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Thursday: COTW Last Day & Stars Concepts

Don't forget to cast your vote for the COTW vote. If there is not a tie then the COTY-June vote should begin tomorrow! Also, HJC Open Round 2 voting is on now. Committee Members, here are your coloured voting reminders.
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Greater Western Sydney Giants concept (by Matt D.)
I like the transfer of the design, but I really feel like the hem stripes get in the way. I personally would have gone with just the arm stripes and sleeves. 7/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Stephen T.)
I get that he's trying to do something different with those arm stripes, but it just doesn't look like it's working, to me anyways. Also, on the numbers I'd like to see a thicker vintage white outline. Finally, the shading on the full player model needs to be done properly and not just left as is. 5/10

Hartford Whalers concept (by Tristan)
I like the idea, but the jersey seems very dark. I'd like to see some white numbers or outlines. Execution note, all the numbers are outlined in blue, but the NOB is outlined in black. 6/10

Elmira Jackals concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Helsingfors IFK (HIFK) Sm-liiga concepts (by Elias)
You can see the red version of this team's sweater here. Elias has changed the colours of the jersey to go with the logo colours. I prefer the red jersey, but Elias' concepts by themselves are quite good. The grey sweater looks the best. I really like and appreciate the authenticity with the ads on the jerseys. 8/10

Färjestads BK Elitserien concepts (by Kyle C.)
Färjestads currently wears green versions of the original Oilers Edge unis. Although judging by an article on their website they may be getting new sweaters this season (I don't know, I don't speak/read Swedish). So, obviously these are an improvement over the current set. The different shade of green used on the crest is intentional, but I think it might look better if there was a white outline. 7/10

Florida Panthers concepts (by Dmitri)
Dmitri has wrapped the arm stripes around the sleeves and has added hem stripes. I really like the adjustments on the white sweater, but not so much on the red one, but I don't know why. The blue alternate is very good though and my favourite of the three. 8/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by NB14)
The home and road sweaters look good, but I really have a tough time looking past those yokes. They're Bruins' yokes and I know it! I really like how NB has gone off the board a bit with that alternate. It fits the brand while looking nothing like the home and road. Nice work. 8/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Alan)
I really like everything about this concept! Yes, the logo is a bit pixelated, but Alan made some good choies putting it together. It just needs a professional's touch. I like all the stripes and I very much like the Texas outline logo in the arm stripes! COTW nom from me! 9/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Dylan)
This Stars 3rd jersey concept takes a little bit of inspiration from the green North Stars jersey of the 80's. I like the primary logo choice, but personally I would like to see the Texas outline shoulder patches. I do like that Dylan went with hem trim instead of stripes as it seems like lower stripes are handled nicely by the pants. 8/10

Winter Classic concepts (by Scott D.)
To start with, both concepts are really well executed. I like that Wings jersey and it would look great at The Big House on New Year's Day. I'd go with a red helmet though. Some people like the Leafs using the Arenas' sweater, but I'm not one of them. It's a little boring and I don't know if it would be commercially successful. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Colin)
This is what Colin would like to see his Canucks wear. This is his ideal jersey set. I love the home and road, but I'm not so sure about the green alternate. I think it would help if it had the same collar that the home jersey has. Also, I would like to see the jersey stripes together, not with green in between. 8/10

Ohio State Buckeyes concept (by Brady)
I really like this grey alternate sweater! It's hard to find anything I don't like about it. I would say that the stripes on the pants aren't needed. They may make the uniform too "stripe heavy". 8/10

Hawthorn Hawks concept (by Matt D.)
I look at this club's football uni and I think something really great could be done, as in a fauxback set. I do really like this hockey jersey that Matt has come up with. I think it would make an awesome third! When the NHL and CCM wanted sublimated designs for the initial 3rd jerseys in the 90's, this is the kind of stuff they should have come up with! 8/10
Thursday: COTW Last Day & Stars Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on July 05, 2012 Rating: 5


Elias R. said...

Matt D's Hawks concept for COTW.

Tyler Gross said...

Dylan for COTW, I wish the Stars would wear those...

Tex said...

THE Ohio State University concept is very good, my only complaint would be the primary crest, I would have preferred the block O or the buckeye leaf, but regardless, great job, Brady.

winnipegjets96 said...

Colin for COTW; I'm looking for constructive criticizim on my ECHL Redesgin, all ideas are welcome, Im almost done and just have 4 more concepts to go, well, 5 after I do Las Vegas's new logo

Colin said...

Second Dylan for COTW

those jackals concepts are pretty sweet. Simple and good. the white seems a bit bland to me, but has potential. Instead, I might go for a grey jersey with red stripes like you have, and an oversized red shoulder yoke.

Ricky said...

The new boys need to leave their jumpers behind. Unfortunately GWS needs to go a bit more different than this, but also the transformation should be similar. I did a Guernsey for them in my AFL jumper re-branding collection. , I put the logo inside a "narrow v" (you can find it under the "Lest We Forget" post). For that, a seven is in order.

The HFC had a much kinder transition, this one went really well - a total score of 9.0 for the trouble. I like how the stripes extend to the back, but at the same time I don't - otherwise it would be perfect!

Of course, I am waiting to see your concept for my Shinboners!

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