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Monday: They Don't Need No Stinkin' Jerseys

Well, I don't wanna use the L word, but it may be coming, and if there is no hockey this year... ugh. Jets96 here, in my first HJC post, its great to be filling in for Ryan and I hope I can make many more, the other contributors have done great so far, & I have hard company to follow up on.

In news, yes, there is a possibility of a lock out. If you don't know why there could be a lock out, its about salary, revenue, rules, and money distribution, its unfortunate, but its not like this hasn't happened before. Hopefully the players and the league will come to an agreement before September 15th.

The PEI Rockets of the QMJHL are having a contest for a name change, so if you wanna enter, check out their website and please...be creative (I like the name Spuds, Green Gables, Red Sands or Farmers, put in the comments your name ideas).

In case you missed it, here is the weekend update where you can check out the Dallas comp. results and the COTW results along with an update from Ryan.

Also, COTW nominees are up, check them out, and remember to vote by Saturday @ 11:59pm

COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Jamaica Bolts Concept (By: John T.)

This is pretty funny and after the Jamaican track team's dominance in the Olympics, its fitting. I'm not huge on the piping, or the writing on the tail of the jerseys. Unless Jamaica gets an NHL team, and I'm not sure if it was intended or not, but I'd get rid of the NHL shield in the collier. However, the execution is pretty good and its a smart idea, and looks better than the blue Tampa versions. (7.5/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Dan C.) 

I think gradient is good when its done right, and here its done right, on the logo. The gradient looks really cool and 90's and I'd like to see this on a T-shirt. As for the Jersey, its okay, I don't like the jump from the orange to the white, a more gradual gradient would work better, but its not bad. The lack of TV numbers hurts it though. (7/10)

 Chicago Wolves Concept (By: Stephen T.)

These have potential, a lot of potential. The logo is a little low on the jersey, and unless the Wolves are moving to the NHL, the shield in the collier should be removed and there's a spot on the back of the white jersey that is black instead of maroon (this error is easily avoidable by slowing down and checking over once) . The Atlanta Thrashers alternate is nice here but it needs work and touching up to make it a winner (6/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Kevin W.) 

This would be really good in the current colours, and would make a better alternate than what they have now, however, as is, its still very good. The socks are original, bonus, and the striping itself combines both Duck's eras. Using black pants may look better and more true to the 90's looks and making them blank wouldn't be such a bad idea either, but this is still a great concepts (8.5/10)

Update: As brought up by Kevin W. the Ducks did wear eggplant pants for the majority of the 90's, my mistake.

NHL All Star Concept (By: Avi S.)

This concept combines the old AHL all star jersey and this years NHL all star jersey and it looks really cool. I think the all star shields could be used where the shields are on the collier. The layout is really nice and everything is "All Star" ha ha ha... no but seriously this is awesome, COTW Nom from me. (9.5/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept (By: Dave C.)

Combining eras is a good idea for the Sens, and its a win for using the updated side and the bilingual shield, plus adding gold to said shield is cool. The laurel is good here. I'm not huge on the numbers, I don't hate them, but I really like the current numbers, but I can see why they wouldn't work that well. Overall, this is solid! (9/10)

AHL All Star Game Concept (By: Brady S.)

The AHL has recently had good All Star jerseys, and these would work as an excellent option. The script work since it is being played in Providence and it matches the Bruins colours. I like the script and the striping is unique. I don't like the east/west under the collier, and the All Star logo is quite large, perhaps it would be better as a shoulder patch. Also, this is nit picky but, I'd center the AHL logo on the back but that doesn't matter, this still looks pretty sweet. (8/10)

Monday: They Don't Need No Stinkin' Jerseys Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on August 27, 2012 Rating: 5


DCamp said...

Brady S for COTW

DCamp said...

Oh, and as for a name for PEI: The PEI Founders (Canada was founded on PEI, in 1867).

Alan John Herbert said...

Brady S got my COTW vote!

crossing my fingers for the "P.E.I. Dragons"!

Anonymous said...

the P.E.Islanders!

Will S said...

Don't worry there will be plenty of hockey this year from the atom/mites guys, through the pickup games on outdoor ice, all the way up to the KHL. Hockey is never cancelled.

Not trying to pick on you - just a personal pet peeve left over from previous NHL lockouts. The major press has makes this mistake an irritating amount of time in their reporting. NHL is not equal to hockey.

Kevin W. said...

Actually, the Ducks wore purple pants for the majority of the 90s, which is why I made them purple in my concept.


winnipegjets96 said...

@Kevin W. sorry, your right, I can understand why u used it, but I still prefer black pants, but its makes more logical sense now.

@Will S. I agrree with you completely, the press does take a rather negative approach to the lockout, and forgets about every other league, I mean, the AHL, not sure if they're effected, this could be their year to shine, get some recognition

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