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Monday: A New Era Begins

Today begins a new era in HJC's short, but nearly 3 year, history. This is my last regular weekday post for a long time. Dylan, Jets96, Thallos, Colin, and Steven G. will be taking over the weekday posting duties and each has their own day. Perhaps we will get used to their style of posts each day?

I'd really like to thank everyone who has ever contributed something to HJC or taken a second out of their life to notice HJC was here. I certainly will miss dealing with the blog everyday, but I think a new child is probably more important. Speaking of which, that new child is not here yet, but I think I will update the blog, Facebook and Twitter when it does arrive. Perhaps even post a pic.

My idea at the moment is to take care of all HJC admin/voting items on Sundays. COTW votes will still end on Thursdays, but you probably won't get the results until Sunday. Competition votes will now end on Saturday's and again results will be given on Sunday's. COTW nom's and competition announcements...you guesed it, also moving to Sunday's!

That's enough of the boring stuff, lets get to it!


The entries for the Dallas Stars Rebranding Competition are all in. A lot of them were posted late last night. If you haven't seen that post you can check it out here. You can also now go to the STARS COMP page to see all of the entries. There is also a new voting rule (still Top 5) that you need to read! Voting ends on SATURDAY.


COTW nominees have been posted for the August 13-19 vote. They are listed on the side of the page. You can see the actual concepts by clicking that banner or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting still ends on Thursday.

Here come those coloured bars and guest posters, don't forget to do these yourself.
COTW Aug 13-19 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
STARS COMP Top 5 vote (ends SATURDAY @ 11:59pm EST)


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brian R.)
I'm not a fan of this concept. I think the cuff stripe would become irrelevant, although I do like the striping pattern. I don't care for the coloured air knit portions of the jersey. Finally, the numerous loose white pixels around the logo needed to be taken care of. 6/10

Calgary Wranglers concepts (by Dustin F.)
Dustin has a fantasy hockey league he's involved in. He had team owner come up with logos and jersey for the fantasy teams. This is the first of many. There's a silver line in between the black and red on the sleeves of the white jersey, I think it should be on all of the stripes. Solid jerseys otherwise. 7/10

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Gonazalo B.)
I like the stripes, even the purposely cut off portions on the fronts. I also like the sublimated wordmark on the backs. The logo just doesn't seem strong enough, for primary or secondary. Perhaps tightening it up and spacing the letters apart equally would help? 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Thomas H.)
These are solid looking Swift jerseys for Columbus. I like the 3 stripe collars too. Because they are a bit simple, which is a good thing, I would liked to have seen some TV numbers and what they could add to the concept. 7/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brian R.)
I think the sleeves need an outline like the hem and I feel like the hem isn't fitting properly on the back of the jersey cut. It would be quite noticeable on a real jersey. Same pixelation problems around the logo and the captain's A. Also, the use of the standard TV numbers with the Avs' player numbers really sticks out. 5/10

HC Davos Dynamo concepts (by Dustin F.)
Solid jerseys, no complaints. In the logo, I like the wordmark a lot. However the mountains in the background seem like they are tipping and they also just seem like triangles. They don't have enough to undeniably identify them as mountains. 7/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Fabio)
I really, really love the logo. If those hem stripes came all the way around and the vertical piping was removed, I would give this a 9. I'm still giving it a big COTW nom though! 8/10

Alaska Aces concept (by Matt D.)
This is a great idea for the 3rd or specialty jersey for Alaska! It's near perfectly executed, but the NHL shield still on the collar insert holds it back. I really like the creativity though! 8/10

OHL 2012 Winter Festival Game 2 concepts (by D3troit1388)
The Knights jersey is perfect for their current retro themed look. Just a very nicely thought out and executed idea. The Whalers look great too. It looks like it could have been a NHL Whalers jersey, but it's obviously very much a Plymouth sweater. Great stuff here! 8/10
Monday: A New Era Begins Reviewed by Ryan on August 20, 2012 Rating: 5


AJH Smackdownrider Youtube said...

OHL 2012 Winter Festival Game 2 concepts got my COTW vote!

Brad said...

Thanks for your ingenuity and insight. I appreciate how you've always been constructive, not destructive. Hopefully, you can still find time to come up with more concepts, which @ HJC were/are some of the best! I think this blog will only get bigger, and its only because of you, thanks Ryan! Here's to 1 million hits!

DCamp said...

2nd D3troit1388 for COTW

Justin said...

Woah. Those Alaska aces jerseys are pretty sick! Matt D. for COTW! I love the creativity! I would've never thought of that.

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