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Good day HJC Readers. 
First off I want to congratulate Ryan on the birth of his son, Carter! Ryan, I hope you get Carter his very own hockey jersey soon. I know it will be a Leafs jersey, but if you want to be a good dad, you might wanna look into getting him a Blackhawks jersey. Just sayin'.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the Together We Can video on Youtube. The video is a must see for any hockey fan. It's about forgetting your silly rivalries and coming together as fans to urge the league to resist a lockout. It's really a great video and has almost 300,000 views in 4 1/2 days.

Tomorrow is the last day to submit name change ideas to the PEI Rocket. Click here to submit.

One last reminder, COTW nominees are up and need your votes.
COTW Aug 27 - Sept 2 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


USA Concept (Stephen T.)
Wow. This jersey is a mess. I will say, however, I like the arm stripes, so I'd keep those and simplify everything else. I can't tell if the stars on the shoulders are supposed to be on top of the yoke and be shoulder patches or not. But they should be shrunken and placed within the yoke. As for the front of the jersey, I'd pick one of those elements and stick with it, maybe two if they work together nicely. There is just way too much going on here. Also, no TV numbers but then again, there's no back of the jersey so I don't know if this is intended to have numbers. 3/10

San Jose Sharks Concept (Felix T.)
I don't see this as a game jersey because it's using the practice jersey template. I think this would work as a practice jersey though. That being said, this would be one of those instances where TV numbers really wouldn't be needed, but the name on the back is too low and thee number on back could be a little bigger. The "C" on the front is too close to the middle of the jersey. Lastly, the logo has been stretched vertically and just looks odd. 4/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept (Charles W.)
I'm ok with the grey, on the blue, but on the white jersey, the Johnny Canuck logo looks dirty. It's nice to see one Canucks concept where someone didn't do the "V" in the arm stripes. I feel like the "Vancouver Canucks" above the names seems like a bit much. Also, the green trim along the hem, is that only supposed to be on the front? I feel like it should continue around the back of the jersey. Lastly ditch the numbers under the collar. Some execution errors, the shoulder patches on the blue jersey contain the only white in the whole jersey, not sure if that's intentional though. The TV numbers seem very big. Lastly the "Under Armour" logo on the front should be a team color instead of black. 5/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept (Anthony C.)

This is an interesting idea. Unique color scheme, which seems to combine the different eras in Ducks history. The orange pants, though, seem like too much and could be replaced. The logo, should not have all the extra colors, it's intended to be a goalie mask. The mask should stay white. Also, there's no black anywhere but the logo, the name plate doesn't need to be black, it looks odd. The vertical stripe on the front doesn't work, in my opinion, solely because there isn't a way for vertical stripes to work on hockey jerseys. I like the idea, no one tries it, and I applaud the attempt. It kind of gives the jersey, a soccer jersey feel to it. A few execution notes, there's no NHL shield in the collar, and the yoke outline color changes from the jersey laid out to the jersey on the player. 6/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept (Stephan T.)

This is a much better executed concept from Stephen. The jerseys combine Winnipegs current jerseys and Atlanta's old home jerseys. I'm not sure how I feel with the new color scheme. I like the current scheme a lot. I don't like how the sock striping doesn't match the arm striping. However, personally, I've never been a fan of the name down the arm. 6/10

FDNY Concept (Darren H.)

Really nice concept. I really like that it resembles a firefighters outfit. Only concern is the hem stripes, on the front it rides along the bottom of the jersey but on the back it's raised. 8/10

Calgary Flames Concept (Kyle C.)
This would make a pretty good alternate for the Flames. I wonder what it would look like with the C for a crest. Not sure how I feel about the white collar insert. Maybe keep it black or possibly yellow. 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept (Kyle C.)
I really like this concept. The Logo choice is great. It's a great modern take on the classic logo, and looks great in the current colors. The striping is nice and simple as well. One nitpick, it'd be nice to see a thinker white outline on the crest. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (Matt D.)
This one really grew on me. When I first saw it over the weekend I wasn't too big on the whole grey jersey. But It's a unique concept. No team in the NHL uses a grey jersey and it would be something cool to see, even if it was just a third jersey. I like the recoloring of the logo too. It'd be nice to see some more contrast between the logo and the blue jersey. COTW nom from me! 9/10
Together We Can Reviewed by DBro Alexander on September 04, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

"...if you want to be a good dad, you might wanna look into getting him a Blackhawks jersey." hahaha classic! But true.

Tyler Gross said...

The first I would do if I have a son is get him a toddler blackhawks jersey.

Avi said...

great find on that video. the last part was very emotional for me. i know that i will balling when the jackets finally win their first stanley cup.

Tyler Gross said...

Well Avi, that won't be for a while xD

I also came close to crying when it showed Kane celebrating after winning the Cup.

DBro Alexander said...

Kane celebrating his goal was emotional for me as well Tyler. I'll never forget it. I like seeing all the Blackhawks love.

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