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Wednesday: Read the Rules

Committee Members, don't forget about the ongoing COTW vote here at HJC. We need your votes and we need them before the end of Thursday.
COTW Aug 6-12 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59p EST)


Before I get to the Dallas Stars entries I really should remind those of you who have not entered to read the rules before you start on your concepts. So far I have received four entries from people who did not read those rules. A little bit of egg might have been on their face considering they sent in green, gold and black jerseys. Anyways, here come the eligible entries.

Stars entry (by Brady)
Stars entry (by Charles)
Stars entry (by David K.)
Stars entry (by Jordan D.)
Stars entry (by Scott M.)


Boston Bruins concept (by Brian R.)
In my opinion, everything that makes a Bruins jersey great is missing here. I'd like to see the hem stripes also appear on the arms rather than just black cuffs. Also I'd especially like to see the yellow stroke that is typically found on the Bruins' yokes. I've mentioned all the execution errors previously. 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Brian R.)
It seems as if the Canes' sweaters would be one of those sweaters that could make an easy transition to the Swift jerseys. The biggest issue on this concept is the somewhat pixelated and blurry logo. Shoulder patches would also be a plus. 7/10

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Stephen T.)
The idea of the logo is quite creative, but I'd like to see the pieces interact with each other or be tied together more. I also don't think that changing the shade of red used is a good idea. 6/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Jeremy T.)
The execution here is fairly good, but some places by the collar laces have been coloured orange when they should be blue. The idea of the jersey is good, but I think a different way of doing those yoke stripe should be found. They seem too "Boston-ish" to me right now. 7/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Jose)
This is a very cool looking jersey and I'd love to see it on Oilers' store shelves. That's where it should only be seen though. It's a very cool fashion jersey, but I wouldn't want to see any team on the ice wearing something like this. I love the creativity and the quality execution. 8/10

New York Rangers concepts (by Chuckie)
The execution on all of these look good. I like the blue jersey and the white one as well. However on the white one I'd prefer to see blue yokes. The red Classic jersey looks good and there will be a few people who like it. I on the other hand like to see the Broadway Blueshirts wear blue. 7/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Nevill)
This is a yellow version of Nevill's Rivermen concept that I posted a couple of days ago. I like this one better than the previous one. I like the yellow and I like the logos where they are (primary/secondary). The execution looks good, except for the shoulder patch which looks a little pixelated. 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Anthony)
This is a nice looking jersey. I especially like how the two blues look with the white and vegas gold. I'm not sold on the traditional yellow being used on the collar insert and shoulder patch though. I also like the idea of the "championship stars", but not in a primary logo. It would be neat if teams included them in their wordmarks. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Brandon C.)
This one is a good one too! When I think Minnesota hockey I think of the Wild first and then college hockey second. This looks like a professional jersey that uses some great college hockey elements. If the Wild could settle on one look for their home and road sweaters then this would be a very nice alternate to accompany them. 8/10

Planet Express concept (by Justin C.)
I really like the creativity on this one. Just in case you were not aware, this is from the cartoon Futurama. The colours look good together and colouring the jersey the same as the character's ship is a nice touch. Justin explains the rest on his concept. 9/10
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DBro Alexander said...

COTW for Justin's Planet Express jersey. I've loved it since I saw him post it on his own blog and facebook page

Thomas Livingstone said...

I second the COTW nom for Justin's futurama jersey, i really liked that one.

Tyler Gross said...

I'll second Anthony's COTW nom!

DCamp said...

I like Anthony's concept but the shading on the template is a bit distracting. Maybe fade it a few notches.

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