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Thursday: More Entries and Concepts

It's Thursday and we've got concepts. Pretty good ones if I do say so myself. It's day four of the NHL lockout and the NHL has officially cancelled preseason games for the 2012-13 season. It's quite sobering to realize we probably won't see NHL hockey for quite a bit.

For today we've got some pretty good concepts; Matt D. continues his MLB redesign series, some interesting alternates for a new and old team, and some jersey overhauls.

We have the "Make the 'Burger King Logo' look good Contest" going on (quite the challenge if you ask me). Remember to click the banner at the top of the page to review the contest rules and requirements. If your concept doesn't meet the requirements it will not be posted. Also, please, please send your entries to:


 Also on the board we have the COTW for the week of September 10-16 so make sure to check out the entries by clicking on the "Concept of the Week" tab at the top of the page.

COTW Sept 10-16 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

BK entry (by Eric W.)

San Jose Sharks concept (by Mike S.)
There is certainly some promise with using the Shark's triangle logo (I would definitely like San Jose use it more often) but I think the execution of using it as a primary here swings and misses. There are just too many stripes of varying widths to fit well with the logo. The color balance is off on the away jersey as there isn't enough black. Sometimes less is more. (6/10)

Chicago White Sox concept (by Matt D.)
I think this concept is pretty brilliant because of one simple thing; the usage of thin arm stripes to illustrate pin stripes. If you don't know much about baseball uniform culture, the usage of pin stripes has a storied history, and to incorporate them into this is great. Execution is good and I like having the black shoulders to complete the look. (8/10)

Colorado Rockies (by Matt D.)
The NHL's Colorado franchise have features some pretty unique designs, and this doesn't fail to live up to the name. Matt illustrates a mountainous horizon in a much different way than the Avalanche have done in the past and I must say, it looks pretty good. On the ice, I'd imagine this would look great. Plus for using purple as well since it seems to be a dying look these days. (7/10)

New Jersey Devils concept (by Kyle C.)
New Jersey is one of the few teams to ever feature of a regular third jersey. A lot of people have done concepts that incorporate black that either replicate their original jerseys, or go completely overboard to the point where it looks tacky. Kyle does neither, and comes out with a pretty good, yet classic look. I'm a big fan of the shoulders as they go well together with the arm stripes. (8/10)

Nashville Predators concept (by Kyle C.)
Last year the Predators revamped their look to further progress their franchise as a modern-looking team. Well Kyle once again goes towards the traditional route with this one. The Predators' logo looks surprisingly good with the chest stripes. The varying widths in stripes threw me off at first, but they kind of make sense. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild concept (by Tyler G.)
Another dying color in the NHL is green and Tyler uses a lot of it. Moving away from their original look as much as possible, Tyler gives the Wild a classic makeover with a simple jersey design with some phantom yokes (which many people aren't a fan of, but I don't mind them). It's a pretty straightforward look that is hard to hate. (8/10)
Thursday: More Entries and Concepts Reviewed by Thallos on September 20, 2012 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

COTW nom for Kyle's Preds sweater.

Tyler Gross said...

I'm also gonna go with Kyle's Preds concept for COTW.

Steven Grant said...

I was also going to give Kyle's Preds sweater a nom, but I'll give his Devils a COTW nomination instead as it's great too. I especially like the shoulder-stripes on that concept.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Kyle C.'s Devils alternate for COTW

Kyle C. said...

Wow thanks for all the nominations everyone!

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