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Week of July 9-15, 2012

The 2nd Round of the HJC Open concluded last night and here is how the Voting Committee voted.

1) Stephane - 8
16) Ross - 7

7) Kyle C. - 8
3) Mason H. - 7

2) Justin - 12
15) Dylan - 3

4) Tex - 14
9) Brady - 1

Are you shocked by any of these results? Did they go exactly as you thought they would? Leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

To those who were eliminated, thanks for taking part in this year's tournament. If you entered concepts that you have not sent into HJC before, you can send them in to be posted as regular concepts and considered for COTW. To those that have moved on to the semi-finals, your entries are due in my inbox by Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.


Some of you may not have noticed that the June-COTY vote is ongoing. You can see the entrants listed on the side of the page (white banner). Voting ends on Thursday which will then lead into the 2nd Quarter Vote beginning on Friday!

The COTW nominees have also been listed (black banner). You can see the nominated concepts by clicking that banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. This vote also ends on Thursday.

June-COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW July 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Collingwood Magpipes concept (by Matt D.)
Obviously translating the football uni to a hockey jersey would make these guys look like refs. I like the simplicity that Matt has kept with the team here. 8/10

Stockton thunder concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 6/10

Crayola concept (by Tristan)
This is a new idea. I like how the jersey stripes look like the box of crayons. After that, this one gets a bit goofy. It seems to get away from being a hockey jersey and more of just a promotional shirt for Crayola. The execution is okay. I like the creativity. 6/10

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Ricky)
Ricky wants to see the Habs wear a blue jersey. However, if you demoted that classic red jersey to a third then fans in Montreal would riot like it was 1955. The execution is decent, but I don't agree with some of the choices made here such as the captain's C and the smaller player numbers. 6/10

Team Switzerland concepts (by Stephen T.)
I like both of these sweaters for the Swiss. I do think though that the player number on the red jersey should be white with a black outline. The jerseys on this concept are nicely executed, but the player models are not. I've mentioned before that you can't just not colour the shading. Also, why does the TV number not appear on the shoulders? 6/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Tyler G.)
I liked this concept, but then I got to the gold and white under the arms. It's just too big and distracting to me. I like the sublimated stars on the hem, but I wouldn't be celebrating conference championships. Just having them as stars with no meaning (except team name) would be better, in my opinion. Execution seems decent. 7/10

Boston Bruins concepts (by Deferoiler)
I like both the home and road jerseys, but why is one black hem stripe thicker than the other? I appreciate the effort, but I personally don't find it terribly creative to take someone else's logo concept and place it on jerseys that have already existed. 5/10

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Ian)
Ian has slightly altered the home and road jerseys. The alternate jersey looks to be a combination of the pre-Edge alt and the original Edge home sweater. That home sweater wasn't too popular, so I don't know if adding a popular logo would help it. Edmonton fans, would it? 7/10

Syracuse Crunch concepts (by Scott M.)
Before the Crunch released their new "Crunchman" logo, Scott sent this in. I would really like the jerseys, but I don't think I will ever get on board with those Reebok cookie-cutter jerseys. Also on the road blue jersey, I think grey piping would work better than the light blue. 7/10

University of Connecticut concepts (by Brady)
The home and road concepts look near perfect to me. To achieve perfection I would switch the logos. Brady has used the Habs logo because CH equals Connecticut Huskies. I'm not a fan of using the logo, but I totally get the logic behind it. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by NB14)
NB14 calls this his "Blizzard" Avs jersey. I think it's his best work yet! I don't want to see it on the ice, but I can picture fans coming to the rink after Christmas time and walking into the team store to find this new Fan's Winter Jersey. If it were on the ice, I think the pants, helmet, and gloves would need to be black. 8/10

Toledo Walleye concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Port Adelaide Power concept (by Matt D.)
This is a really cool concept based on their logo. It would be really easy to do something "Canucks-ish" considering their football uniform, but Matt did a nice job using the logo elements to create a great looking hockey jersey. 8/10

Winter Classic concepts (by DC Visual Arts)
DC's Winter Classic event logo is really awesome! I'd say the best concept logo I've seen so far for the 2013 Classic. The Wings jersey looks quite good, but having said that I still feel like they could do a bit better. The Leafs jerseys also look good, I just think one of the stripes segments should be removed. I really like the shield shoulder patch for Toronto! COTW nomination from me! 9/10
Week of July 9-15, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on July 09, 2012 Rating: 5


NB14 said...

DC Visual Arts seconded for COTW!

Justin said...

Thank you to everyone who voted me through the second round!

DC Visual Arts' Winter Classic concept is awesome! The logo is great and the shield shoulder patches are a great idea. I wish I had those logo design skills!

I'll give NB14 a COTW nom. That Avs jersey is a very cool (no pun intended) idea. I would not want to see it on the ice but if it was sold in the team store here I would probably buy one. Good work!

Glen said...

I'm surprised that Justin beat Dylan so handily.

Also, can anyone beat Tex? He's won by a combined score of 30-3. WOW!

Alan John Herbert said...

DC Visual Arts gets the COTW from me!

DBro Alexander said...

thanks to the 3 that voted for me but if I was going to lose I'm glad it was to Justin.

Ricky said...

The Pies concept doesn't work for me unless there are at least more stripes on the hem and sleeves. Something else is missing to, but I cant quite put my finger on it. This will only get six, but it has potential.

The footy and hockey Gods were nicer to the Power from Port today. Everything is excellent - except one thing. The amount of stripes used for the hem and arms is technically correct however it's two too many for this jersey. Go for a nine here. Keep the rest and you have a really solid concept!

The Gold Coast, Richmond, St. Kilda, and Sydney are the final four remaining. I think GCFC will be the toughest of the four. But we'll find out very shortly.

Elias R. said...

NB14's Avs for COTW. It kind of reminds me of that "burnt" Flames concept that was sent in a while ago.

winnipegjets96 said...

second NB14

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