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May 31, 2012

Thursday Concepts

Today is the last day for Committee Members to get their COTW vote in. You still have until Sunday to get your Relocation Top 5 votes in.
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Sherbrooke Phoenix concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concept. 7/10

Hamilton Bulldogs concepts (by Elias)
Elias brings back the blue version of the Habs jersey, but he's made it a full-time sweater. They're definitely better than the current sweaters and they do a nicer job linking the team to the Canadiens. I personally, would like to see some unique Bulldogs marks. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Deferoiler)
The jersey idea is decent, but I think white numbers instead of gold would be better. I'm not digging the completely red socks, the arm stripe pattern would be good on a black sock. The shoulder patches on the back of the jersey are also upside-down. 5/10

Freed Hardeman University concepts (by Caz)
From a quick Google image search, it looks like this school doesn't have a hockey team. So, these would be great "introductory" sweaters! They look great and are executed very nicely. I like the NOB font, which looks like a traditional block font, but adds a touch of character. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by 604)
Another idea of what the Canucks could do with the Vancouver Millionaires brand is to combine it with their own for a new look specialty sweater. These look really good, but I'm not a fan of the coloured namebar. It just seems too trendy right now. 8/10

Shawinigan Cataractes concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concept. 7/10

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Elias)
I really, really like these. I think they're nearly perfect. To me, the only missing element is the Jets logo as shoulder patches. I like that Elias gave them a styled collar, but didn't use laces. 8/10

New York Rangers concepts (by Brady)
Brady created his own Rangers logo and included his sketch, which was cool! The jerseys that accompany the logo are excellent as well. 9/10

Dallas Stars concepts (by Steven G.)
Looking at these makes me think that Dallas doesn't need third and fourth colours. Green and white really looks quite good. Even the logo looks better in two colours. I really hope that Dallas can simplify things, like this, if they ever decide to change their sweaters. 9/10

Indianapolis Racers concepts (by Matt M.)
Matt wanted to submit his WHA ReDesign entry, from a few months ago, (I think it won, did it not?) so that it can be eligible for a nomination. The colours work great together and placing the logo inside of a circle is a nice simple update. My small problem would be with the jersey stripes not going over top of the stitching, but I'm fairly certain that I am the only one who that bothers. Anyways, this is really solid and I'll give Matt his COTW nomination! 8/10

May 30, 2012

Wednesday: Game 1 Tonight!

Game 1 of the Cup Final goes tonight in New Jersey. I did this last year and thought it was pretty cool, so here is an image of what Game 1 would have looked like as it does this year in 2012, 2002, 1992, and 1982.
Which one do you think looks best? I'm kind of leaning towards this year with '92 as a runner-up.


A reminder that picks for the HJC Playoff Pool need to be posted by 11:59pm EST tonight to count. Even if you didn't get in on the first three rounds leave your pick and show everyone how smart you are. Just go to the PLAYOFFS tab and leave a comment at the bottom.


The amount of votes coming in for both the NYI Comp and the COTW have been really great. Keep it up Committee Members.
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Rimouski Oceanic concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Elias)
These are really cool. I think one of these would be a great alternate to their current sweaters. 8/10

Minnesota Wild concept (by Deferoiler)
The idea of the jersey is good. There are some execution errors such as the lack of TV numbers. Also, the logo looks like it's been skewed and stretched to the point that you can't tell that it's supposed to be trees as the negative space inside the M. 6/10

Toronto Marlies concepts (by Shaun)
Shaun has put the Marlies in the current Leafs jerseys. I really like the alternate jersey he's come up with. I think that would be perfect for the Marlies considering the Leafs' current 3rd. I also appreciate that Shaun took the time to apply the accurate AHL marks to the jerseys. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Tyler)
Everything is going really well on this jersey except for the yoke stripes, in my opinion. They make the jersey seem too busy. Without them, this would be quite a good concept. 7/10

Princeton Tigers concepts (by Brady)
I like the idea of the tiger stripes on this jersey. However I personally would use them either on just the arms or just the logo and numbers. Cool idea though. 7/10

Houston Aeros concepts (by Elias)
I get that the colours are supposed to match the Wild's (parent club). However, they look more like an 80's Devils farm team. Execution looks really good though. Perhaps wheat instead of white would help make a better connection between the two teams. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Stephen T.)
Oh geez, that's a lot of laurel leaves. I think it might be better if they stopped at the red arm stripe, or at least the one above. I also think that the black numbers would barely be legible from the stands. Execution is farily good. 6/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Jesper)
These are near perfect. Perhaps more red and less black on the road jersey would be good? The design is what I think people want to see from the Sens. 8/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Matt M.)
Again, we have another near perfect Sens concept! The design is excellent and I like how Matt has used the current number font. I prefer the shade of gold from the previous concept, but I also prefer the primary logo that Matt has used. COTW nom from me. 9/10

Columbus Generals concepts (by Avi)
Avi wants to give the Columbus franchise a complete overhaul. I really like the colours he's chosen and the design of the jerseys is just my style. I get that the logo is supposed to take hints from the Ohio state flag, but the circle in the middle didn't NEED to be red. I think it still could have worked being gold, blue or white. 8/10

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 7/10

May 29, 2012

Tuesday: Free Underwear

If you have a subscription to The Hockey News you know where this story is going. Mailed with the current edition of THN was a free pairs of boxer-briefs! Free underwear, what an odd giveaway, but I'll take it. The way the packaging describes them, they should be the Reebok Edge version of underwear. Anyways...


I noticed with A LOT of entries into the NYI Relocation Comp, that people were having trouble following HJC's Logo Use Policy. Here it is...

"HJC's policy, when submitting concepts, is if you use any concept that isn't yours you must give credit ON the image(s) you send in. For example, if you use a logo concept that you did not draw you must give the person who did draw it credit on your image. To credit properly you should find the name of the artist. If that can't be found, you must write the link, to the image that you used, on your concept. If neither of those can be done then don't use the concept. Citation is not needed when using former and current logos from commonly known sports teams."

If you are going to use someone else's concept logo, put the effort in and try and find out that person's name or online tag before you just slap the link on there. Using a link as a credit should only be done when the artist's name can't be found.


This weekend I was able to grab a couple of tickets to Game 5 (June 10) of the AHL Calder Cup Final between the Toronto Marlies and the Norfolk Admirals. With all of the injuries that the Marlies have there's no way they're beating Norfolk, who won 28 straight games at one point this season. My pick is Admirals in 5 or 6. I'll try to take some pics and post them on Twitter as I take them and then here.


It's good to see more people voting. We got a good start on the NYI Comp and COTW voting. Keep it up.
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Edmonton Eagles concepts (by Chuckie)
I think the hints of the Oilers and Capitals are too obvious to think of this as a "concept team". However, the execution is pretty good. 7/10

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Elias)
The whale skin print on the arms is very clever. It would also be cool if it could somehow appear on the socks. On the green jersey, I think the logo could use a white outline. 8/10

P.E.I. Rocket concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Nick & NB14)
I like the idea of getting a lightning bolt somewhere on the sweater, but I think on the side panels it would never get noticed. The basic striping pattern is good, but the guitar strings on the numbers should have been removed. 6/10

Washington Capitals concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Here's a popular mash-up amongst concept artists. Jets96 has explained what he's done on his concept. The execution looks quite good. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)
Everything looks really good on this one. It's new, but classic and yet you know it's a Pens jersey from the colours. My small nitpicks are the thin white cuffs which I'm not a fan of here and the outline on the primary logo, which looks too thick to me. 8/10

Toronto Marlies concepts (by Elias)
Interesting that Elias chose to feature the lighter blue ahead of the Leafs' blue. They look pretty good. I would have liked to of seen the reversed colours logo used on the blue jersey. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concept (by Nick)
The logo used as the primary here is better suited as a shoulder patch, in my opinion. There are also some loose pixels around the "O" shoulder patches that need to be cleaned up. 6/10

Calgary Flames concept (by HJC)
As you can see, I called this Flames concept an "ashes" concept. It might be better suited as a fan jersey. I used the two shades of black to give the jersey some character and not just have it be a black jersey.

London Knights concepts (by GKennedy)
London wore their green 3rd jerseys (shown on concept) in their Memorial Cup runner-up playoff push. GKennedy wanted to do something to differentiate them from the Leafs. I think he's done a really nice job of that. All this could use is some TV numbers. 8/10

Quebec Remparts concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concept. 9/10

Washington Capitals concept (by Justin)
It might be too early, but I think this is an instant candidate for Concept of the Year. I love everything about this concept. From the colours right to the presentation. It has earned my first ever... 10/10 and a COTW nom!

May 28, 2012

Week of May 28 to June 3, 2012

Sorry for the late post folks. Had a lot going on today, but better late than never!


Here is the last entry into the New York Islanders Relocation Competition.

Relocation entry (by Stephen T.)

HJC Voting Committee Members can now begin to vote for their Top 5 entries. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the NYI COMP tab for all the voting details and to see all the entries. Voting ends on Sunday.


The HJC Facebook page is currently acting up. It seems to think that links from Blogspot are spam. I can't do anything about it until it's fixed. For those that rely on the Facebook page, all I can say is that posts are usually up by 4:30pm EST everyday.


The HJC Playoff Pool moves on. Heading into the Final, it's a duel between Caz and WinnipegJets96. Caz leads Jets96 by 3 points. Go to the PLAYOFFS tab and get your picks in before Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.


The COTW nominees have been listed. You can see those entries by clicking the banner on the side of the page. Or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Committee Members can vote until Thursday.

Here are your voting reminders...
COTW May 21-27 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
NYI Relocation Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


Bridgeport Sound Tigers concepts (by Elias)
I think the jerseys and their colours are excellent. What are your thoughts, does a farm team need to look somewhat like their parent club? Do they need to have some link, visually speaking? Or do you like a farm team that has its own identity? 8/10

Halifax Mooseheads concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

Detroit Wheels concepts (by Chuckie)
Here's another entry into Chuckie's fantasy teams. I'm not on board with the name change here. These look like Red Wings concepts and nothing else. Really not much of a "fantasy" team. I think that black jersey looks really slick though. 6/10

Chicago Express concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 has applied the now defunct team's look onto the Nike Swift template. They're decent, but I miss the arm stripes that match the hem stripes. If you kept the solid colour panel under the arms and added the stripes this really would look "Swift-ified"(?). 7/10

Chicago Wolves concepts (by Elias)
Another Chicago minor league team, but this one is for the Wolves. Elias makes a visual connection with the parent club, the Canucks. It's too bad he got rid of that classic wolf logo. If that could have been re-coloured with blue and green then these would be solid. 7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by MasonII)
The home and road jerseys are a really great combination of the current and pre-Edge looks! No complaints with those. The alternate isn't for me though. I may have liked it better if the stripes from the hem weren't there. Home and road concepts are solid enough for a COTW nom! 8/10

Moncton Wildcats concepts (by Kevin) *Description on concepts. 8/10

May 27, 2012

Sunday: Last of the Islanders Entries?

Here are what may be the last of the Islanders Relocation Competition Entries.

Islanders Relocation Entries

Relocation entry (by Matt R.)
Relocation entry (by Ricky)
Relocation entry (by HJC)
Relocation entry (by Thallos)

The deadline for entries is 11:59pm EST tonight (Sunday)

Tomorrow's post (Monday's post) will probably not be up until later in the evening.