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Live Blog III: 2012 Winter Classic

That was a decent game. Refereeing was odd at the end! Rangers come out on top 3-2. My 3 stars: Rupp, Lundqvist, Giroux. Thanks for stopping in and taking part in the Live Blog. Back to usual ways tomorrow. Don't forget to vote for COTW and get your 3rd jersey entries in!

The more I see the Flyers sweaters on the ice, the better I think they look. I think it's a good choice making them the 3rd jersey for next season.

The last jersey collection of the day comes from Canucks fan Connor.Connor gets his jersey numbered with his own name on a few of these. What are everyone's thoughts on that? I hear some people say it's stupid because you don't play for the team. I say it's ok because it's fun to see your own name on a NHL jersey. Thoughts?

Here we get D3troit1388's jersey collection.I always liked the Wings' Classic jersey, but not enough to add it to my collection. I really like all of the pre-Edge jerseys in this collection. I wonder if he got the Islanders new 3rd jersey for $13 last week?

CBC just reported that Detroit is really pushing for the Classic next season. Washington is also a possibility. New York's Yankee Stadium being the leading candidate for 2014.

Flyers HAVE to get the next goal because Bobrovsky looks bad...really bad!

Justin has the entire Avs Edge jersey set. As well as a pre-Edge jersey signed by many players. He also has a jersey that I am looking to get, but I can't find it anymore, the Canucks 40th anniversary jersey.

The Rangers looked pathetic in the first 25-30 minutes of this game and now they have come on strong and lead 3-2!!!

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Brandon C.)
Here's my COTW nomination for the day! I really like these and the leaping coyote logo looks pretty good as a primary crest. Nice work Brandon.

Rupp ties the game at 2! He came to play tonight.

I guess I'll share my jersey collection now.
Obviously this one is going to be Leafs heavy. My favourite of the collection is the game used #59 Keith Aulie Leafs jersey. My jersey collection is always available by clicking the banner on the right.

3rd period is underway and here are a couple of Flyers concepts from Glen.
I think the combo of original and current Edge jerseys are pretty cool. However, I'm not sold on the different shades of orange on both jerseys.

Here is Stephen's jersey collection.
It features Penguins jerseys, including on of my favourites, the "Sunday Golds". Also, that Czech Republic jersey I believe was a free giveaway from certain Penguins games just before the 2002 Olympic games.

After 2 it's 2-1 Flyers.

CSKA KHL concept (by Luis)
A classic jersey for a classic team formerly known as "the Red Army". This is the team known for playing the Habs to a 3-3 tie back in the 70's. Could have used this concept a couple of months ago for the CSKA ReDesign.

No comments in over 90 minutes. You guys still there?

Brendan's jersey collection.
This one includes Devils jerseys, including a home, pre-Edge road, and Edge retro sweater. The main piece is the signed Brodeur jersey!

Rangers come right back with one. 2-1, they needed that because they looked dead!

2-0 Flyers. Giroux with a beaut!

Here is Alan's jersey collection.
I love the yellow Canucks sweater. I was very close to buying one this Christmas. The Jets home jersey seems to be most popular this season!

1-0 Flyers! Brayden Schenn. It's been a tight game, Rangers better start working 10x harder!

Here's Tyler's jersey collection.
Cool note, he ordered the Preds jersey from Shop.NHL.com and it came without a Reebok logo or wordmark on the back. Also, he's a Leafs fan in Edmonton. That's right, we're everywhere!

Where should next season's Winter Classic be? Who should be the opponent?

Penn State concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
From what I know, Penn State's football unis are known as simple and classic. While these do look good, perhaps simple and classic would be a good way to go for these concepts. Simple like the Lightning or Leafs.

Kyle is in the process of stocking his jersey collection with Kings jerseys.
Personally, I'm looking for the current purple and gold retro jerseys that the Kings have worn the last couple of seasons.

Check out Jay's Christmas gift.
An authentic Winnipeg Jets home jersey! Love it! I'm very close to becoming a collector of only authentic's. I'm really getting pissed with Reebok's stupid cheap games they play.

Rochester Americans concepts (by Alan)
Alan took his DHL entry and turned it into the Americans of the AHL. My favourite part of the concepts is the use of the larger yokes used with the American flag.

End of the 1st period and there's still no score. The next jersey collection comes from Kevin, who works for the Flyers Team Store and is at the ballpark right now selling over priced Reebok merchandise.
Obviously his collection is Flyers heavy and seeing as he works at the team store, jerseys are readily available to him.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Torin)
What ruins this pretty good concept is the terribly pixelated logo. Also, red socks? Perhaps it's like the Bruins wearing yellow socks?



Who is going to win tonight? Score?

I just noticed that the Flyers pants have a thick orange stripe. I thought they were going to be solid black.

Might as well do a Rangers jersey collection now. This one comes in from Tommy.I love the obscure #36 Zuccarello 3rd jersey!


Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Jack)Jack goes with a really classic striping pattern and numbers. He then uses the wordmark on the front. Nice work, I think if the "leaping coyote" logo was used on the front this would be a much better option as a 3rd jersey instead of what they wear.

I like that the sang both anthems. I think the same should be done for the Stanley Cup Final, regardless.

Giroux looks like he's on his game tonight!


And our first jersey collection comes from WinnipegJets96

Here's the next competition on HJC!Click on the 3RD JERSEY COMP page for all of the details.


CBC just showed Laviolette's morning game speech. A little less colourful than what you get on HBO.


What do you think of the new look HJC? I tried to keep it clean and simple.

This is the Live Blog for the 2012 Winter Classic.
The ballpark looks great!

It's pretty simple today. This post will be updated all throughout the game every 3-5 minutes (hopefully). You can stay here all afternoon and hit the refresh button or come back and check in every so often. As usual, the comments section is open for thoughts, as well, you can email me during the afternoon.

The Live Blog will feature some concepts, as well as the new competition will be revealed, and of course YOUR jersey collections will be shared with everyone. All the concepts posted are eligible for COTW nomination as well! Just remember you are only allowed ONE COTW nomination per post. So, maybe hold off until the end to nominate if you're not 100% sure.

Speaking of COTW, the nominees for the final week of 2011 are listed on the right.Click on the banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the entrants. Committee Members can email their vote in until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.
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Kris said...

So the logo on the templates page is the new HJC logo. Why did you leak it?

Ryan said...

For fun. Just to make you guys think.

Goal Line Design said...

Love the look. Both jerseys look awesome! Could new york really not get new pant shells for today?

Kris said...

Well you made me think.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I thought blue pants might have looked better. Still one of the better looking Classic games yet.

AJH said...


Steven Grant said...

The jerseys appear to be the standard Reebok edge cut, instead of the straight-hem cut that they were when they were revealed.

Also I like the new look, nice and simple looking.

Kyle S. said...

For the 3rd jersey comp, could I enter a concept that has already been posted on HJC?

Ryan said...

@ Kris: Yes, if you think it can win you the competition

Also, Dallas got rid of their 3rd jersey for this season.

Ryan said...

@Steven: I thought they might do that.

Kris said...

I didn't know that. It was never mentioned on Icethetics, Sportslogos.net or here.

michaelnedrow said...

I'm here, Just got home from school. Like the new layout. Will it be able to have topics and banners on the side?

Anonymous said...

Can you post more concepts with the jersey sets?

Ryan said...

@Michael: There are and will be banners on the side of the page.

@Anon:No, only 1 jersey allowed on your entry.

Brandon C said...

Great decision on the Kings road, Ryan!

Anonymous said...

No I meant with the Jersey collections. Sorry.

Fredrik said...

I like the new look, Kris!

Connor Hanley said...

Oh bullshit Washington and New York getting classics, Bring it to Vancouver and/or Toronto. BC Place would be sold out within 10 minutes.

Ryan said...

@Fredrik: My name is Ryan

Connor Hanley said...

All of my customized jerseys with my last name on them were all given to me as gifts. I never asked for it to be on there and my dad thought it'd be cool.

Ryan said...

@Connor: I'm not saying it's bad, I was just asking people's opinion on the matter.

Fredrik said...

Ryan: Oops!

As for the next WC I think a Detroit-Boston matchup at the big house would be rather epic, even though they've both appeared in the event before.

Connor Hanley said...

Yeah I know, I was just explaining why they're on there. I don't really care if people do it as long as the name doesn't say something stupid like "Big Moe" 69 on it.

D3TROIT1388 said...

Yes, I got the Islanders jersey for $13.00.

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

@Connor They would have to be called "Heritage Classics" instead of "Winter Classics" because that's what Canadian outdoor NHL games are called.


@Ryan What's the white Crosby jersey in Alan's collection? Never seen it before.

Ryan said...

Looks like a 79crazy Pens home sweater to me

Anonymous said...

@Ryan (and others?): personally, all my jerseys (3 of them... ha ha ha) all have my name and number on them (#9). I think that the players are an important part of a team (obviously), but what really makes a team are the fans. So it's only normal to me to see names and numbers on hockey jerseys that we will never see on ice. I have a #9 blue Nordiques, a #9 red Canadiens and an old #9 blue Sherbrooke Castors (CHL) with my name on them all. Hopefully a #9 blue Sherbrooke Phoenix (CHL) in the near future... (sweet hometown!).

michaelnedrow said...


Is searching for certain concepts done; you know, entering the team in the search bar and all of the posts, with that concept in it, show up

AJH said...

@BlueAndWhiteForever: It's a 1977-1980 vintage Jersey I decide to have it customized to Sid just for fun but the Caps one I was very close those two was customized in 2009 two years before the 2011 winter classic!

Justin said...

Hello, I have a quick question. I've read that you have gotten a lot of your jerseys from sports k and was wondering how are they in terms of customization and such? They seem to have pretty good prices but I was just wondering. Thanks!

Kevin said...

wow this page looks great! just to tell you guys if you havent had the chance to go to a winter classic game, put it on your bucket list. i got off early and stayed there the entire game and wow. WOW! the experience is something that beats the Stanley Cup Finals

Ryan said...

@Justin: I've never customized a jersey through them. The site says sewn on letters, not heat pressed.

John said...

You say the flyers winter classic jersey will be their third jersey next season, is this 100% the case?

Ryan said...

That's what Kevin from the team's store reports.

John said...

That's brilliant, I'm anxious to get one (i'm from the UK) but can't really justify the extra $50 they charge just because it's a W/C jersey, I made the mistake with the last philly jersey and now it's their road one! Thanks Ryan.

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