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Wednesday: An Assortment of Concepts

The Saskatoon Blades are having a contest for a fan designed jersey, which will be worn for their February 2nd game against the Swift Current Broncos.  All the rules and info can be found here.

Also, as Ryan mentioned on the weekend, the Federal hockey league is having a logo contest for their first ever All-Star Game (it's also going to be the first ever hockey All-Star Game to be played outdoors).  All the info for that contest is on this page.  The contest ends on October 1st.


There are two votes going on at the moment.  The August COTW which has five great concepts, and the COTW for September 3rd-9th.  Click on their banners, or go to their page to see the concepts.

August-COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Sept 3-9 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


St. John's Monsters (by Chuckie)
Presenting your St. John's Monsters, sponsored by Monsters Energy Drink.  At least I hope they would be sponsored by Monsters Energy Drink, because if not there might be some legal issues.  The jerseys look pretty good, I really like the colour scheme, but it's obvious that they're re-coloured Canadiens jerseys.  Also the font for the name, number, and "St. Johns" in the logo are a bit too thin and hard to read.  6/10

Winnipeg Jets (by D3troit1388)
D3troit1388 thinks the jets should have a navy third jersey with red used as trim.  I think that's a good idea, and this jersey would be a option.  I really, really like the actual jersey (stripes, collar, and sleeve cuffs).  The other stuff (logos, and number font) are still good, but I don't like them as much.  I think the white outline around the logo would seem out of place next their current jerseys, and I think the numbers should have a double-outline so that they match the stripes better (red doesn't touch the white).  Also the shoulder-patch uses a different shade of blue.  Most of my complaints here are just minor details though.  8/10

Boston Bruins (by Jeremy T.)
I am so close to really liking this concept.  In my opinion, a brown stripe between the yellow and vintage white stripes would both improve the look of this concept and also make a connection to the Bruins 1926-32 jersey.  It would also help this concept look less like a re-coloured Blackhawks Winter Classic sweater.  Also the logo has true-white, while the jersey has vintage white.  I think it would be better if the whites match. 7/10

Cleveland Indians (by Matt D.)
I know very little about the MLB, so I'm probably not the best person to comment on these.  The jersey looks okay, nothing exciting about it, but nothing wrong with it either.  I don't really mind the word-mark logo, but I think the Indians actual primary logo could be used as a shoulder-patch.  An execution note, there are some loose pixels near the TV numbers on the full-body template (same Matt's other concept below).  7/10

Hartford Whalers (by Steven G.)
I had an idea to use the Quebec Nordiques jerseys as inspiration for a Hartford Whalers concept.  The Whalers colour scheme replaces the Nordiques colours, "Pucky" replaces the "fleur-de-lis", and I edited the Whalers logo to look more like the "igloo" logo.  This is a "what-if" type of concept, as in what if the person who designed the Nordiques jersey designed the Whalers jersey instead.

Toronto Maple Leafs (by Stephen T.)
Stephen makes some changes to Toronto's set.  He changed the number font, changed a shoulder-patch, gave the home and road shoulder yokes, and gave them a new third which uses silver.  To be honest I don't like any of those changes.  Also why include the second template?  It doesn't even match the other template all the time (missing phantom shoulder yoke on home).  This whole concept appears rushed, as I see several execution errors.  5/10

Baltimore Orioles (by Matt D.)
I like this jersey a bit better than Matt's other concept above.  The striping has a bit more character, and I like this style of word-mark a bit more than the arched style word-mark.  I wish I knew more about the MLB, I would have more of an opinion on these concepts.  So I'll ask any baseball fans out there, what do you think of these concepts?  8/10

2015 Winter Classic concept (by NB14)
I really like the Vancouver jersey.  It's simple, it's retro, and it just looks good.  I don't like the Ottawa jersey as much though.  None of the stripes seem to match very well, and the logo looks odd without barber-pole stripes behind it.  Also the shoulder-stripes don't seem very retro to me.  I like the Winter Classic logo though.  8/10
Wednesday: An Assortment of Concepts Reviewed by Steven Grant on September 12, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

NB14 for COTW, but the Orioles concept is sweet

Ryan said...

Cote nom to NB14

Tyler Gross said...

D3troit1388 for COTW

Glen Cuthbert said...

CORRECTION: The 2009 KHL All-Star game was played outdoors in Red Square.


Team Yashin vs. Team Jagr

Matt D said...

I really need to start adding descriptions to my concepts... I went with a wordmark for the Indians because I find their logo to be extremely racist. Ah well, next series will have descriptions.

Steven Grant said...

Ok, thanks for the correction Glen. I just got that info from the story on the FHL website.

Thallos said...

Damn you, NB14 I was working on a Heritage Classic between Ottawa and Vancouver, haha. I love both jerseys btw, good job.

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