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Thursday: Last Day For Votes

Today is the last day for Committee Members to get their COTW and June-COTY votes in. If we don't have a tie in the monthly vote then the 2nd Quarter Vote will begin tomorrow! The Semi-Finals HJC Open votes continue until Sunday.

COTW July 2-8 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
June-COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Open Semi-Final vote (end Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


This may matter to you and it may not, however I wanted to let anyone who's interested know that the daily posts are typically scheduled to post at 4:30pm EST each day.


I came across a couple of logos that I have personally been on the lookout for.

The first one is a generic Stanley Cup Final logo where I am able to add my own year in the banner.

The second logo is a large and clean version of this past season's All-Star Game logo in Ottawa.

Just though that I would share those with you.


Nashville Predators concepts (by WhiteLightning)
I'm not a fan of stretching the guitar strings out on the white jersey. Having a blue home sweater and a yellow road one is a cool idea, but I don't know if the NHL would allow it. There's not a rule anymore, but sometimes tradition can trump ideas. The piano socks are fun, but I think these home and road concepts are better suited as third jersey options. 7/10

Nashville Predators concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler suggests just making the current jerseys blue as the new third. The idea isn't terribly creative, but that helmet is. I'm not so sure about the yellow helmet. Would it look gaudy or would it be cool and unique like the yellow home sweater? 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Felix T.)
This concept looks like it has three different design elements on it that aren't working well together. The hem stripes, cuff stripes, and grey yokes don't really help each other. There are a few execution errors that need work such as the inside of the jersey needs to be coloured by the collar. The numbers also seems too small and there are no TV numbers. Check the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page for some tips. 5/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Matt C.)
I like this concept and with a few clean-ups it could be quite good. There's a loose pixel at the tips of the front collar and also on the front inside of the jersey, down by the hem. The laces have also disappeared in the white jersey. Check out the TUTORIALS link so that these errors can be corrected for next time. 6/10

Worchester Sharks concept (by MasonII)
Other than the logos and colours, this really doesn't seem like it should be a Sharks jersey. The curvy stripes just seem like they don't have any heart behind them. This is well executed, but I feel like any team could be slapped on this one. 7/10

Abbotsford Canucks concepts (by HJC)
Abbotsford has an AHL team, but they are the farm club of the Flames. It's not working there right now and people suggest that's because the team is in "Canucks' territory". It will never happen, but this is my idea for turning that team into the Canucks' farm team.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Stephen T.)
Using black as a secondary colour really makes these look quite dark. I would suggest making the bronze the secondary colour and trimming it with black. The logo on the blue jersey also needs some sort of outline. 6/10

Orlando Solar Bears concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Florida Panthers concept (by Brady)
Brady has modified the old 3rd jersey logo and has placed crossed sticks behind it. It's a cool idea, perhaps better suited as a shoulder patch? The logo is then placed on the retro red jersey. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Panthers brought that jersey back as a 3rd for the 2013-14 season. 7/10

Florida Panthers concepts (by WhiteLightning)
I'm not a fan of the black third jersey. It's mainly because I don't think of Miami (or Florida) as a dark place. The template for the home and road concepts works VERY well for the red jersey, but not that well for the white one. The colours on the white sweater may just need a bit of rearranging though. 7/10

Team Estonia concepts (by Joni)
I can safely say this is the first ever concept that HJC has gotten for Team Estonia (perhaps it will be the only one too?). You can see their current sweaters by clicking the link. I'd say Joni has done a nice job upgrading them and giving them a classic look. These are VERY well executed also. 8/10

Minnesota Wild concepts (by MasonII)
These are incredibly well executed and I can tell significant thought and time went into this concept. However, to me they just look like Predators sweaters in Wild colours. The jerseys aren't bad, but they belong to another team. 7/10
Thursday: Last Day For Votes Reviewed by Ryan on July 12, 2012 Rating: 5


Mason II said...

Joni's Team Estonia concept is great. If the NHL ever switched to the Swift template, that'd be a great look for the Tampa Bay Lightning too.

Justin said...

Ryan/HJC for COTW! The logos are pretty creative and I really like the colors and striping on all three jerseys.

Pangea48 said...

I would love to see someone do a Trenton Titans concept. COTW for me goes to the Solar Bears concept

Ryan said...

@Justin: Thanks

@Pangea48 : It's coming up soon.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Ryan for COTW, and thanks for the Nom and thanks to pangea48 for seconding me!

Tyler Gross said...

I'll second Ryan/HJC for COTW! Perfect for a Canucks minor team.

Tyler Gross said...

third* lol

Caz said...

On Tyler G's Preds concept, I don't think the yellow helmet would look bad, but it does remind me of a construction worker's hard hat.

Anonymous said...

To be entirely fair to the Wild jersey as a Preds jersey, the Preds jersey is really just a very slightly altered Blues jersey.

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