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Thursday: Old School

It's Thursday, September 13th and we're still without hockey. It's a depressing thought that last year, preseason started a week from now, and we're still locked out as of now. There still may be hope, but it's looking fairly grim.

On a much lighter note, we've got some classic concepts for you folks today. The theme of today has been centered around a lot of old school looks for old school teams. We have some Original 6 concepts, an Outdoor Classic concept for the AHL and more MLB concepts!

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 Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Ian V.)
Here Ian embraces the fauxback look that Columbus adopted in 2010 and updates it quite a bit. I like the double stripes. It's a nice look and fits well here. Ian also introduces an accompanying away version, which in my opinion could use a bit more navy as it looks a bit washed out without it. Finally, let's not forget the third jersey which still takes some elements of the current primary jersey with added twists. (7/10)

San Francisco Sharks concept (by Chuckie)
Ian goes with a fantasy concept based in San Fran. There's nothing really special about this one. The logo is made up of an old San Jose Sharks wordmark, paired with the Cronulla Sharks logo of the National Rugby League. The color scheme leaves nothing to the imagination, and as a result, the overall look is lackluster. (5/10)

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Kyle C.)
Detroit is one of the few teams that have never instated a regular non-special event alternate jersey in its history, but that fact doesn't discourage Kyle from giving the Red Wings a fresh new look. Barring from a few things (I'd make the spacing of the arm stripes the same as the check stripes) I like this look a lot. The white numbers might be a little hard to see from the stands, but I think making them a bit bigger would fix that. Overall, it's a design that I would love to see on the ice. (7/10)

LA Dodgers concept (by Matt D.)
Matt continues his MLB hockey series with the LA Dodgers. To be honest, I'm kind of torn. If I hadn't known what the Dodgers looked like before the concept, I would think this would be an interest take on trying to make this look like a traditional look. With that said, there still isn't anything left to the imagination. It's very straight forward with the wordmark and some simple hem additions. (6/10)

Miami Marlins concept (by Matt D.)
I was really turned off when the Marlins decided to overhaul their entire look for what seems like a random cluster of conflicting colors. Matt decided to take on the challenge of the Miami Clowns Marlins regardless. I think the design suits the logo fairly well, with the arm stripes corresponding to the colors of the logo without going completely overboard. The black certainly takes away from the many colors, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. (7/10)

AHL Outdoor Classic concept (by WinnipegJets96)
This Outdoor Classic features two teams with jerseys on different ends of the jersey spectrum, one with a nice classic look, and the other with a fairly modern look. I feel like the Hershey jersey should use the same shade of chocolate brown the Outdoor Classic logo has, other than that it's a pretty solid look. As for the Penguins, I'd say it's time to go back to the drawing board. The modern jersey design just doesn't work here. With the imbalance and clashing of colors against the black jersey color, this doesn't really work well. (6/10)

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Tyler G.)
I've always liked the white Habs jerseys Montreal used back in 2003 for their vintage jersey program, and in 2008 when Montreal was celebrating 100 years in the NHL. Although I do feel that their current away jerseys are close to perfect, Tyler here does a pretty good job of giving us an alternative to their current away. I would be glad to see Montreal break these out for a couple of games a years. (8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Keens O.)
Finally, Keens gives us what he thinks a the Blackhawks should be wearing. I love this. It incorporates the stripe design that is reminiscent of the Hawks of the 40s without going overboard. I think my favorite part about this is the tomahawk logo on the arm. I don't know, it just works with this concept. Overall, execution is spot on, and you can't deny how awesome this would look on the ice. (9/10)
Thursday: Old School Reviewed by Thallos on September 13, 2012 Rating: 5


winnipegjets96 said...

Tyler G. for COTW

Ryan said...

I totally get the Dodgers concept. Let the very classic wordmark be the star.

Steven Grant said...

Keens for COTW. Great mix of their barber-pole jerseys, and their old black alternate jersey. I also really like the alternate logo in the sleeves.

Tyler Gross said...

I really like the Dodgers jersey, looks like a Nordiques jersey.

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