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Tuesday: Dallas Comp Begins

This may have been overlook from yesterday, but Tyler G sent in a request looking for the Tampa Bay Lightning's pants using Matt M's template from the TEMPLATES page. If you feel like taking this on, send in your final product to HJC and it will be posted here.

A couple of months ago some of you sent in concepts for FHS, a Fredericton, New Brunswick high school that was looking for a new jersey. I hadn't heard from Jeff, assistant coach, for a while and thus I assumed the project was dead. Not entirely. Jeff informed me that they had their head coach leave for a new job and had to fill that vacancy. They now have a new head coach and you may know him, former MLB player Matt Stairs. It will now be up to him if the team will take on one of the concepts that was sent in.

Here are the full results for the Florida Panthers 3rd Jersey Competition. If your concept is not on this list, I'm sorry, it means you received zero votes.

COTW Aug 6-12 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here are the first batch of entries for the Dallas Stars Rebrand Comp. 

Stars entry (by Dave C.)
Stars entry (by Justin C.)
Stars entry (by Kevin W.)
Stars entry (by Ricky)
Stars entry (by Tyler G.)


Anaheim Ducks concept (by Brian R.)
The first thing I really notice is how grainy this is and that's because it's a JPG file. I strongly encourage everyone to save as a PNG for better concepts. The curved stripe on the hem is okay, but the arms don't really seem to go with it. They just seem like open spaces were filled with the fill tool. Finally, why doesn't the TV numbers font match the player numbers font? If you don't have a program that can angle TV numbers than you should use a template that has the TV numbers on a 90 degree angle. 5/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Brian B.)
Brian likes the look of the shield logo in the current black and silver scheme. It does look pretty good, but I don't know if I would personally like to see it on the home and road sweaters. On other merch would be totally okay though! 7/10

Nome Snowmen concepts (by Chuckie)
Chuckie says that this is a team in an old video game called NHL Hitz. I like the colours of the team, they definitely say "cold". I like that Chuckie drew his own logo, but he looks sad to be a logo. He should look angry like he wants to rip the other team in half! 7/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Jeremy T.)
I like the concept. Only the NOB may be a little hard to see. What I don't like is really Jeremy just used the fill tool to place a red stripe between the wheat stripes. It's not at all creative and anyone can just add a stripe. I just don't understand what makes this something people NEED to see? 5/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Anthony)
I really like the jersey and the shoulder patch. As per AHL rules, this jersey would need NOB's. As for the primary logo, Anthony has more artistic talent than I could ever hope for, but it seems more like a cartoon than a logo. Logos seem to have broad strokes and not as much detail. 7/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Brian R.)
I would really like this jersey if the arm stripes were moved up off the cuffs and placed in a more traditional location. This concept suffers from some of the same execution flaws as Brian's previous concept. 6/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brandon C.)
I really like this jersey set! I'm not a fan of the Stars looking like the North Stars, but I can totally look past that for this concept. On an execution note, the logo should use the same yellow/gold as the jersey stripes. 8/10

Dynamo Riga KHL concept (by Jose)
I kind of like how Jose has simplified Riga's home jersey. He's also placed it on the new Under Armor template (TEMPLATES page). I think I would prefer the shoulder patch without the wordmark and I don't like the bright red outlining the numbers. I think the KHL collar shield could also be lowered. Everything else look quite solid. 7/10

San Francisco Bulls concepts (by MasonII)
Excellent choice of jerseys for the Bulls. I do worry that with the black yoke on the orange sweater that they may look too close to the Flyers' Winter Classic jersey. The execution on this concept is all aces! As a personal choice, just to add a bit of flash, I'd go with the Ducks' numbers that the team will actually use in the 2012-13 season. 8/10

HJC shirts (by Justin C.)
I dream of the day that HJC may be popular enough to get a line of merchandise sold. These shirts would be great to start with! Unfortunately HJC merchandise sales have never gone very well, but I can still dream. I love that Justin has given each shirt a name. My fav would have to be the "Face Off Tee". 8/10
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DBro Alexander said...

Matt Stairs! He was a Cub for a season.

Kevin said...

Matt Stairs...the moonshot he hit in the 2008 NLCS off Jonathan Broxton still gives me goosebumps

Ricky said...

I'll always remember him in Oakland with John Jaha . . .

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