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September 30, 2012

Weekend Update

The winner of the "Make the Burger King Logo Look Good" contest is Dylan A!

Here are the complete voting results. If your name doesn't appear on the list, it means you did not receive any votes.


The winner of the COTW for September 17-23 is Kyle C. Kyle's Predators concept is the one that took it home.

 Here are the results of the vote.
Kyle C. NSH - 3
Kyle C. MTL - 1
Keens - 1
Kyle C. NJ - 0


The nominees for the COTW September 24-30 have been listed. You can see the nominated concepts by clicking the banner on the side of the page. Or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members, voting runs until the end of Thursday.

COTW Sept 24-30 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


With the end of one competition comes the start of another. For this one I put the word out to the other HJC writers and asked if they had any competition ideas. Monday's writer, Jets96, came up with the Hartford Whalers ReDesign. He's made the rules and details for this one so go check out the WHALERS COMP page for everything you need to know.


September 28, 2012

Friday: officially no pre-season... but also officially national jersey day!

Yesterday the NHL pre-season was officially cancelled. This comes as a huge blow no surprise to us fans, and we are heartbroken kinda saw it coming. What will we do without the furious action and drama of the pre-season?

In other sports news, it looks like the NFL has come to an agreement with its locked-out officials after massive fan backlash over a game-changing blown call on Monday Night Football. In my opinion the NFL has it right, they are profitable, exciting, competitive, have an awesome TV contract, and value their fans. But, I digress.

I learned yesterday that today is National Jersey day in Canada. This was created in part by CBC, as a part of Sports Day in Canada (which is a national celebration of sport on all levels). So even though you probably never heard of this special event, I would encourage you to wear your favourite hockey sweater today, simply because you may not have occasion to for a while.

There is plenty of stuff going on here on HJC. We have new concepts today, and still have the BK contest vote going on. Click the banner above to see the entries. Email your 'top 5' votes to:

BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)


On to our concepts!

New York Rangers concept (by Kyle C.)

I like where this rangers concept is going; I mean who doesn't love those shoulder yokes, and Lady Liberty? The one thing I would suggest is simpler striping, especially on the arms and hem. also the arm stripes look a little too slanted on this concept, otherwise REALLY well done. 7/10.

Russia concept (by Daniel J.)

These are solid concepts for team Russia. I really love how Russia looks menacing, united, and well, RED, when they wear their home uniforms, so for me the blue helmet on the red uniform doesn't really fit. I am also not sold on the blue air-knit underarm sections on both jerseys. Nice work. 7/10.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Stephen T.)

I can't say I like this jersey, but I understand what Stephen has done here, basically creating a black version of the current home and away Senators sweaters for use as an alternate. Basing a concept off of this template and the Sens sweaters just makes this look like a job done entirely with the fill tool, but this isn't necessarily Stephens fault, like I said I understand what was trying to be done here... I just don't like the finished product. Clean execution though. 5/10.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (Stephen T.)

Here Stephen takes the current Oilers sweaters and subs the orange for copper. These sweaters don't look bad, but you have to factor in the great sweaters that they are replacing. I don't like these for the oilers, but I think these would be AWESOME for the OKC Barons. Just a presentation note, there is A LOT of empty space on this concept, sizing the image properly (getting rid of the extra blank space) before you sed it in to Ryan will make it appear bigger, and look better on the blog. 5/10.

Defunct NHL Teams concepts (by Dmitri G)

All I can Say on this one is WOW! the sheer quantity of jerseys overwhelms me on this one. I will leave it to you guys to comment on your favourite ones in the comments below. Overall, I generally like what is going on here. I like the Swiftification. One thing that puzzles me is that some teams get a treatment like we would expect, but other teams get really modern treatments (even recolours), which don't necessarily fit with whats going on overall. My favourite jersey set from this one has to be the KC scouts, I really love how the colour scheme works with the logo. I don't like the pit stains though. Overall for all of these concepts. 7/10.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Darren H.)

Darren has sent along these concepts which, as far as I understand it, are not meant to be considered a set. Darren draws nicely on a lot of eras from Blues history. The more modern jerseys don't really do it for me, I would want a stronger hem design, especially on the white jersey; without it, these sweaters look empty. I really like the throw backs here. The one from the Brett Hull days is super cool. I love the  diagonal numbers, it is a really unique treatment, and makes the numbers seem 3D and pop off the sweater. My favourite sweater is the dark blue one. It looks really solid, and I like the presence which yellow and red have on this sweater. 7/10.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Justin C.)

This was Justin's entry into the BK contest. As always solid work from Justin. My one complaint with this sweater is that having a king with a purple beard makes no sense; I would have used silver instead. clean, classic design from Justin. 8/10.

September 27, 2012

Thursday: Kings and Canucks

It's Thursday, time for some awesome jersey concepts. We've got a Canucks concept that isn't like anything else, a black NYI alternate concept, a the Pooh-bear jersey without the Pooh.

We just finished up the BK Comp. entry phase, so now it's time to vote for the best concept. Also, we have the COTW for the week of September 17th, so get voting people.

BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
Saskatoon Blades concept (by Tyler G.)
It's not too often we get some CHL concepts, but this one helps make up for the lack of then. It's simple, it's consistent and I can easily see these hit the ice. I always felt like the Blades deserved a modern look due to how edgy their logo is, but this is a good homage to the franchise's past, especially with the shoulder patches. (7/10)

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen tries to subtly tweak the Kings' current set with the addition of the "Los Angeles" wordmark that was featured from their previous jerseys. I thought that was a really cool aspect of those jerseys and I always loved them, but I'm not sure it works here. People have been insisting the home jersey needs an accompanying hem stripe that the current away jersey has, so taking it away seems like a step back. I would also add some black to the away, because it seems a bit off balanced. (6/10)

Boston Bruins concept (by Stephen T.)
Remember the Pooh-bear jerseys of the early 2000s? It's back! But in a more bearable way (pun intended). I still maintain that the original Pooh-bear jerseys would be decent if not for the terrible logo, and Stephen tries to improve on this classic design. I would love to see some black striping within the yellow-white design, but overall I'd say this is a pretty good look. (7/10)

New York Islanders concept (by Casey R.)
For a long time it was rumored that NYI was going to have a black alternate, but now that it's out it's been nothing but a disappointment. Casey attempts to fix the Islanders with a more traditional design, that is somewhat reminiscent of the Islanders' previous looks. I feel like the blue and the black don't contrast enough to the point where the jersey flows. If there was some white incorporated, that could fix it. On a note of execution, the numbers and letters seem really squished together, and the TV number on the back of the jersey needs to be filled in. (6/10)

St. Louis Blues concept (by Thomas H.)
Thomas gives the Blues a Nike Swift treatment with a vintage logo. I prefer this a lot more as opposed to their current mess. I would like to see this with the current logo, but this works too. I feel like the numbers would be somewhat hard to see on the home jersey. As a result, Thomas gives us a wonderful look into what the Blues would look like in Nike jerseys. (7/10)

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Steven G.)
We've seen Kings concepts with purple before, but not quite like this. People either go with purple-yellow or purple-black but never really purple-white and I quite like this. I've always been one for simplicity, and this delivers. Steven takes a design similar to the Kings' older jerseys and gives it a simple treatment. Along with the crown logo, this concept is solid. (8/10)

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Colin M.)
To top off this post of unique concepts, we've got a Canucks concept that doesn't include blue-green. Colin goes back the early 2000s look with the navy-silver-red that not many people liked, but I preferred growing up. The biggest thing about this concept is the logo. Taken from the Vancouver Giants tailored for the Canucks, the logo fits fairly well with the concept. I love the removal of the light blue as it makes the concept more simple. (9/10)

September 26, 2012

Wednesday: I can't think of a good title.

There are two different votes going on right now.  The COTW and the Burger King competition.  Votes for the Burger King competition should be emailed to (I accidentally sent it to the wrong one, so hopefully no-one else makes the same mistake).
BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Phoenix Coyotes (by Dave K.)
I think this would make a good third jersey for the Coyotes.  The striping is kind of similar to the sleeve stripes on their current jerseys, but at the same time they're different (if that makes any sense).  The coyote head in the circle also looks good, and I really like the paw-print shoulder patches.  Execution is pretty good, but the hem stripes should go on top of the jersey stitching.  8/10

Carolina Hurricanes (by Mike S.)
These jerseys look decent, but to be honest I don't think they would be an improvement over their current set.  Either jersey here could make a good third jersey though.  I like matching the sleeve-stripes to the hem stripes.  I don't really like the emphasis on black, and I think the socks stripes are too thin.  Also the shoulder logo is executed wrong, it should be rotated 90 degrees and it should also appear on the back of the jersey.  7/10

Vancouver Canucks (by Colin M.)
I've seen a few versions of the Canucks famous "V" jerseys in their current colour scheme and this is one of the better ones.  The piping and the number font make these jerseys look more modern.  But I still think the "V" jerseys should stay in the past (or at most a one-time event).  8/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Stephen T.)
I know that the Blackhawks are a hard team to do concepts for, but I don't see how these jerseys could be an improvement over their current set.  On both jerseys the black bleeds into the red causing contrast problems.  I also don't like the choices for the NOB on both jerseys.  I think the white jersey should have black letters, and the red jersey should have white letters.  6/10

Texas Rangers (by Matt D.)
Even though I'm not a fan of the MLB, I'm still a big fan of this concept.  I really like the logo, and the numbers that match.  I also like the stars on the hem and cuffs.  The stripes also compliment the whole look nicely.  8/10

Los Angeles Kings (by Thomas H.)
I don't like the Kings current jerseys, but I wouldn't mind these.  I like the striping, and using crown logo as primary logo.  I don't like the white collar on the home jersey, or using the BK logo as a shoulder-patch (I just don't think it matches their other logos).  I also think the primary logo is a bit too low.  7/10

Colorado Avalanche (by Tyler G.)
Normally I don't like Avalanche concepts because most aren't as good as their 1995-2007 jerseys were.  These jerseys look great though, the simple striping looks very classy, and I like that the shoulder-yokes match the stripes.  The only decision I'm not sure about is getting rid of the silver in the logos.  It doesn't look bad, but silver is still used on the road jersey, so it's kind of inconsistent.  I like the decision to keep the third jersey though, especially now that the pit-stains are gone.  Whoa, I just noticed the sublimated mountains on the cuffs.  That makes this concept even better, I love hidden details like that.  COTW nomination from me!!!  9/10

September 25, 2012

Wednesday: BK COMP Notice!

I was going through the entries for the BK COMP again, to make my votes. I noticed that I had overlooked that one of the entries did not properly follow the rules.

WinnipegJets96 entry modified the logo in a way that was not allowed. Only re-colours of the logo were allowed. Thus, Jets96 entry has been disqualified. If you have already voted for his entry, that vote will be voided and counted as ZERO.

Thank you.

Tuesday: It's a Pittsburgh Kinda Day

 Good day friends. Hope everyone is still holding up alright. Hopefully everyone has figured out what kind of hockey they plan on following for the time being. I hope that Ryan, the other writers, and myself can keep making this blog interesting enough to help out with everyone's hockey fix. 

Also, word has it that Kevin Lowe, president of hockey operations for the Oilers, is in Seattle for meetings. Some say the meetings are about a possible relocation for the Oilers to Seattle as the city passed their new arena plan yesterday in hopes of attracting a new NHL or NBA team. Others are saying its the Oilers higher ups trying to show Edmonton that there are other cities willing to build a new arena for the team. I feel like it would be more of the second one as I don't see the Oilers leaving anytime soon. As long as Seattle gets an NHL team one day and we see the color green grace another team (there's no way a team in Seattle wouldn't wear green) then all will be good in the world.

Don't forget about the BK Contest and the COTW

BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Now onto the concepts where we'll see the usual hockey concepts, as well as football and baseball teams making the switch over to hockey, and three different Pittsburgh themed concepts.

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate Concept (Stephen T.)

The dark blue isn't working for me with this concept. The template isn't very exciting either. It's an interesting concept though and I'd like to see what this could be with some extra work. Also, the numbers on the back seem too small. 6/10

Pittsburgh Pirates Hockey Concept (Matt D.)
I would have liked to see this as a black jersey, it seems more like the pirates. I think the Jolly Roger logo on the arms would look a lot better on a black jersey. I'd also rather see the J.R. on the shoulders as opposed to the middle of the arms. Still, this is a nice concept and with those tweaks this could be even better. The number on the back looks off center. 7/10 

Pittsburgh Steelers Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
The striping is very true to the Steelers jerseys, it would appear that is true for the number font too. Nice detail with the NFL shield in the collar insert. Make the name and number bigger though, it just doesn't look right so small. Also, I'm sure it's just an issue with the way the file was saved, but each white line has the small black stroke, but on half of the lines, they look like the stroke is thinner. 7/10

Cleveland Browns Hockey Concept (Randall A.)
This concept is very true to the Browns actual jerseys. Move the front crest up a bit, and make the number on the back a bit bigger and that would make this concept better. Little note, the Reebok logo on the top of the back would most likely be white like the name and numbers. Also, nice touch with the NFL logo on the collar insert. 7.5/10

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Concept (Trey P.)
This jersey has grown on me. When I first saw it over the weekend I wasn't a huge fan of it. But now I like it, as a concept anyway. I wouldn't want to see the Canucks, or anyone for that matter wearing a prominent gradient on a jersey, despite this jersey looking a lot better than the blue and red alternate from the early 00's. I wouldn't mind seeing this as a piece of merchandise. Small thing, I'd like to see the shoulder patch on both sides, looks odd with it on only one. Also, the Reebok logo on the top of the back would most likely be white in order to be seen. 8/10

 Tampa Bay Rays Hockey Concept (Matt D.)
I like the Rays current look. I feel that they really use the double blue well. Also, powder blue just looks very classy in my opinion. This is very well done and I like the Devil Ray on the shoulders. I like the consistency with the stripes throughout the whole uniform. The dark blue on the cuffs and hem probably isn't needed as well as the piping going down the arms, but still a very nice concept IMO 8/10

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept (Justin Cox)
Wow...Just Wow... This would make an excellent alternate jersey. The design on the arms fits in well with the team's branding and the colors look amazing. I'm curious as to what the jersey might look like if the shoulder patch and main crest were switched. I would love to see a white version of this to make a new set. 9/10 and COTW NOM

September 24, 2012

Monday: Finding Me Some Hockey

Hey reader of all kinds,

A new week, of course means there's new voting. First off is the BK contest voting phase, its running until Saturday. Also this weeks COTW Nominees are out, and Kyle C. owns 3 of the 4 available slots after a fantastic week with some really good concepts, but Keens has a really sweet Wild concept, voting goes until Thursday.

                                  BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

8 days into the lock-out now, and theres not real news, minus all the players going to Europe and if your in Europe, lucky you. I'd just say lets all follow the AHL this year, but not everyone has an AHL team in their backyard, unless your in the GTA or Chicago or Hartford and somewhere like that, so if you can get to an AHL game this year, I'd say do it for sure because its a lot cheaper, especially in Toronto.

The PEI Rockets have a new name, the Islanders. The name will be used next season but I'm kind of confused with the name. Is it going to be P.E.I. Islanders, then its Prince Edward Island Islanders, that seems to redundant. But the other option would the Prince Edawrd Islander, but then the short for would be P.E.Iers. I give up, shoulda gone with Spuds, I just hope they don't copy and paste the Islanders look.
Also , if you are a jersey collector and have $700 to spend, why not get a Temmu Selanee "Wild Wing jersey.

On to the concepts
Cincinnati Bengals Concept (By: Randall A.)
This is a pretty creative idea here and it overall works. The tiger stripes and shadowed numbers give it a Bengals look, and I'm glad the tiger head logo was used on the from and B as a shoulder patch, but the B has not outline so the stripes blend into the yoke. Other than that, the execution is great and its a unique concept. (8/10)
Oregon Ducks Concept (By: Stephen T.)
It captures the Ducks football look well. I like that the Swift template was used here because I like the two side yokes with the wings in them. A very simple hem stripe would make these jerseys look less like practice jerseys, if they all looked like the black one these would be great, but I still like these concepts. (7.5/10)
Minnesota Twins Concept (By: Matt D.)

The Twins are a unique team, and this jersey capitalizes on it. Anything with the Winnipeg Jets striping is an automatic good in my books, but the colours are all put in a way that they all reflect off of each other and work well together, but then again, red, white and blue, almost always look good. The TC (Twin Cities) shoulder patch is cool, and I'm okay with the script logo as the Twins are a script based team. (8/10)

New York Yankees Concept (By: Matt D.)

I'm personally not a Yankee hater, I think they're okay, but nothing to write home about, I'm more a Red Sox hater, so this concept looks quite good to be. I really like the pinstripes, seeing it like this makes me think its something that can be used in hockey. Using the NY logo was best for the front, but the hat logo I like would have been a good shoulder patch. My only problem is the socks. They should be navy blue to match the socks on the uniform, but still, its cool to see this classic, timeless look as a hockey jersey, proving it works in almost any medium of jersey. (8/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Dmitri G.)

The home and the road are what a lot of people thought the Jets would look like and I like the look, but not as much as their current look, I'd use double blue instead of red and blue. I also know I'm in the minority of this, but I don't like the light blue alternate, its okay, but, I feel like the Jets should be a more modern team, as they are the most modern team in the NHL right now..technically, so they should be progressive with their looks, again in the minority on it, but its execution on these is excellent and the effort on these concepts really shows, so I can see why a lot of people would love these. (8/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Tyler G.)

Again, this is another look that other people will like, but I'm not a fan of it. I feel the Pens should be a Black, Gold and White team, the 2008 Winter Classic jersey was okay, I liked it, but this jersey, it was not for me. It looked very too stripy and some people may like it. I do think, however, the jersey looks okay in white, its odd, but its passable. There is definite effort in these concepts, just like the ones above, and the layout really shows the jerseys off well. (8.5/10)

L.A. Kings Concept (By: Steven G.)

Its surprising how just simply changing the colour scheme of a jersey changes it from being weird and weak to threatening and awesome. The gradient is excellent, I like how dark this jersey is, and the king in grey looks rather threatening, looks like an NHL caliber jersey, not like the original which simply looked like an AHL one night jersey. I think the Kings could, ne should use this jersey at least once, or at least the king logo on a jersey. (9.5/10) COTW Nom. from me!

September 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Here are the last entries for the LA Burger King logo competition.

BK Comp entry (by Dylan R.)

BK Comp entry (by Lance O.)

BK Comp entry (by Ricky)

BK Comp entry (by Ryan of HJC)

BK Comp entry (by Will S.)


Now that all of the entries are in, the voting can begin! You can click the banner at the top of the page or you can go to the BK COMP tab to see then entries and the voting rules. Committee Members, you have until the end of Saturday, September 29 to vote.
BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)


The winner of the COTW for September 10-16 is NB14! This is NB's first COTW win.

Here are the results of the close vote;
NB14 - 3
Keens - 2
HJC - 2


The new nominees for the week of September 17-23 have been listed. You can see the concepts by clicking the banner on the side of the page. Or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members have until the end of Thursday to place their vote.
COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

September 21, 2012

Friday: a few concepts

hello everyone, just  a quick friday post for you today.

The 'make the Burger King logo look good' contest is still going on. You have until Saturday at midnight Eastern to get your entry in. Just a reminder that there is now a separate e-mail for contest entries. Send your entry to:

Entry Deadline: Saturday, September 22, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST 


BK entry (by Glen C.)

BK entry (by Stephen T.)

BK entry (by St├ęphane)


New York Rangers concept (by Tyler G.)

This concept is well executed, and I understand the direction Tyler is trying to go by putting the shoulder yoke stripes on this uniform in an attempt to make it match the away jersey, but it does not improve this classic, in my opinion. 7/10

Kansas City Royals concept (by Matt D.)

The Royals do two-tone blue well, and I like how it is featured on this uniform. The striping is unique and fits the logo well. I also really like this logo. One thing that I would have liked to see on some of these concepts is the incorporation of gray or white pants, like they have in baseball. 7/10.

Calgary Flames concept (by Charles W.)

Not a bad idea for a flames jersey set. It seems both modern and retro at the same time. I like that the horse logo has returned as a shoulder patch. I don't like the off-colour name plates (that style now belongs to Philly, in my opinion), and I think the numbers on the light jersey may end up being a bit hard to read. Also, on a presentation note, a lighter background will make your concepts look more better (more defined). 6/10.

Detroit Tigers concept (by Matt D.)

The jersey striping is not bad, but the duble row of text makes the jersey too crowded and busy. 6/10.

New York Islanders concept (by Kyle C.)

Kyle brings us another solid alternate jersey. The orange is really balanced well with the blue on this concept. I would make the outline around the logo a little thicker to add some definition though. 7/10.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Mike S.)

I like that these wild sweaters don't look like Christmas. I also like the striping on the home uniform, but some of that stripiness seems to be lost on the away uniform. I think the use of 2 logos is done well here (Minnesota for away, Wild for home), but I would like to see the bear head logo escape from the circle and stand alone on the home uniform. 7/10.