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Sunday: 5 Best Current Sweaters

     When Ryan asked me to write a post about my top 5 favorite jerseys in the NHL right now, several jerseys raced through my mind. Some of which are still worn, and are in this countdown, but others, unfortunately, are no longer around and not eligible for my list. For example, the Blackhawks' Winter Classic inspired third jerseys, the Minnesota Wild's original green jersey, the Stars' original green and white star jerseys, the Kings' white and purples.... the list goes on. But there are still some very nice jerseys in the league and I will share with you, in my opinion, the 5 best jerseys currently worn today.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey
This has kind of been a hot topic among logo and jersey enthusiasts since this set was unveiled last January. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the Lightning's previous set. The large amount of black and the generic jersey templates were a turn off for me, plus the logo to me was ugly. As soon as I saw the new updated logo and jerseys I was a huge fan. I love the simplicity in the logo and the jersey. It would be so easy for a team located in Florida to go over the top and make a gaudy jersey, but I applaud the team for going in a different direction and putting their team in my top 5.

4. Los Angeles Kings Alternate Jersey
The current Stanley Cup Champions... in my opinion...have a pretty boring set compared to what the had a few years ago. The current home and away are very bland being they have no color in them. Black, white, and silver is boring. Plus, their logo looks like a home plate. I wish they would have kept this jersey as their home, and kept the white version. (Which I liked better) Purple is a very underused in my opinion in all of pro sports. Plus, the crown logo on this jersey is one of my favorite. One of my favorite hats in my collection is the 2009 draft hat which is all white... featuring purple and the crown.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate Jersey
I've been a huge fan of this jersey since it debuted this past season. I find it to be an upgrade from their current jerseys, which I actually find pretty nice, so that's saying something. I feel that this throwback logo has more character than their current primary. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the striping. It's always bothered me that the Leafs' sock striping didn't match their jerseys. This jersey seems to bring the whole look together for me. Only change I'd make is get rid of the white stripe on the pants or give it the two smaller stripes to match and this could possibly move up to number 2 for me.

2. Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey
Another alternate jersey makes my list. but they're all really good alternates as opposed to some of the eyesores we've seen recently (ahem, Islanders...) This is one of the classiest jerseys I've ever seen, as well as the only way anyone could pull off the barber pole look. In case you haven't noticed, from head to toes the whole look is a barber pole. Which to me is very creative and a great way to show off the history of Ottawa Hockey. It's nice not to see that 3d Senator or the "SENS" wordmark. Hopefully this makes it's way to current home and we can see a light version for the road.

1. Chicago Blackhawks Home Jersey
I might be biased...I've lived an hour from Chicago my whole life, but this to me, is the "sharpest" jersey in the league.....get it? There's just so much with this jersey that makes it iconic. I mean, this basic look has been around for years. The Blackhawks are one of those rare teams in sports that will never have to make any changes. I love everything about it. The striping, the hem of the jersey, the logos. It just doesn't get any better than this.
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Stephan said...

great post today i always like seeing other peoples favorite jersey

Brian said...

Who's the writer of the sunday post? He didn't identify himself.

Kevin W. said...

As much as I do appreciate you ranking my Blackhawks #1, as they should be, I can't agree with the Lightning being on the list. Their look is a bad attempt by Yzerman to make a modern-era team look retro. It looks like he took a Leafs jersey and a Wings jersey and smashed them together. It's not a unique look and it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote?

Colin May said...

Dylan A. wrote this post. good job!

DBro Alexander said...

Sorry, I forgot to identify myself! For some reason I thought there was a thing on the site that said who was writing when so I wasn't sure if it was necessary!

As for the Lightning on the list, I just feel that their look, while it may not be perfect to some, is a huge upgrade to their look, and I love it so much. I see why some people don't like it, but can you imagine if they had gone with something else and everyone hated it?

Anonymous said...

No credits on the photos. Oops.

Colin May said...

The lightning's away jersey would have been my honorable mention for my top 5, they have a solid look going on right now.

DBro Alexander said...

Thanks Stephane for the note there. I got all the pictures from Icethetics' jersey section.

Steven Grant said...

Another very good post. I don't agree with all of your picks (mostly Tampa Bay), but it was still well written.

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