows to match the logo.  The striping also seems to compliment the logo well.  One execution note, the bottom backside of the 2D model is just copied from the front.  This shouldn't happen because the front of the Reebok Edge cut is actually shorter than the back.  7/10

Hershey Bears (by Darren H.)
This concept by Darren is probably the first of many Hershey Bears concepts well see with the new logos.  I like the use of the bear-head logo on the home and roads, but I think more original striping would work better than just the Wild's template.  The striping on the third is pretty cool, I especially like the three stripes behind the logo.  8/10

Boston Red Sox (by Matt D.)
The first thing I checked when I got this concept is that the socks were actually red, which they are so that's good.  Almost everything looks good here, I like the logo, and the stripes (although I don't like the hem-trim with the hem-stripes).  Same execution error as Matt's other concept above applies here.  8/10

Montreal Canadiens (by Kyle C.)
This jersey looks to be inspired by the Canadiens 1935-38 white jersey, but Kyle changed some things up so it's not just a basic recolour.  I like the addition of arm-stripes, and also making the hem stripes match the road jersey.  Honestly I'm a fan of almost everything here, the one thing I don't like is the extra white outline around the logo.  I just don't think it's needed.  Also, execution wise, the players name and all the numbers appear to be a bit too small.  Still a COTW nomination from me.  8/10
Wednesday: Concepts, Contest, and COTW Reviewed by Steven Grant on September 19, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Kyle C. for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

The Montreal Concept

Ryan said...

I think the numbers on Kyle's Wild concept would work if just a wheat outline was used. Not a double outline of green and wheat. So just replace the green with wheat to have a nice thick wheat outline.

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