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June 30, 2012

Weekend Updates: FHS Concepts

Earlier this month I was contacted by Jeff who is the Athletic Director and a hockey coach at Fredericton High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is a reader of the blog and was interested in getting a new sweater made for his high school team. He also was looking at possibly getting a new logo. Jeff thought some HJC concept artists could submit some ideas, and they did. Here are the concepts that came in along with Jeff's comments on them (in italics). I will also leave my rating and all of these concepts are COTW eligible, if you choose to nominate one.


Took me a few seconds to realise what was attached to the F. I really like the creativity. Some people thought the claw marks took away from the F logo. Not a big fan of the Reebok jerseys. They are a little too plain, especially the white ones.

Eric W.
Not a big fan of the jerseys themselves. I still don't know what is going on with the logo. Extra credit for the research to find actual players names and numbers.

Fabio B.
Definitely the most modern and cutting edge concepts we received. I like the jerseys, the BK logo, and the Black Kats Logo. The Kat head logo is hard to get used to but definitely well done. Might be considered for a 3rd jersey. In the top 5.

Jake B.
Logo looks more like a bear. Reminds me of the Alberta Golden Bears logo.

Justin C.
Nice try with the logo but it is very cartoon like. Shoulder patch is not too bad. The jersey itself is ok.

Matt D.
Too much yellow and not enough white. Not a fan of the silhouette face of the Kat.

Matt M.
One of my favourites. Looked better once he flip the Kat head to look the other way. I Like the classic look of the jersey. Definitely one that will be considered. 

Ryan (HJC)
I like the classic look of all the jerseys. The color and striping on all of the jerseys is well done and I would use any of them as a base for a jersey. The SP touch adds to the quality. The top left lettering remind me of the UNB Varsity Reds team here in Fredericton. My overall favourite in this set would be the top right. These are in the top choices as well.

Ryan P.
Poorly done and I don't like the logo at all. Not to the standard of what I would consider a Pro Style jersey.

WinnipegJets96 (x2)
The jersey is a Bruins jersey and should remain so. It says "Bear" when you look and the striping. Logo is nothing new.

Again not a fan of the jersey and the F logo looks like it is pixalated even thought it is not.

Love the jerseys especially the black. The colors work better on this Reebok white jersey. The logo are good but the claw marks look more like lightning bolts. The Kat head looks like a wolf more then a kat. Great layout and description.

Thomas L.
I like all of these. Classic. The FHS ones are similar to ones we have had in the past but the jersey, especially the black looks great. I like the circle logo. Will be one to be considered.


Jeff invites anyone to alter their concept, or come up with a new idea, and send it in. He also has said earlier that they MIGHT be able to get a jersey made for the chosen artist IF they go with a concept that is sent in. They are also more likely to get a white jersey this year, as that is how their rotation currently works.

Even if you didn't send in a concept before you are welcome to. There are a few things that NEED to be followed though;
- a NEW logo
- use the colours of the Boston Bruins
- team name is the Black Kats

You can send your concepts to

June 29, 2012

Friday: A COTW Winner

The COTW for the week of June 18-24 is Colin. The is Colin first ever COTW win, but I think there may be a few more in the future. You can see his winning Canucks concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.
Colin - 4
Justin - 3
Brandon C. - 3
Dylan - 3


A voting reminder for Committee Members, the HJC Open Round 1 vote is ongoing. In case that wasn't clear enough here comes the highlighted version.
HJC Open Round 1 votes (end Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Carlton Blues concept (by Matt D.)
Matt has decided to do a concept series for the AFL (Australian Football League), which is Australian rules football. I don't know anything about the AFL and its teams, so I can only comment on how the jerseys look. These look simple and classic, which seems fitting considering their actual uniform. 8/10

Colorado Eagles concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 8/10

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Tristan)
The sublimated shoulder patches are good, but the black in the logo and collar really make this jersey even darken than it has to be. I get using the Avs numbers, but they fit the Avs not the Nordiques. Execution errors include loose pixels at the tips of the collar and more loose pixels in the laces. 6/10

Las Vegas Gamblers concepts (by Chuckie)
I would like to see something on the hem of the jerseys. Considering Las Vegas is always buzzing with activity, I feel like the jerseys should as well. I also think the logo is bad as a primary and more fitting as a shoulder patch. The logo on the 3rd jersey is better. 6/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Ryan P.)
Another black version of their current sweater. I feel like the numbers could use an orange outline. Also, the black in the logo does not match the black used on the jersey. Finally, there are a lot of loose pixels around the logo. Take a look at the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page for a lot of helpful tips. 5/10

New Jersey Devils concept (by NB14)
I kind of like this jersey, especially the double trimmed cuffs. I think the logo needs to be bigger and have an outline. Right now I can't tell if it's supposed to be the usual logo or a white circle with NJ in it. 7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Stephen T.)
Stephen has used the jerseys from the 70's and 80's and it's funny how he's done "a Harold Ballard" and used same colour names on the jerseys. 7/10

Essendon Bombers concept (by Matt D.)
I like how Matt has angled the stripes. It sort of makes it look like the plane has ripped through a black jersey, revealing a red one underneath. One problem, it seems, would be that the numbers on the back are too close together. 8/10

Evansville Icemen concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 6/10

Hartford Whalers concepts (by MasonII)
Looks like Mason has the Coyotes moving to Hartford. I don't see Hartford getting a team now that Baldwin had his agreement with the Whale and Rangers ended only two years into in. Anyways, I like these jerseys, but I have always preferred the Whalers in green, not blue. Very nicely executed. 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers Nascar concept (by Kevin D.)
This is a first on HJC. Kevin has submitted a Nascar with Flyers styling on it. It looks real, like it would totally be accepted making left turns for a few hours with some other cars. I would like to see the typical Flyers numbers instead of the ones used. 8/10

Ottawa 67's concepts (by Nevill)
Nevill has kept the home and road jerseys the same and then he's re-introduced the black alternate jersey from the early 2000's. I guess this is Nevill's ideal 67's set. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tyler G.)
This one is based on the Hawks' jersey from their first season. He's simplified the yokes though, which wasn't a bad choice. It would be really cool to see the Hawks step on the ice for a Classic in these. Especially as the road team or "bad guys". These look like great "bad guys" sweaters! Very nicely executed. 8/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by D3troit1388)
They're simple and somewhat predictable, but is there really anything wrong with the Stars wearing these? No, they're damn near perfect for the Stars! The only small adjustment I would make would be to go with a black and gold trim on the collars instead of just black. COTW nom from me! 8/10


Come back tomorrow (Saturday) around 2:00pm EST, for a Weekend HJC post!

June 28, 2012

Thursday: HJC Open Voting & Last Day COTW Voting

The voting for the first round of the HJC Open is now on! You can click the banner at the top of the page to see the match-ups with the links to the entries. Or you can go to the HJC OPEN page and there will be a link to the match-ups at the top. Committee Members have until 11:59pm EST on Sunday. Remember, you are allowed to vote for yourself.


In all the hoopla of the HJC Open the COTW vote has taken a little bit of a backseat. Today is the last day to cast your vote for that. So, while your making your Open votes why not place your COTW vote as well!


Committee Members, here is your voting rundown...
COTW June 18-24 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
HJC Open Round 1 votes (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Johannesburg Jaguars concepts (by Chuckie)
I'm sorry. I'm trying, but I can't bet past the fact that it's a Jacksonville Jaguars logo. I also find hockey in Johannesburg hard to believe as well. As for the concepts they are decently executed, but the completely white uniform is a little gimmicky. 5/10

Nashville Predators concepts (by Stephen T.)
The re-colouring of the logo is a major downgrade. I get that the jerseys are playing off of the old 3rd jersey, but they look a bit boring. Also, the shading needs to be properly executed on the full body models. 5/10

Bakersfield Condors concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concepts. 7/10

Oakland Seals concept (by Tristan)
It's an Edge-ified Seals jersey. Execution is alright. Why did the logo lose all of its outlines? The laces have loose pixels in them and there are loose pixels at the tip of the collar. 6/10

Kings vs Devils concepts (by Ricky)
On the Kings jerseys, the colours throw me off a bit. There's black trim on the purple jersey, but not really on the white jersey. Then again on the purple jersey the yokes and big crown are yellow, but on the white they are different colours. The Devils jerseys are okay, but I think the logo on the cuffs would be irrelevant as it would get covered by the players' gloves. Also, these busy backgrounds make the image seem cluttered. 6/10

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Brandon C.)
These are nice, classic, and simple fauxback Kings sweaters. The white collar works for me on the yellow jersey, but not on the purple one for some reason. I think the reverse coloured logo on the yellow jersey would have worked better. I like that Brandon put the time into altering a live action photo. 7/10

Washington Capitals concept (by Jeremy T.)
I'm not a fan of the two different sleeve designs, but this one is alright. I'd go without the fade on the back though and just have it cut off at the stitching. I'd also go with 3 stars on the sleeve instead of 5. 7/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by Kevin D.)
Kevin has altered the home and road jerseys a bit. It's a lateral move in my opinion, but not bad. The new 3rd jersey is quite good! I think white numbers with a thick red outline would work better though. 8/10

Adirondack Phantoms concepts (by NB14)
I like these, but I do think they need something on the hems. I also think that the purple on the collar gets lost unless you use orange with it. These are very nicely executed though.7/10

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies concept (by Brady)
Because of how "flashy" the gradients are I think using plain black pants would be best here. I'm not really a fan of gradients, but if they HAD to be on there then Brady has done a nice job here. Also to note, the player that Brady has put on the jersey is a former teammate of his who was drafted by the Huskies. 7/10

Las Vegas Wranglers concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler Edge-ified the late 80's Penguins jersey, but has gone with white numbers using two thin outlines. This is really well executed. 7/10

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by MasonII)
I like these because they seem like a more traditional simplification of the current Ducks sweaters. On the black jersey, instead of going with two gold stripes I think making the stripe closest to the cuff black would look better. These are still great and well executed. 8/10

New York Americans concept (by Brian B.)
This is excellent. I love the stars on the angled yokes and I even like the red on the sides of the jersey! The simple stripes on the pants are nice too. I think some stars going down the side of the pants would really add to this concept. COTW nom from me! 8/10

June 27, 2012

Wednesday's Concepts

Tonight at 11:59pm EST is the deadline for Round 1 HJC Open entries. As of this posting (4:00pm EST) there are still EIGHT entries that have yet to come in. Those people need to make sure that their entry is in my inbox by the deadline, tonight.


Committee Members, don't forget to get your vote in for the COTW vote!
COTW June 18-24 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Team Japan concept (by Stephen T.)
This is a cool design for a Japanese national team. The only item that I don't care for is the coloured knit underneath the arms. 7/10

Houston HC concepts (by Chuckie)
Essentially Chuckie has taken the uniforms of the MLS' Houston Dynamo and applied them to a fictional hockey team. This may have too many ties to the soccer club for people to accept it as a hockey team. They may just dismiss this team and say, "Whatever, they're just trying to be the soccer team". I also notice that Chuckie has given himself credit for adding a HC underneath an already existing wordmark. That doesn't constitute creating a logo. 6/10

Seattle Spartans concepts (by Deferoiler)
I find the jerseys to be too boring. If a new Seattle team had a big reveal for these, I would be very disappointed and I don't think they would get too many peoples attention. I would suggest different shades of red and green and some more stripes on the jerseys. 5/10

Atlanta Thrashers concepts (by MasonII)
This seems to be an idea that people like, reviving the Thrashers in the AHL. I don't agree, as pro hockey has been tried twice in Atlanta and both times Atlanta has rejected it. Anyways, the unis are excellent and very well executed. 8/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by Caz) *Description on concept. 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Kirk T.)
I could definitely see the red jersey working with the grey pants. I don't know if the white one would though. The jerseys themselves are good, but I personally would like to see the hurricane flag, or the pattern, or some shoulder patches. 7/10

Toronto Blue Jays concepts (by Nevill)
Nevill has done a really great job transferring the Jays' uniforms to a hockey sweater! I would buy any of these. Of course if the Jays sold them it would be a little insulting to the team as it would insinuate that sports can't sell in Toronto unless hockey is involved. Not true! 8/10

New York Rangers concepts (by NB14)
The alternate is good, but I think the wordmark and number underneath could be bigger. The home and road jerseys have a cool design also, but again I would think a bigger logo would work. 7/10

Connecticut Whale concept (by Scott M.)
On the same day that the Rangers ended their deal with the owners of the Whale (not the team, just the owners), Scott gets this "Pink in the Rink" concept posted. It's nice work and what you would expect from a pink jersey. That logo looks even worse in pink though! 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brandon C.)
These are good, but Florida Panthers good. Which means we can accept them and that they don't suck, but you could do much better. Of course compared to the black football sweaters they have now, these are great. 7/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road concepts are perfect, get them on those players now! The alternate isn't great though. I think as a jersey set these would be better off without an alternate than this one. I don't mind the idea of a football inspired jersey in Dallas, but with obvious hockey elements. 8/10

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kevin D.)
I like the jerseys, especially the home blue one. On the backs, it may be the same font but I don't think that the NOB font goes well with these numbers. On a second look, maybe it's because the numbers look so big and thus it seems as if the NOB is getting crushed. 7/10

Sarnia Sting concepts (by Dylan A.)
Dylan won the Sting's 3rd jersey competition (jersey on the top left, different logo will be used) and he wanted to create a complete set using his jersey as the basis. They are all very excellent, I have no complaints about any of them. If I had to pick favourites, it would be the top row. 9/10