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Monday: Blue Wings & Red Jackets

Hey HJC readers, its time to start the work week again, but today's post may, no will, make your Monday more enjoying.

COTW Nominees are up, remember to vote, as well as COTW August and those concepts can be seen in the COTY section.

August-COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

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In pretty good news, NHL13 comes out tomorrow, which makes me think of how much hockey video games are a part of the world of hockey. I remember first getting NHL03 for the game cube and thinking how cool it was and then playing NHL04 and being totally blown away by how cool dynasty mode was. So with that I wanna ask you guy, what's your favourite NHL game? EA or 2K?

Also in CBA news, the GMs and the NHLPA have begun talking again, brief talks but talking none the less, and this is good news because it means there is still hope for an NHL season!


On to today's concepts.

Seattle Northwesterns (By: Sam N.)

I see a lot I like on this concept. The yoke stripes are cool, but adding the Seattle Metros logo with new colours makes it much cooler than it already was. The Seattle Mariners-Esq logo is cool, the mountains in the background and the trees are very smooth. The problems I have with these jerseys are minor but I don't like the green on green numbers and the lack of hem stripes, but those are minor and these are really cool. Awesome work Sam!!! (9.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Jeremy T.)

I'm on the fence with this one, but I can see some good stuff in it. The execution is good, I like the side stripes and the colours all work. However, I think all the numbers should have an outline, I'd use a recoloured version of the current logo instead of the cannon logo ad maybe use a better font. Overall though, its good and I would like to see a revised version of this concept. (7/10)

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: D3Troit1388)

Supposing there is a Winter Classic, this is a solid option! The script jersey like what was worn in 1991/1992 is a popular option, and the vintage white on brown is very cool and vintage. My only gripe is with the TV numbers, They would appear on the jersey as 1313 from what I'm seeing but its only a minor thing  and doesn't take away from the overall appearance of this concept. (8.5/10)

Russian National Team Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Russia, being a hockey superpower, has had a lot of good sets over the years, their current set I really like but these are pretty sweet too. First of I love the throwback third, I think a tribute to the powerhouses that were the Soviet teams of the 70's and 80's are fitting with several anniversaries being this year and in the near future. The home and the road are good but they look too USA due to the amount of blue being used. I'd swap the red and the blue & make sure the red was all the same shade. Still, its a nice concept and the 3rd is a definite winner. (7/10)

2013 Winter Classic Concept (By: HJC)

Another Winter classic concept today, but this one contains both teams. The Leafs jersey is solid, I like that it stays true to one era and it is accurate to that era while still taking liberties to give it a separate semi-unique look. The Detroit jersey is closer to the 1991-1992 than the one above and the use of both vintage white and true white is interesting. I think adding the current leafs logo as a shoulder patch would be a good idea but as is this is still great. (9.5/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Houston Astros Concept (By: Matt D.)

Matt continues his MLB series with a concept for the joke of the MLB, the Houston Astros (100 loss team this year for sure). I really like the hem stripe as it looks like the logo went on  and I've always liked the Astro's colours. I think using the script was better than using the logo twice and the shoulder patch pretty much works for any Texan team. Just on a side note, this is the last year the Astros will have this look as they are going back to blue orange and white next year when they move into the AL west. (8/10)

Milwaukee Brewers Concept (By: Matt D.)

There sure is a lot of wheat on this concept! the wheat laurels are cool and fit the name. I think that the use of the original numbers that matches the logo. The shoulder patch is similar the Houston shoulder patch and again it works. Solid work Matt! (9/10)

Michigan Wolverines Concept (By: Joey A.)

I am not  Michigan fan in anyway, I'm sure why and I respect their heritage but I am one of those people who doesn't like the Wolverines. I like that the helmet matches the football helmets. The yellow jersey reminds me of the Boston Bruins yellow jersey from the 40's . I think one pair of pants is enough and I'd stick with the blue pants. The execution is solid and the layout shows of the concept really well. (9/10)

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Tyler Gross said...

I'm also gonna go with Ryan for COTW, love the Leafs jersey.

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