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Friday: Winners, Winners Everywhere!

The Concept of the Week winner for the week of July 2-8 is Justin with his Quebec Nordiques concept! You can see the winning concept of the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of Justin's runaway win.
Justin - 6
Dylan - 2
Brady - 1
Dmitri - 1
Matt D. - 1


We had another winner last night, the winner of the June-COTY vote was Colin! Colin beat out three entries from Scott M. to win the monthly vote. You can see Colin's winning entry on a link under the COTY 2012 tab. Here are the voting results.
Colin - 4
Scott M. (PORT) - 3
Scott M. (MIL) - 3
Scott M. (ANA) - 0

Colin's concept moves onto the 2nd Quarter Vote! That vote begins immediately. You can see the concepts that are in it listed on the side of the page. To see the actual entries, click on that banner or go to the COTY 2012 tab. This is a big vote, so we could use as many Committee Members as possible voting on it.


Not to be forgotten is the HJC Open Semi-Finals vote which continues to the end of Sunday. This is a big one too, so we need you to vote if haven't done so already.

Speaking of the HJC Open, I was thinking that it would be cool to have a logo for the champion. This isn't a contest, but if you want to do up a HJC Open Champion logo that would be cool. Send it in and I will choose my favourite. It's not required, but perhaps you would want to leave a space in the logo where the champion's name would be placed? The logo needs to be ready for the Monday, July 23 post. Below I have provided the HJC Open logo if needed. The word OPEN is written in an italicized font called "Silverado".


Committee Members, here are your voting reminders...
HJC Open Semi-Final votes (end Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
2nd Quarter Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by WhiteLightning)
I really like these, especially the idea of a gold alternate sweater returning. I like that gold helmet with it too. The home and road concepts look solid. I feel like I want to see a yoke on the white jersey, but it may just be my subconscious looking for the 92-93 jersey. The numbers wouldn't be what I chose, but they aren't bad. 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by MasonII)
This looks like Mason's version of the pre-Edge Penguins sweaters...but Edge'd. I really like them. However, I do prefer the classic logo and Robo-Penguin used as a shoulder patch. I also think that the shoulder patches on the black jersey need a white outline. 8/10

New Jersey Devils concept (by Matt C.)
The design of the jersey is okay, but execution errors bring this one down. The TV numbers have been placed incorrectly making it look like Parise wore #99 on the sleeves (TUTORIALS link). The laces and Reebok logo have been left yellow, from the jersey that has been re-coloured. Also, the primary logo gets lost in the jersey and needs a white outline. I also think the numbers and NOB need the same treatment. 6/10

Trenton Titans concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Felix T.)
This idea seems to be popular recently. This might be the third Captain America inspired Jackets concept I've seen. Because the red and white stripes are SO present, I like the idea of the small wordmark on the front. The numbers on the back look way too small and could use an outline. Execution error; the collar on the back has not been coloured. Also, save in JPG if you want, but I find PNG gives a much higher quality. 5/10

Moscow Wolves concepts (by Chuckie)
As far as the jerseys go, I like the colours and I like that the logos are grey. It goes with the colours well. The thing that holds these back is that we KNOW that the logo is a coyote. It has been firmly established as a coyote. Regardless of what you say, everyone knows this logo as a coyote, not a wolf. 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Brian B.)
I'm not a fan of gradients, as you could all probably guess. I find it overused here. I think I could accept it though if it was only on the arms or the chest, not both. I just thought also that a cool idea would have been to have the logo done in a gradient. Like this or not, it's well executed. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by HJC)
I look at this now and I see some things that I would like to change. I'd like to add some gold trim to outline the white arm stripes and link the rest of the jersey to the gold trimmed shoulder patches. I'd also like to decrease the size of the hem stripes. And now I see that it's going to look like I stole ideas from the next concept...

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Justin C.)
Here you go, Justin's got it right! I love everything about this one especially the sublimated laurel leaves in the gold stripes. Execution note though, on the back of the jersey the stripes should be going in the other direction if they're supposed to form a complete circle around the stripe. 8/10

OHL Winter Classic Game 1 concepts (by D3troit1388)
On December 29th the Saginaw Spirit will play the Windsor Spitfires in the first of two OHL outdoor games that day at Comerica Park. I like that D3troit has made the Spitfires' sweater in the style of the Caps, which is typical of the team right now. He's also made if blue and white, which is also typical of them. The Spirit jersey is definitely classic enough for me, but I feel like I want some colour on the yokes or the collars. These are great either way though. 8/10

Calgary Hitmen concepts (by WhiteLightning)
I totally agree with White here that the Hitmen should be in black and pink! Maybe it's just because I'm an old wrestling fan who really liked Bret Hart and the fact that the team was named after him. Agree or disagree? I typically like matching jerseys in a set. So, looking at these individually I love the promotion of the black jersey to full-time status. The white jersey looks cool I just would like to see a bit of a cleaner look on that "spikey" design. 8/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by MasonII)
Mason gives the Flames a simplified look that I think most of us would like to see. I think a lot of the possible character that these jerseys could have has been taken away by not using the current numbers and going with a traditional block font. 7/10
Friday: Winners, Winners Everywhere! Reviewed by Ryan on July 13, 2012 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

WhiteLightning's Calgary Hitmen concepts for the COTW!

Pangea48 said...

Jets Titans concept for COTW! Awesome execution on trenton's current jersey. I also love that he replaced the black "Trenton" jersey and subbed the "Capital Dome" jersey with the Clash logo. (Can't you tell I'm a season ticket holder/intern for Trenton?)

Kyle C. said...

Brian B's Hurricanes for COTW. I usually don't like gradients, but this one works for me.

Tyler Gross said...

Justin C. for COTW!

Justin said...

Thank you to everyone who voted for me! Also about the laurel leaves on mine. I figured with the seam separating the front and back, the stripes would just start again because of the separation.

MMcG said...

wouldn't it make more sense to have stars on the Saginaw jersey and pants instead of the Windsor Spirtfire's jersey and pants?

Ricky said...

What is the number font used for the year in the HJC Open logo?

Ryan said...

Adobe Gothic Std Bold

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