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Wednesday: Taking On Some Help

For HJC to continue in the future and in a way that will keep the true idea of HJC alive, I will be taking on some guest writers. These people will be needed to help out with the daily posts which include concepts and any possible new logos and sweaters that are released. Hopefully by bringing these people on board, HJC can continue with the "post everything" policy and keep up the daily Monday to Friday postings. If you are interested in being a writer for HJC then click the banner below or on the top of the page and read ALL of the info CAREFULLY.


Not many COTW votes have come in at all. Committee Members, you have less than 48 hours to get your vote emailed in.
COTW July 16-22 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Gatineau Olympiques concepts (by WhiteLightning)
These concepts look fine and are well executed. It's just that this is about the fourth or fifth time that we have seen this template (from the home and road concepts) used by White. It's like he took that jersey template and just kept adding different colour combos. As for the alternate, enough teams in the CHL use the Buffa-slug jerseys and we don't need another. 7/10

New Orleans Undead concepts (by Chuckie)
I like the attempt to give the team an original name, but it just doesn't seem to roll of the tongue nicely. Again, I enjoy the classically striped home and road sweaters and the colours on all the jerseys are quite fitting as well. 7/10

Florida Panthers concepts (by Kevin D.)
I like the numbers and just generally how well executed everything here is. The angled stripes on the sides aren't my cup of tea. I would think that they are so big but also very much likely to get lost of forgotten under the players' arms. 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Tyler G.)
Again, it's good to see that almost all concepts that come in these days are very well executed and this is no different. These are obviously based on the North Stars of the late 70's, which is something I think that the Dallas Stars should stay away from, but that's a personal opinion. Ignoring that, these look really good. 8/10

2018 Winter Classic concepts (by Stephen T.) *Description on concept. 7/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Scott M.)
I really like the sublimated fleur de lys on the sleeves. I don't know how I feel about replacing the red trim with silver. Perhaps just the puck in the logo could be red, with silver trim of course? Maybe I should just try to accept change a little more... 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
I kind of like these. They seem like a tidier version of the early 80's sweaters. I just think that the V stripes on the cuffs shouldn't be cut off by the stitching on the arms. That really seems like a Reebok style move. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Torin)
Overall it's a good set. It's really hard to argue against any of them, in my opinion. Love the Millionaires jersey as an addition and the slight colour changes on the third jersey are good too. I would prefer the updated "stick-in-rink" logo though. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Colin) *Description on concept. 8/10

Plymouth Whalers concepts (by WhiteLightning)
White makes a good move and returns Plymouth's version of the Whalers to a look reminiscent of the NHL's mid 90's Whalers. I also like the new third! It's not exactly a Hartford Whalers' jersey, but it definitely looks like it could have been. 7/10

Milwaukee Admirals concepts (by Alan)
The home and road sweaters that Alan has made here are way better than what the Admirals are wearing now! For myself, I would have liked to of seen a light blue jersey, but whatever. The third jersey based on the old IHL jerseys of the same team are very smart. 9/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Justin C.)
This is Justin's entry for Peoria's fan designed jersey contest. I think it's a straight shooter with upper management written all over it...nevermind. It looks like it has the potential to win the contest. The sublimated rope pattern in the yellow stripes is brilliant! COTW nom from me. 9/10
Wednesday: Taking On Some Help Reviewed by Ryan on July 25, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

I'll second Justin's COTW, it is way better then mine!

Mason II said...

nice office space reference. "yeah... I'm gonna have to go ahead and, sort of, disagree with you on that one."

Ryan said...

Haha. It's good to see someone got it.

Ricky said...

I also noticed Chuckie's use of the Arena Football's New Orleans VooDooo.

Justin said...

Just watched Office Space last night! Haha thanks for the nominations.

NB14 said...

Justin's Rivermen concept is amazing, it certainly blows mine right out of the water!

Anonymous said...

So? I thought it was a good logo to use, and I also drew my own patch logo on the N.O. concepts.

Ryan said...

@Jonathan: I'm okay with the primary logo use. I wouldn't say that you "drew" the shoulder logo. I would suggest that you assembled pieces to create the logo.

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