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Friday: June-COTY Vote!

Scott M. has won his third COTW vote in the last 4 weeks! Scott's Ducks concept won this time around and you can see it on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of the vote.

Scott M.  -5
Justin - 3
Nevill - 3
Matt M. - 2
Brian B. - 1
D3troit1388 - 0


Scott's concept now moves onto the June-COTY vote. Those entrants are listed on the side of the page and as you can see Scott's success has earned him three of the four spots! You can see all of those concepts by clicking on that banner or by going to the COTY 2012 tab. Committee Members, you can vote on this until Thursday.

Voting also continues for Round 2 of the HJC Open. Sunday is the last day to vote for those match-ups.

HJC Open Round 2 votes (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTY-June vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


North Melbourne Kangaroos concept (by Matt D.)
Vertical stripes have a hard time working on a hockey jersey. So, I like how Matt turned those three stripes into the arm and hem stripes. I think a small cool thing would have been to have cuff trim to match the ribbed arm slots on the football uni. 7/10

Canucks Not Whales (Kirk H.)
Kirk wanted me to let you all know about his little project which hopes that the Canucks move away from the orca logo. Check out his site here. I find it difficult to promote this when he hasn't updated the blog in two weeks. Kirk hopes his movement will be as popular as the Sabres Not Slugs crusade.

Baltimore Blades concepts (by NB14)
The Blades only lasted about half a season in the WHA. I find these concepts to be about as exciting as the Blades' time in the league. The numbers are too thin and small in my opinion. Combine that with a lack of shoulder patches and these look too bare. 5/10

South Carolina Stingrays concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 7/10

Alaska Aces concepts (by Chris Z.)
These aren't as exciting as their current jerseys, but I could dig the home and away as fauxbacks. These look like what the Aces would wear if they were in the WHA. The state flag in the map isn't really working for me as a logo on the third. 6/10

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Ian)
The home and road concepts are really good ideas. The logo on the white jersey does look like it has quite a few loose pixels around it though. It might just be me, but I really don't like that third jersey in red. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concepts (by Deferoiler)
The home and road concepts are pretty decent, with the white jersey being my favourite. I would leave the coloured namebar to the Flyers though. Nothing about the alternate looks good to me though. The stripes aren't great, the wordmark is too weak and the number font just doesn't match up well. It also belongs to the Avs. 6/10

Chicago Bears concept (by Tyler G.)
This is two classic organizations having a beautiful "jersey baby", haha. Seriously, this looks cool. I think I'd prefer the Bears' numbers to be used, but it looks good either way. 8/10

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Jeremy T.)
For starters, the numbers on the back need another outline of the darker blue this time. They're really getting lost in the stripes right now. I'm not a fan of chest stripes anymore, but I'll move past that. I'd like to see the chevrons on the sleeves match the colour order of the other jersey stripes. 7/10

Boston Bruins concept (by Brady)
Brady has taken the 1925-26 sweater and has added the current secondary logo as the primary crest. He's also chosen to go with yellow numbers instead of brown. It's a nicely executed throwback jersey. I also like the new socks that Brady came up with for this one. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Bobby P.)
The red jersey looks decent, but I think the shoulder patches need a white outline. The white jersey would look cool, but I'm not enjoying the red yokes. They make the jersey look like something you could pick up at Wal-Mart for $20. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Tristan)
I found myself looking at this and assuming that I wouldn't like it. I then was trying to find things I didn't like. After a bit I realized that I do in fact like this concept! It has some unique elements with the numbers and it really gives off a "heritage" look. I would like to see those player numbers closer together though and perhaps a solid colour collar. 8/10

Brisbane Lions concept (by Matt D.)
The hockey jersey doesn't look much like the football uni. However, it does look good. I really enjoy jersey stripes like these. The player numbers on the back seem to be too close though as their outlines are melting into each other. 8/10
Friday: June-COTY Vote! Reviewed by Ryan on July 06, 2012 Rating: 5


Ricky said...

My favorite Kangas got the royal treatment here, the numbers could be of different font, but the outline helps that a bit. A nine I believe is in order here.

It's ironic that Brisbane is paired with the Roos here. In 1996 at season's end, the Brisbane Bears did North a favor by merging with the Fitzroy Lions. North had been in merger talks with Fitzroy the longest. The North Fitzroy Kangaroos seemed likely for the 1997 season. But Fitzroy and Brisbane became the Brisbane Lions instead.

I like what's been done. But the deal breaker here is the lack of blue. I do realize that this is a white jersey, but the blue would help the gold stand out a bit better. Seven from me on this.

Elias R. said...

As a Canucks fan, I don't mind the whale. In my opinion, the Johnny Canuck logo should stay as a shoulder patch, or maybe a third jersey logo. If they were to go in a different direction, I'd rather have the stick in rink logo or the skate logo.

winnipegjets96 said...

I agree with Elias, while I think the whale logo isn't the best, and it deffs looks better in the pre-edge colours, but I think that the skate logo is best! maybe not the best colours but it's the best logo

Steven Grant said...

I also agree with Elias and jets96. The whale isn't that bad, and the Canucks just need to stick with the same jerseys for a while.

I'm also a Canucks fan.

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