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Weekend Update: Top 5 Current NHL Jerseys

Jets96 here filling in for Ryan on this fine Saturday. Its great to be writing on HJC and I hope you guys enjoy this post.

Its just over two months until the NHL season gets going, supposing there is a season,  there isn't much regarding jersey news; only three teams (Tampa Bay, Toronto and Detroit) to my knowledge are going unveil new jerseys. There are rumours about Ottawa, Minnesota, Buffalo and Edmonton but those are just rumours. Now seems like a good time to talk about my top 5 favourite current NHL jerseys.

The only rule I have is one jersey per team, just to make things fair and to make me think a bit, some entries will surprise most of you, some entries will not at all.

Lets get started with #5.


 5. New York Rangers Alternate.


Not being a massive Rangers fan, I can't say I like their current jerseys that much, I defiantly respect them, and they should not change but I'm not big on them. This jersey changed that for me, it just looks sleek. The vintage white works on this jersey and the red and royal blue work off each other really nicely. To me its like a classic lady liberty jersey, more mature and recognizes the history of Tex's Rangers. The other thing I really like is the numbers in the collier, this along with the Columbus alternate, did this in 2010, and New York did it better, not that Columbus did it wrong, but the idea of the retired numbers I liked more than the moto. All and all, this is a keeper.


4.  Edmonton Oilers Road.


Edmonton has great jerseys, but I prefer their roads, the orange on this works perfectly to accent the yokes and as a thirds stripe. Looking at what the Oilers used to wear, these are near perfect. Again I like it because it shows off history (all those cups!) but also looks newer, sleeker and gets me hyped for the future (more cups!). I like the Oilers, I like the players and I like the fans. If the Oilers had an orange WHA throwback, it would take this spot, but for now, this is Edmonton's best jersey in their history.

3. (brace yourself!) New York Islanders Alternate.


Yes, this is on my list, I kid you not, I really like this jersey, to the point where I almost bought it (wasn't in my size). Now before you bash my in the comments just hear me out. I don't hate the Islander's classic jerseys, however, I preferred their darker jerseys from 2008, but, this jersey is so out there, I really can't say much more. The grey yoke with the orange outline works well for me, the striping is really cool, I like the script and even the tie down works for me. Its a guilty pleasure but I really do like this, and I stick by it, and give credit to the Islanders not yanking it after one year. I can't say its the best ever, but I enjoy seeing the Islanders wear it on T.V. You can hate it all you want, but as for me, I will continue to like it.


2. Toronto Maple Leafs Home.


Being in "Leaf-Land" I'm often surrounded by Maple Leafs jerseys, I like the Leafs and all, go to a couple games every year, and always enjoy seeing these! I love their logo (who doesn't....minus Habs fans), the maple shoulder patch and the striping. It works so well in my opinion I can't help but cheer for the Leafs, in most occasions. The blue and white is a staple of hockey, and these jerseys certainly don't stop that (even if the team isn't playing it's best). It combines the winning 90's look with the time tested TML look, making it, my #2. favourite current NHL jersey.

Now before we get to number 1.

Honourable Mentions.

Minnesota Wild Home.
Tampa Bay Lightning Away
Anaheim Ducks Alternate
All Star Game Red (not sure if this counts)
Ottawa Senators Alternate
Montreal Canadiens Away


1. Winnipeg Jets Away.

No surprise here, just look at my e-pen name. I love the Jets, I go to Leafs games as a Jets fan when they play in Toronto (yes I'm that kid in the upper row wearing this jersey saying go Jets go).  I wear this jersey so much I'm afraid I'll wear it out the numbers (22, Thorburn). Why do I like it some much? Well I love these colours, they pull off double blue so well with the silver. The logo is amazing, its my favourite in the NHL. The shoulder patch is great, and it should remain there, like the Weagle. Finally, I really like the striping, its new, its unique and it looks fantastic. Everything works, everything flows and on ice these things look cool, just look at Ondrej Pavelec, its just my favourite team wearing my favourite jersey.


Well that's my list, feel free to put your list in the comments, or bash on me for the Islanders jersey, hope you all have a restful weekend.

Weekend Update: Top 5 Current NHL Jerseys Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on August 18, 2012 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

I just can't believe someone likes that Islanders jersey. There's so many things about it that just make it bad, Maybe it wouldn't be so bad under different circumstances but....sheesh

Ricky said...

I don't mind it, but it doesn't make my list tomorrow.

Gym Jackets said...

Your #3 is bad and you should feel bad.

T said...

I am starting to really like the Islanders Third actually


I miss the Thrashers. Many people do. Happy to see that at least *some* Jets fans acknowledge the fact that 'the jets are back' is a total misnomer. My favorite player is Evander Kane. Second is a tie for Jim Slater and Alexander Burmistrov. Burmi is such a cool easy going guy. Very easy to talk to now haha

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