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Thursday: Kings and Canucks

It's Thursday, time for some awesome jersey concepts. We've got a Canucks concept that isn't like anything else, a black NYI alternate concept, a the Pooh-bear jersey without the Pooh.

We just finished up the BK Comp. entry phase, so now it's time to vote for the best concept. Also, we have the COTW for the week of September 17th, so get voting people.

BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Saskatoon Blades concept (by Tyler G.)
It's not too often we get some CHL concepts, but this one helps make up for the lack of then. It's simple, it's consistent and I can easily see these hit the ice. I always felt like the Blades deserved a modern look due to how edgy their logo is, but this is a good homage to the franchise's past, especially with the shoulder patches. (7/10)

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen tries to subtly tweak the Kings' current set with the addition of the "Los Angeles" wordmark that was featured from their previous jerseys. I thought that was a really cool aspect of those jerseys and I always loved them, but I'm not sure it works here. People have been insisting the home jersey needs an accompanying hem stripe that the current away jersey has, so taking it away seems like a step back. I would also add some black to the away, because it seems a bit off balanced. (6/10)

Boston Bruins concept (by Stephen T.)
Remember the Pooh-bear jerseys of the early 2000s? It's back! But in a more bearable way (pun intended). I still maintain that the original Pooh-bear jerseys would be decent if not for the terrible logo, and Stephen tries to improve on this classic design. I would love to see some black striping within the yellow-white design, but overall I'd say this is a pretty good look. (7/10)

New York Islanders concept (by Casey R.)
For a long time it was rumored that NYI was going to have a black alternate, but now that it's out it's been nothing but a disappointment. Casey attempts to fix the Islanders with a more traditional design, that is somewhat reminiscent of the Islanders' previous looks. I feel like the blue and the black don't contrast enough to the point where the jersey flows. If there was some white incorporated, that could fix it. On a note of execution, the numbers and letters seem really squished together, and the TV number on the back of the jersey needs to be filled in. (6/10)

St. Louis Blues concept (by Thomas H.)
Thomas gives the Blues a Nike Swift treatment with a vintage logo. I prefer this a lot more as opposed to their current mess. I would like to see this with the current logo, but this works too. I feel like the numbers would be somewhat hard to see on the home jersey. As a result, Thomas gives us a wonderful look into what the Blues would look like in Nike jerseys. (7/10)

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Steven G.)
We've seen Kings concepts with purple before, but not quite like this. People either go with purple-yellow or purple-black but never really purple-white and I quite like this. I've always been one for simplicity, and this delivers. Steven takes a design similar to the Kings' older jerseys and gives it a simple treatment. Along with the crown logo, this concept is solid. (8/10)

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Colin M.)
To top off this post of unique concepts, we've got a Canucks concept that doesn't include blue-green. Colin goes back the early 2000s look with the navy-silver-red that not many people liked, but I preferred growing up. The biggest thing about this concept is the logo. Taken from the Vancouver Giants tailored for the Canucks, the logo fits fairly well with the concept. I love the removal of the light blue as it makes the concept more simple. (9/10)
Thursday: Kings and Canucks Reviewed by Thallos on September 27, 2012 Rating: 5


Caz said...

COTW nom for Steven G's Kings concept. I thought purple made the Kings unique, and I would love to see that on the ice.

Justin said...

I'll second Steven G! Those are beauties.

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