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Thursday: Great Response for FLA Comp!

There have been a lot of entries into the Florida Panthers 3rd Jersey Competition! I'm going to space them out over the next few days, but keep them coming in! Here are 5... 

Panthers entry (by Brendan A.)

Panthers entry (by Jordan D.)

Panthers entry (by RoccoT)

Panthers entry (by Sergio)

Panthers entry (by WinnipegJets96)


You may have noticed (or not) that you're not getting a response to your HJC emails as quickly as you normally would. With the new kid on the way and all the preparations that come with it, I'm finding much less time to respond to emails. I'm also trying to fit in some exercise during the day which cuts into my time even further. I can guarantee that as we move forward I will have to stop responding to EVERY email. If you have a question or something needs to be addressed I should be able to respond. However, if you're sending in concepts, starting Monday, August 6, I will not be responding to every email.


Much to my surprise, one of my entries for the Peoria Rivermen jersey design contest was chosen for the final four! The one that was chosen is my "What If?" jersey, which theorizes on what the Rivermen would look like if they existed in the 1940's. Hey, I know it's the worst of the four, but I could really use your vote. It would be pretty cool ,yet unlikely, to have my jersey chosen and be worn by the team. It's also only fair to mention that another HJC regular, Jesper, is in the final four as well.
Click here to vote for me! (Jersey C).


Today is the last day to vote for the COTW. Committee Members, be sure that your vote is in my inbox by 11:59pm EST tonight. Tomorrow the COTY-July vote begins!
COTW July 23-29 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


San Francisco Bulls concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Exeter Blue Hawks concepts (by Brady)
I think both of these high school team jerseys would be great with the arched wordmark. Maybe even have it above the eagle instead of the number. On the white jersey, the TV numbers might be cool inside the arm stripe and I don't know how easy it would be to see the grey player number on the back. 7/10

Renegades concept (by Troy H.)
This is Troy's first contribution to HJC. I can see that Troy has some ideas, but on this one it just looks like he took the paint bucket tool to all of the available sections and applied some colour. I encourage you Troy, to take a look the the PAINT.net TUTORIAL page at the top and also to take a look at the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page. Also be sure to check out everything on the TEMPLATES page. 3/10

RBC concept (by Martin)
About a month ago HJC readers were asked to come up with a blue, yellow, and green jersey concept for a high school team called RBC. This is what Martin sent in and he wanted it posted for some feedback. I personally don't think that the arm stripes and the hem stripes don't go together. The logo looks like a diner logo and the numbers and NOB are a little goofy. Execution is good though. 5/10

FHS concept (by NB14)
Around the same time HJC readers were also creating concepts for a high school in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Side note, I haven't heard anything from either school regarding the concepts. NB14 sent this in and wanted some notes. I like the jersey stripes, but I think for such a simple and classic jersey that you would want to add some life to the wordmark. Otherwise, this just looks very...typical. 6/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (by John B.)
John intends this concept as a fauxback. The red wordmark on a red jersey really isn't working for me. I do like the 24 on the back collar for the Cups. For a fauxback, those certainly are modern type numbers, as is the placement of those numbers under the collar. 5/10

Calgary Hitmen concept (by Kirk T.)
I like the striping of the jersey and I like that Kirk has come up with his own logo. I think the logo is more suited as a shoulder patch though. I would also try to find a font to use on the C with a little more style or character. Also, seeing as this is a WHL team I personally would like to see a little more authenticity by removing the NHL collar shield and using WHL marks that can be found on that league's jerseys. 7/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler bases his orange Oilers concept on the 1972-73 WHA Alberta Oilers' jersey. The execution is quite good here and it would be neat to see this out on the ice. I wouldn't want to see it used anymore than just a "one off" though. 8/10

Hanover Marauders concepts (by Brady)
Wow, I like both of these jerseys. I even like the same coloured numbers. I would suggest having the outline a bit thicker though. The use of the existing logo has been mentioned by me previously. It continues throughout this series, so I will shut up about it now. 8/10

Utah Grizzlies concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Congrats must be given to Jets96 on finishing his Nike Swift ECHL series! He decided to send them in to me as he made them and 99% of the time that usually means the artist will abandon the project. Not Jets96, so a tip of the hat to you sir. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Brian D.)
Brian has provided his idea, as to when these would be worn, on the image. He considers these to be gaudy, but he accompanies that thought with acceptance. That's how jerseys were for the most part in the 70's! I much prefer the blue jersey to the yellow, but the ideas are quite creative. I would suggest bringing the hem stripes up the jerseys a bit. 8/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Scott M.)
Here's a simple jersey that looks good and is very well executed. There's nothing ugly or wrong with it, I just feel like it wouldn't get fans interested or excited about a new jersey. A small change to consider is to go with a navy helmet to match the pants. 7/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Justin C.)
A lot of people seem to want the Bruins to bring out some throwbacks, or fauxbacks for their 90th anniversary (2013-14). Justin presents this fauxback based on the 1926-32 jerseys. I love the big TV numbers on the arms. You could even thicken up the outlines and really try to be authentic. I like the stripped down logo, but I still think it needs some adjusting. Try lowering the bear and removing the BOSTON banner. 8/10
Thursday: Great Response for FLA Comp! Reviewed by Ryan on August 02, 2012 Rating: 5

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Tyler Gross said...

I'm gonna go with WinnipegJets96's SF Bulls concept for COTW!

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