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August 31, 2012

Friday: Birds of a Feather

Welcome to the end of another week, and the beginning of another weekend. For many, this is the last weekend of summer before returning to school (or forcing your children to return to school). So, lets keep it short and sweet today. Also, since this is the last weekend of summer, and I want to give you a break (but mostly because COTW voting ended last night) you have nothing to vote on, and you can just sit back relax and enjoy these concepts. Ryan should have the results of the voting for you on sunday, unless of course, his child arrives...

On a side note, lets hope that the NHL owners and NHLPA aren't taking a break like we are, and that they make a deal soon, so that my Canucks can loose at in an untimely manner in the playoffs again this year (THN predicted they would win the Stanley cup, but this isn't the first time they have done that...). Maybe a lockout could save me some heartache...

Also, let's hope the owners and players reach a deal soon so that an extended work stoppage does not happen so that this year's winter classic is not affected. The event logo was unveiled today on the Detroit Red Wings Instagram account. The logo, unlike other Winter Classic logos does not feature a year... which suggests to me that everyone, including players and owners realizes the likelihood of a lockout.

Image from detroitredwings on Instagram (

The logo itself is sharp, and includes the mandatory snowflakes and icicles which all the Winter Classic logos seem to have. I also like the tie-ins to the team colours of both the Wings and Leafs. For me the most intriguing thing about this logo is the shape of it. These logos have all had some tie in to the venue or to a historic landmark in the host city, but a shield seems pretty generic. Perhaps we will see some other way that this shape ties in to the logos or uniforms.


Movin' right along.  Let's get into the concepts.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by D3troit1388)

A good clean set of Buffalo concepts here from D3troit. I am very happy to see some more consistency between the piping-free home and road sweaters, and a simplified version of the 40th anniversary sweater brought back. I like the simplifications made to this sweater, and I also really like the inclusion of more vintage white. It really looks sharp. 8/10

New York Islanders concepts (by Brady S.)

Brady takes us back to the mid 90's with these islanders sweaters. I like the treatment of the wavy stripe on all these sweaters, it is clean, and understated, unlike the wavy stripes on the Fishsticks uniforms. The shoulder yoke feels a bit off to me, though. I feel like the striping pattern which is very strong on the socks, sleeves, and hem is lost when it comes to the yoke. I might simply leave the yoke off, or play with yoke striping to maintain this pattern throughout the entire sweater. I really like the orange alternate, but the tiny hints of teal really ruin it for me. get rid of the teal on the gloves and in the logo, and it would be a lot better. Good execution: the full body templates give a great sense of the uniform as a whole, but they lack TV numbers. 6/10

Merritton Athletic Association concept (by Troy H.)

Troy has sent along a concept for the Merritton Athletic Assosiciation Youth Hockey team. Troy is just starting out making concepts, and as much as there are a lot of mistakes on this submission, I want to encourage him to keep making concepts and sending them in and learning, ann getting better. I would strongly encourage you to check out the TUTORIALS page to learn about putting numbers on jerseys and a bunch of other pointers. Here are a couple pointers from me on how to make better concepts.

1) start from a base, then add stripes. This jersey looks like you just went crazy with the fill tool. Generally, if you make the background of the entire jersey a single colour to begin with, then add arm stripes, chest stripes, hem stripes, etc. over your background colour, the sweater looks a lot better.

2) Check and double check. There are many small errors made on here that could be avoided if you check your work. The hem, cuffs, and shoulder outlines are all different colours on the front and back. Also check that there aren't loose pixels around the logo, or uncoloured pixels in the reebok logo on the back.

Overall, good for just starting out, but lots of room for improvement. 3/10

Calgary Flames concept (by Daniel J.)

I really like this sweater, probably because I really liked the old black fire-horse alternate that the flames had. I think the simple, understated striping works well on this sweater, but would like to see matching stripes on the socks. This would work really well along with the Flames' current home and road sweaters. 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Steven T.)

I like the overall look of this concept, but am left wanting when it comes to consistant execution. the stripe below the shoulder yoke is presented 3 different ways on these 3 different templates. I assume that the stripe on the player model and the top right concept is how it was intended to look, and I like how that looks. The only problem I could foresee with these sweaters is some backlash from the Bruins. I know vegas gold does not equal gold (yellow), but the bruins have already butted heads with the penguins in their history over colour choice. To use the a very similar striping pattern would be a major faux-pas. I do like these sweaters, but don't understand the extra, and incorrect templates in the presentation.  The logo needs to be sized properly on the jersey (it looks a bit big to me) and sized and rotated properly on the player model. I would also move the C to the viewer's righthand side (players left) over the players heart, as it has traditionally been place, unless the log gets in the way (it shouldn't be in the way here if sized properly). 7/10

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins concept (by

I like where this concept is going. The striping on these sweaters touch on a lot of different eras from Penguins jersey history. I like the yoke from the robo-penguin days, and the diagonals at the bottom of the sweater from the vegas gold pre-edge jerseys. I would add some diagonal cuff stripes to make this sweater better. Also, all the stripes need to go OVER the stripes on the template, check out the tutorials page to see how to do that. For me the wordmark does not work on this sweater, it seems crowded and off centre with the jersey striping. I would go with a regular crest logo on this one. good job on using authentic jersey markings fir the AHL. 6/10

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Kyle C.)

An orange alternate seem like a natural choice in Anaheim. This sweater from Kyle has all the marks of a classic jersey and all the traits one would expect from a Ducks jersey. These look awesome, really well done. 8/10

August 30, 2012

Thursday: Hershey Bears Completely Revamped

Hey guys, it's Thallos with my weekly Thursday post. Big things happening for the Hershey Bears this year. Hershey is celebrating their 75th AHL season by not only hosting the 2013 AHL Outdoor Classic, but by going back to "chocolate and white." The Bears, one of the most storied franchise in the AHL completely redesigned their logos and jerseys.

You can read about Hershey's transformation on their website. Anyways, we got some sexy concepts; an interesting Winter Classic idea, a pink jersey, and some AHL concepts. Do not forget to vote for the COTW. Seriously. Do it. Voting ends Saturday.

COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Texas Stars concept (by Brady Sufat)

Brady goes with a two-tone green look for Dallas-affiliate Texas Stars of the AHL. It's certainly bright. I'm not exactly sure the bright lime green works here. It contrasts well with the white and forest green, but it strains the eyes. The jersey design is pretty classic and alternate, while featuring a logo I'm not too fond of, is spot on with the classic Dallas Stars look of the late 90s. (7/10)

Boston Bruins concept (by Daniel J.)
This may be the first Boston concept ever to heavily feature pink. I'm sort of lost for words. Yes, the design overall is nice and would fit the Bruins if they ever wanted to go with an light vintage jersey (which they totally should), but the pink is baffling. Why pink? Anyways, make the C on the chest a bit bigger and you really have something here. (7/10)

 St. Louis Blues concept (by Troy H.)
I'm not really sure what's going on here. The stripes under the logo is odd, there's a red lace-up collar and navy shoulders/arms while there seems to be no navy featured in the logo, and it seems like another fill-bucket concept with no real thought or consideration. Sorry Troy, but back to the drawing board for this one. (4/10)

Winter Classic concept (by Avi)
Avi features two teams that personally I would love to see in the Winter Classic; the Colorado Avalanche and the Minnesota Wild. If there's one thing I like this concept is that it does a good job of giving two expansion teams a classic look without it being forced. Colorado with the Rockies theme, but with what looks like the Nordiques light blue, and a simple yet effective look for Minnesota. NHL, make this happen. (9/10)

Adirondack Phantoms concept (by Cody S.)
We don't see too many Adirondack concepts (probably because their city name is too hard to pronounce) but Cody took on the challenge. He gives the Phantoms a look that is fairly reminiscent of the Philadelphia Flyers with its own twists and turns. I like the inclusion of purple on each jersey, although I'd like to see some white on the away jersey's arm. Not exactly digging the contrasting nameplates. (7/10)

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Glen C.)

We've seen a lot of Rivermen concepts over the past month due to their recent jersey competition, and Glen is still letting the creative juices flowing. Here we've got a nice jersey design. There's nothing much to complain about, it's a solid look. I'm not crazy about the "Rivs" wordmark. Overall, it's a clean concept that I could see Peoria wearing. (8/10)

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Justin C.)
I'll start off by saying this is probably one of the best Lightning concepts I've seen in a while. Justin takes Tampa's currently minimalist logo, gives it a few touch-ups, gives it the old color scheme back and comes up with a look that is both modern and classic. It's the perfect combination of the two recent Lightning eras. (9/10)

August 29, 2012

Wednesday: Mario, Wild, and More

Well, you've survived one of my posts so far, here's the second.  I guess I better post some links, since all the other writers this week have posted some.


The winner of the Peoria Rivermen Jersey Design Contest was also revealed.  Sadly though, it wasn't Ryan Haslett's concept.

The final four jerseys for the Ontario Reign Jersey Design Contest have been revealed.  Go to their home page to vote.

The QMJHL's PEI Rocket are having a name the team contest.  Here is the Rename Your Team page on their website.

Also, the OHL Kitchener Rangers have a logo for their 50th Season.  It can be seen on the first page of this PDF file.  I like it, it's especially well done for a CHL team.

Finally, Chris Creamer's SportsLogos News is reporting that the AHL Hersey Bears will unveil a new logo and new uniforms this evening.  The new logo was leaked in a demo for NHL 13.


The COTW voting is going on.  There are four very good nominees this week, so make sure you vote if you're a committee member.

COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Edmonton Oilers (by Troy H.)
This concept is obviously a re-coloured Coyotes jersey, but many parts have been left un-coloured.  Also the logo uses a different colour scheme as the jersey, and the hem stripes feature grey which isn't used anywhere else on the jersey.  Finally, some of those hem stripes don't go all the way to the jersey stitching.  I'd recommend taking a look at these helpful tutorials, and also saving your work as a png file instead of a jpg file.  3/10

Peoria Rivermen (by Glen C.)
I like basically everything about this concept.  The striping pattern, numbers, and NOB are all very classy.  The primary logo is good too, I really like the ship wheel, but I think the "R" kind of gets lost.  Execution is great, as it always is with Glen.  8/10

Vancouver Canucks (by Darren H.)
I didn't think I'd like a grey jersey for the Canucks, but this looks really good.  I like almost everything about the jersey, but I don't think the logo works.  I'd recommend using either Johnny Canuck or the stick-in-the-rink logo, but not both together.  Execution notes; the numbers are a darker shade of blue than the rest of the jersey, and there are some loose pixels around the edge of the template.  Saving your concepts as png files should help with the pixelization issue.  7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets (by Steven G.)
These concepts are beautiful, whoever made them must be a genius...  These jerseys are inspired by the sleeve stripes on the Blue Jackets 2000-2007 jerseys.  I moved the stars off the cuffs, simplified the numbers, and used their current logos.  I also used different coloured pants for the home and road, something that has only been done three times in the NHL if my research was correct (1970-79 LA Kings, 1974-75 Washington Capitals, and 1976-82 Colorado Rockies).

Super Mario Bros 3 concept (by Brian B.)
This concept is a little out there, but it's not like it is designed to be worn in the NHL, it's more of a fashion jersey.  I really like the look of it, from the striping to all of the added Mario stuff.  The "1 up" number is very clever.  The NHL logos should be removed though, since this concept isn't for an NHL team.  8/10

Bjorkloven Umea (by Niklas E.)
This jersey is based off of the original colours of this franchise, which was used in the 1970's.  It looks very good, I especially like the leaves behind the TV numbers.  The only thing I don't like is the use of vintage white.  I'm interested about the photos of the real jersey.  Niklas, did you get this jersey made, or is it being worn by the actual team?  Any information you (or Ryan) have would be appreciated.  8/10

Minnesota Wild (by Avi S.)
I love this concept!!!  Green takes its rightful place as the Wild's primary colour, and the Bear-head logo takes its rightful place being used on both the home and road.  Some people might not like the mis-matched home and road, but I don't care since the home and third match.  I also like the idea of a wheat coloured road jersey, and the added gold really pops.  Execution is also great.  COTW nomination from me!!! 9/10

August 28, 2012

Seeing Blue

Welcome back HJC readers. So far so good with all of us guest writers I'd say.

First up, I know it's been a slow offseason for jersey news. A few teams are ditching third jerseys but that's it. One little ray of hope though, Icethetics Jersey Watch reported last Tuesday that the Blackhawks may be bringing back their 2009 Winter Classic inspired jersey as shown in a video on the Blackhawks site. Why would the team have a new player wearing a jersey the team won't wear at his appearances? Hmmm...

Also, as mentioned yesterday, the PEI Rocket are holding a name change contest.

This weeks COTW nominees have been up for a couple days, so if you haven't voted yet go ahead and do that.
COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Calgary Flames Concept (Troy Hedden)
There's too much going on here. The arm stripes don't go with the hem stripes. The logo has the red square around it and the glare effect from Icethetics on it. The numbers aren't aligned, with the jersey or eachother. Check out the TUTORIALS page and I bet this could look a lot better 4/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept (Darren H.)
I'm not a fan of is the lightning pattern, at least on the arms. The idea comes off as cheesy to me and is very rarely executed well enough for me to like it. I like it on the hem but not the arms. I don't like the wordmark and number on the front. It looks too much like a football or a basketball jersey. 6/10

Tamp Bay Lightning Concepts (Tristan P.)
The color scheme is ok but is overused. I prefer the scheme now, perhaps with some added black. These particular colors seem muted and the jersey doesn't pop. I team with the name "Lightning" should have jerseys that pop. Hem stripes would be nice as well. I do like the logo, but the logo seems plain when compared to their current logo which seems to have some movement. Basically, it's a good concept, I like where it's headed. But I like their current set more. 7/10

Washington Capitals Concept (D3troit1388)
It's nice to see the Capitals logo on a blue jersey. I feel that the team can go without one though, but if it were to happen, I would hope they'd use their "Weagle" instead of the wordmark logo. The wordmark looks odd to me in red. The striping pattern on this jersey seems to be boring and not really fit in with the team's current branding, but the sublimated stars in the stripes are a nice touch, but the shoulder stars are a bit much. 7/10

Ottawa Senators Concept (Dave C.)
Pretty nice Nike concept for the Sens. I really like the striping and the laurel leaves look great. The logo choice is awesome too. I like the execution with the laurel, they are pointing in the correct direction. One little execution note, part of the white outline on the logo is missing. 8/10
Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (Avi Stein)
The last of 4 concepts that include blue jerseys for today. In my opinion, there's only a few teams that should be using the double blue color scheme and it works for the Blue Jackets. The crest logo is ok, it lacks character to me though. Doesn't seem like it would be a sports logo. The shoulder logo is nice though. It'd be nice to see their current logo, or even the cannon logo on the front. Of course, if the main logo was used, I'd expect to see some red trim. 8/10

Chicago Blackhawks Throwbacks (Tyler Gross)
I know a lot of baseball teams that do this. The Brewers come to mind. It'd be nice if some hockey teams did it too. They're pretty historically accurate, but I'd ditch the circle and just use the vintage logo on its own and the words on the back of the neck are a bit much. Also that's the incorrect C that the Hawks put on their jerseys. Because the jerseys are so similar to the teams current jerseys I'd use "vintage white" as opposed to regular white. It'd look cool on the red jersey, and maybe it could work on the white, the Rangers pulled it off didn't they? 8/10

August 27, 2012

Monday: They Don't Need No Stinkin' Jerseys

Well, I don't wanna use the L word, but it may be coming, and if there is no hockey this year... ugh. Jets96 here, in my first HJC post, its great to be filling in for Ryan and I hope I can make many more, the other contributors have done great so far, & I have hard company to follow up on.

In news, yes, there is a possibility of a lock out. If you don't know why there could be a lock out, its about salary, revenue, rules, and money distribution, its unfortunate, but its not like this hasn't happened before. Hopefully the players and the league will come to an agreement before September 15th.

The PEI Rockets of the QMJHL are having a contest for a name change, so if you wanna enter, check out their website and creative (I like the name Spuds, Green Gables, Red Sands or Farmers, put in the comments your name ideas).

In case you missed it, here is the weekend update where you can check out the Dallas comp. results and the COTW results along with an update from Ryan.

Also, COTW nominees are up, check them out, and remember to vote by Saturday @ 11:59pm

COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Jamaica Bolts Concept (By: John T.)

This is pretty funny and after the Jamaican track team's dominance in the Olympics, its fitting. I'm not huge on the piping, or the writing on the tail of the jerseys. Unless Jamaica gets an NHL team, and I'm not sure if it was intended or not, but I'd get rid of the NHL shield in the collier. However, the execution is pretty good and its a smart idea, and looks better than the blue Tampa versions. (7.5/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Dan C.) 

I think gradient is good when its done right, and here its done right, on the logo. The gradient looks really cool and 90's and I'd like to see this on a T-shirt. As for the Jersey, its okay, I don't like the jump from the orange to the white, a more gradual gradient would work better, but its not bad. The lack of TV numbers hurts it though. (7/10)

 Chicago Wolves Concept (By: Stephen T.)

These have potential, a lot of potential. The logo is a little low on the jersey, and unless the Wolves are moving to the NHL, the shield in the collier should be removed and there's a spot on the back of the white jersey that is black instead of maroon (this error is easily avoidable by slowing down and checking over once) . The Atlanta Thrashers alternate is nice here but it needs work and touching up to make it a winner (6/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Kevin W.) 

This would be really good in the current colours, and would make a better alternate than what they have now, however, as is, its still very good. The socks are original, bonus, and the striping itself combines both Duck's eras. Using black pants may look better and more true to the 90's looks and making them blank wouldn't be such a bad idea either, but this is still a great concepts (8.5/10)

Update: As brought up by Kevin W. the Ducks did wear eggplant pants for the majority of the 90's, my mistake.

NHL All Star Concept (By: Avi S.)

This concept combines the old AHL all star jersey and this years NHL all star jersey and it looks really cool. I think the all star shields could be used where the shields are on the collier. The layout is really nice and everything is "All Star" ha ha ha... no but seriously this is awesome, COTW Nom from me. (9.5/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept (By: Dave C.)

Combining eras is a good idea for the Sens, and its a win for using the updated side and the bilingual shield, plus adding gold to said shield is cool. The laurel is good here. I'm not huge on the numbers, I don't hate them, but I really like the current numbers, but I can see why they wouldn't work that well. Overall, this is solid! (9/10)

AHL All Star Game Concept (By: Brady S.)

The AHL has recently had good All Star jerseys, and these would work as an excellent option. The script work since it is being played in Providence and it matches the Bruins colours. I like the script and the striping is unique. I don't like the east/west under the collier, and the All Star logo is quite large, perhaps it would be better as a shoulder patch. Also, this is nit picky but, I'd center the AHL logo on the back but that doesn't matter, this still looks pretty sweet. (8/10)

August 26, 2012

Weekend Update

Hey all! I'd like to thank Jets96, Dylan, Steven G., Thallos, and Colin. They all did a great job with their posts and I am really excited to see that this blog will continue to operate largely because of their help!

These weekend posts are where I get to do all of my administrative work for HJC. On most occasions I don't even know if I will get the time to really explain everything each week. Today I do have the time so...

I received a few comments and emails from people wondering where to send their concepts now. You still send them to the address on the side of the page. Yes, I am still the one who gets them and organizes them. It is now even more important than before that if you NEED something said about your concept that you actually write it on the concept.


The winner of the Dallas Stars Rebrand competition is Justin C!

Here are the complete results from the voting.

You can have one last look at all of the entries HERE.

I really liked how the new rule of not being able to give yourself a first place vote worked out. Unless anyone has any MAJOR objections to it then I think it will be a mainstay.

There won't be another HJC competition until after my baby is born. I don't want to start one and then leave you guys in limbo for a week or so if I am not able to get to the blog for the first bit. Which also reminds me that for one week after the baby there may not be a COTW vote and subsequent winner.


The COTW nominees for the week of August 20-26 have been listed on the side of the page. You can see those concepts by clicking on that banner or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members, you have until the end of Thursday to email your vote in.

COTW Aug 20-26 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


The COTW winner for the week of August 13-19 is Scott M with his Bruins' 90th anniversary concept.

Here are the results of that vote.
Scott M. - 4
Brandon C. - 3
Justin C. - 3
Anthony (NYI) - 1
Anthony (PIT) - 1


August 24, 2012

Friday: Jesper's Winter Classic

Hello everyone, happy friday. Colin here for my first official HJC concept post! Before we get to the concepts, I should remind you of the change to the contest voting deadline, which comes along with all the changes to HJC.

The new deadline for all contest votes is on Saturday now, instead of Sunday. If you have not gotten your votes in, you still have time, but not as much time as you have had in the past.

STARS COMP Top 5 vote (ends SATURDAY @ 11:59pm EST)


Winnipeg Jets concept (by Shaun)

This is a pretty straightforward Swift-ification for the jets. The light blue features more prominently on these sweaters, which is something I would like to see on a Jets sweater, but because I see more of the light blue, the shade seems a bit off to me. Also, I know it is just following the cut of the sweater, but I can't get over having straight hem stripes on the front, and curved stripes on the back. 7/10

Vasteras Iron Eagles concept (by Dustin)

Here is another concept from the VHL, a fantasy league which Dustin is involved in. These concepts well executed, and clearly Dustin has paid attention to detail by removing the NHL shield from the template. my one suggestion would be to add some white in the numbers on the dark uniform. 7/10

Montréal Canadiens concept (by Stephen T.)

I think this concept has some real potential. I like the barber pole arm stripes. I also like the crest, although it is far too small. I would also make the TV numbers white, so that they stand out on blue and red (same with the Reebok logo on the back of the neck). Be careful with the stripes on the side of the pants, because of the template, using exactly horizontal lines makes the stripes look like they are at a slight angle; I find it best to match their angle the top line and work my way down. there are also templates available on the templates page which are square horizontally and very easy to use. 6/10

Winter Classic 2014 concept (by Jesper)

Jesper sent in a concept package which turns the winter classic into a weekend series instead of simply a one-off event once a year. I have thought for a while that the NHL should consider doing this. The best teams to start with would obviously be the original 6, but maybe the following year, the NHL could reward division champs and put them in the feature games.

For the logo, I might have tried to incorporate the original 6 teams logos in a more subtle way, maybe on the red gate posts. Good clean logo manipulation though. 6/10

Plenty of stripes on these sweaters. I really like the numbers on the shoulders of the Bruins sweater. good job on keeping it vintage and leaving off the name plates. Both of these sweaters look great. 8/10

Who wouldn't love to see a Leafs-Habs match-up in a winter classic!? I would probably use a thin white outline around the Habs logo to make it pop a bit more, and I would go with a more interesting collar, likt the tri-colour collar which the Habs use. For the Leafs, I would try this sweater without the reverse colour sleeves, have them match the socks, and I would add a matching hem stripe. 7/10

I really like this look for the wings, and hope that they go with a red jersey instead of a cream jersey for this year's winter classic. This sweater is definitely along the right lines, I would add a hem stripe though. As for the Rangers jersey, it really sticks out like a sore thumb in this set. I don't like the arched word-mark over the shield logo. It makes the front of the sweater read "Rangers, New York Rangers"... this style of introduction has only ever worked for Agent 007, "Bond, James Bond." The arched text over the logo is a fairly modern convention, and doesn't really fit on a vintage sweater. I might have gone with the arched text over a number on the front. That would have been an awesome throwback to the Rangers 1946-47 uniform. 6/10

Good work by Jesper on this concept set. Some great sweaters, and an awesome idea to make the Winter Classic better. Overall I rate these concepts 7/10.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Matt R.)

This is an awesome Canucks sweater from Matt. I love the sublimated First Nations art in the striping, and it really reminds me of the Canadian Olympic hockey team's logos from 2010. I also really live the Vs on the sleeve striping. As much as I love the Johnny Canuck V logo, and dislike the Canucks' Orca logo, I think that it would fit better with the motif of the sweater. As is, I love this concept. I give it 8/10, and a COTW nomination.