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Thursday's Concepts

Many of you have emailed me and sent in concepts the last couple of days. I have been a bit busy and haven't gotten to them yet. Rest assured that I will be responding to those emails very soon. Just in case anyone was wondering where your response was.

Here's another reminder to check out the blog on Saturday at noon Eastern time for a discussion on the future direction of HJC. I will have a few ideas on how HJC can proceed, but I would also really like to hear from you guys on that post as to how you would like HJC to carry on.


As you Committee Members probably know, today is the last day to vote for the COTW vote and the 2nd Quarter Vote. Email your votes in before the end of the day and while you're at it email your HJC Open Final vote in as well. Cue the coloured bars...

COTW July 9-15 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Open Final vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins concepts (by WhiteLightning)
The home and road jerseys are well put together, but I personally prefer a wordmark jersey to be an alternate. WBS was one of the teams to do the wordmark jersey properly though. I would also go with their logo as the shoulder patch instead of Robo-Penguin. I like how WBS has their own penguin logo. The design of the third jersey is a bit crazy for me, but I'm sure there are people out there who like it, right? 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has taken the city of Pittsburgh's coat of arms and has placed the Penguins' logo inside the yellow circles. I think the re-colouring of the logos makes them harder to see, but this would be something cool that the city could do if/when the Penguins go on a significant playoff run. 6/10

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Martin)
I like the idea of a permanent patch on the chest, but on this jersey there are too many different logos (4). Also, I think the choice of colours make this jersey feel dark, like a miserable rainy day. I think the red needs to contrast more and be less maroon and more red. 6/10

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Dave C.)
Dave has "Swifted" the Jets here. The jersey itself is okay. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to write home about either. This may have been done to do something different, but typically on Swift jerseys the shoulder patch and TV numbers switch places from what is shown here. 7/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Tristan)
This would be very well executed, but the yellow in the logo is not the same yellow that is on the jersey. I also would like the jersey, but those big black side panels really seem to cut the jersey off. The logo isn't really working for me, but I also think that the bear needs to be bigger. 6/10

Syracuse Crunch concept (by Tyler G.)
As an execution note, if you're not going to do numbers on the back that's fine, but it's better to not send in a back view than sending in one that is blank. I like how the collar, the yokes, and the yoke outlines interact, but I think that the jersey stripes should get the same silver outline. The cuff trims got that outline too, why not the stripes? A lack of player numbers, TV numbers, and shoulder patches really make this one seem rushed or forced. 6/10

Maui Surfers concepts (by Chuckie)
I'm moving past how illogical it is for a hockey team to be placed in Hawaii. I do love though that Chuckie drew his own logo, which the idea itself is great! The home and road jerseys are also excellent choices. I especially love the Hawaiian shirt print on the third jersey. I think it goes a touch overboard on the cuffs of the home and road though. Just keep working at your logos Chuckie! 8/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Brady)
This is a popular idea as many would like to see the Oilers wear an orange alternate based on the WHA jersey. I like the little change up that Brady has done with the stripes here. On such a bright jersey though if you're going to outline the numbers I think it needs to be a thick outline. 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Torin)
This was Torin's first round entry into the HJC Open. The road jersey is excellent as you can still get that star look from their pre-Edge days without actually replicating that jersey. The alternate is a good, safe, and classic alternate jersey. I would personally prefer white as the secondary colour on the home jersey. I think black numbers may be hard for the crowd and TV audiences to see. 8/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by D3troit1388)
If Quebec were still around, would they look something like this? First off, on both jerseys I would switch the colours of the arm stripes. I think it would help tie the hem stripes to the arms better. Also, I think it would be cool if the shoulder patch on the home jersey got the same background and outline treatment that the road shoulder patch got. Overall though this is a very solid look. 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Brandon C.)
I really like that home jersey and if the logos were switched then it would be perfect. That's just because personally I prefer the current primary logo. The road jersey is quite good as well, I just feel like I want the cuffs and hem to be black or to be removed. 8/10

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by WhiteLightning)
The home and road jerseys are quite nice. I prefer the idea of bringing back the old logo on a shoulder patch, as the Ducks have done. I think the numbers that White uses on the third jersey would be great on all of these as they help make the jerseys unique. I also like that White gave orange a bigger presence on the jersey that is the alternate. 8/10
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