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Thursday: 3rd Set of Stars Entries

Today is the last day to vote for the COTW. Committee Members, we need your votes. As of this posting only 4 votes have been cast. Get yours in before the end of today (Thursday).
COTW Aug 6-12 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


This weekend is the last weekend of guest posters posting their Phase 2 posts. Hopefully starting on Monday we will have a full rotation of HJC writers! It may take a month or two for contests to return to the blog, but they should be back at some point. Also, if the blog suddenly goes silent for a couple days or weeks, you'll know that my new kid has been hatched...I mean born. I'll post a quick update on Twitter and the HJC Facebook page.


Stars entry (by Ian)
Stars entry (by Randall)
Stars entry (by Stephen T.)


My cat has just chosen to relieve its bladder all over my carpet, so this will now be a quick post...

Calgary Flames concept (by Brian R.)
This hem stripe was good in the 90's, but looks dated now. Captain's A not the same red as the rest of the jersey. Why do the TV numbers use a generic font? 6/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Stephen T.)
Colours look cool, but I think could use some white trim. TV number on the front right arm is upside down. Logo looks a bit pixelated, and some detail in the C has unfortunately disappeared. This one just needs some tweaks. 6/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Chuckie)
The home and road concepts are so close to being perfect. I don't think the yoke outlines help it out though. Some work needs to be done on the full body models, namely the TV numbers. Execution there on the white sweater is better than the red. 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Brian R.)
Yes, this is what the Blackhawks would look like in a Nike Swift jersey... TV numbers need an outline like the player numbers. 7/10

Florida Panthers concept (by Jeremy T.)
I like the numbers and the NOB! The jersey would be fine if Jeremy's Oilers concept from yesterday hadn't been sent in. This is just a re-colour of that jersey. This one looks better, but now comes off as not too creative. 7/10

New York Islanders concept (by Anthony)
I like this Nike Swift jersey for the Islanders. The colours look good as well. I wish the shoulder patch used the same shades as the jersey. The "wrinkled" effect on the jersey looks cool, but makes the jersey a bit too dark. The other effect just seem to get in the way in my opinion. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Brady)
Brady based this off of my "What If 1940's" Rivermen concept (vote for me, Jersey C). The vintage white that he has added does a nice job brightening the jersey, but the P in the logo looks too much like the Providence Bruins' logo. 7/10

HC Vityaz KHL concept (by Jose)
Vityaz uses Red Wings jersey as their home and road sweaters. Jose has used the Under Armor template with those jerseys and added silver trim. 7/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Brandon C.)
I kind of like the simplicity here. It makes the Flyers look like the "bad guys", which they are in every city except Philly. Really good execution. 8/10
Thursday: 3rd Set of Stars Entries Reviewed by Ryan on August 16, 2012 Rating: 5


Ricky said...

Brandon C. for CotW

DBro Alexander said...

I feel like I would like Anthony's Islanders jersey better if the blue and orange were switched. Also, I'd get rid of the reebok logo on the socks, if Nike took over, teams wouldn't be using Reebok socks. Then just lighten up the shadow effect and it's a great concept.

DCamp said...

Anthony for COTW. Brandon C's concept is a close 2nd but I feel like the yoke and hem stripes are squeezing the logo and NOB too much. Maybe make the yoke stripes higher in the yokes and give it some orange socks to break up the black a bit.

Steven Grant said...

I'll second Brandon C. for COTW. Those thin lines on a black background remind me of neon signs.

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