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January 31, 2012

The Stretch Drive Begins

I can't believe we are already this far into the season, but tonight the stretch drive begins. Those lower seeded teams will have to fight to keep their playoff positioning and the teams on the outside will have to fight even harder to get in. From no until the end of June is the best hockey all season!

Vote reminders;
Concept of the Year 2011 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Jan 23-29 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

As promised, here are the full voting results from the 3rd Jersey Competition Part II.

Here are some of the entries that have come in for the All Star Game Comp. You have until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to get your entry in. Details on the ASG COMP page.

ASG Entry (by Avi)
ASG Entry (by Chris Z.)
ASG Entry (by Kevin)
ASG Entry (by Shaun)
ASG Entry (by Thomas)


Boston Bruins concepts (by Cody)
Cody has used the pre-Edge numbers on these Edge concepts along with removing the collar laces and the shoulder patches in favour of retro logos. He has also added a yellow 3rdm which I like. Nice choice on the shoulder patches on that one. I think the changes on the home and road are not for the better. Also, the TV numbers are too big and too far apart. They would appear as (7     3), but they should appear as (73). Click the "TUTORIALS" link on the side of the page for the TV numbers tutorial.

Elmira Jackals concepts (by Elias)
I like the idea of home and road alternates. The jerseys are decent, but again there are vertical stitching issues. I won't mention that again until I post a tutorial. I think the player numbers on the back are too spaced out and need an outline or some more character. Also, the NHL logo shouldn't be in the collar insert, as this is an ECHL team.

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)
I like where this jersey could go, but at times the yellow gets lost in the vintage white. I think if a small amount of brown trim appeared between each colour then this would be a winner. I'd also say here that the player numbers appear too spaced apart.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason H.)
Now this looks vintage.I think it's well executed and a nice match to the old Ramblers' sweater, but the style is probably more appropriate for an AHL team's specialty jersey, in my opinion. Still a good concept though.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brendan A.)
I really love the home and road jerseys here. I think the Flames should do what the Sabres did and go "retro inspired" not full on retro. These jersey do just that. My only note would be to have the black in the stripes be thicker and connect the outside and inside stripes together, instead of just being a trim. I'm going to give this a COTW nomination.

Florida Panthers concept (by Brandon C.)
Pretty straight forward design, but I think it could work as a Panthers alternate. I like the Brandon used that circle logo for this concept. Pretty well executed too.

Hamilton concepts (by Matt M.)
These are great looking vintage concepts. I really like the green numbers on the green sweater, as it really helps with the vintage look. Sorry Matt, I can't remember if you named this team or not, or if there was a back story with it.

Winter Classic concepts (by Avi)
I think the Detroit concept is perfect, I am actually working on something very similar myself. The Leafs concept is good too. It might have been intentional for Avi to use the '67 leaf as the shoulder patch, but if this jersey is trying to replicate that of the 70's and 80's, then that shoulder patch should just be the silhouette of the current leaf. Solid concepts regardless though Avi.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Ross)
We've probably all seen the 90's logo turned blue and yellow, but not like this before. I like how Ross has made the Buffalo peer out from behind the sabres. I also really like how the crossed sabres are placed below the TV numbers, nice touch. I'm not a fan of the white arm and hem stripes though. Same goes for the white in the collar.

January 30, 2012

Week of January 30 - February 5, 2012

Concept of the Year 2011 Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

The winner of the 3rd Jersey Competition Part II is Brian B. with his Nashville Predators concept!
Here are the top 3. I will post the full results tomorrow.
Brian B. - 33
Thallos - 18
Eric W. - 16

This past weekend I re-launched the Weekly Poll. Click the banner on the side to have your voice heard.

The Concept of the Week nominees have been determined. You can click the banner on the side of the page or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the entrants.
COTW Jan 23-29 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Also announced this past weekend was the All Star Game Jerseys Competition. Check out the ASG COMP tab for all of those details. Entry deadline is Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. This contest is a buffer to get us through to next week where we will be doing a "Create-A-Team" comp, but hold off until those details are announced. Here are some entries that have come in for the All Star Game Comp.

ASG Entry (by Alan)
ASG Entry (by Calem)
ASG Entry (by Dave C.)
ASG Entry (by  MasonII)
ASG Entry (by Nevill)
ASG Entry (by WinnipegJets96)


Anaheim Ducks concept (by Dave C.)
Dave has Edge-ified the Wild Wing sweater. Execution would have been perfect, but Dave has used the wrong stitching on his jersey.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Chris Z.)
I know Chris is trying to combine eras, but I don't think the gold works when used with the black and silver. I think the home and road concepts would look good if the logo did not have the gold trim. Also, where have the Reebok logos on the back gone?

Dallas Stars concepts (by B&I Design)
We get North Stars inspired sweaters for the Dallas Stars concepts. I like the D logo with the 6 stars (6 players on the ice), but I think it might be better suited as a secondary logo. In fact, I think it would be great as a shoulder patch or helmet or pants logo. I'm going to stop mentioning the vertical stitching ending at the hem stripes. Am I the only one who cares about that?

Dallas Stars concept (by Mason H.)
Another North Stars inspired concept. I like the stars in the arm stripes, but I think the primary logo looks a little small on this jersey. I'd also leave the coloured namebar to the Flyers. In my opinion, it's their thing so let them have it.

Hartford Whalers concept (by Tex)
This is a vintage inspired concept Tex says. One indicator is the over sized TV numbers. If this truly were "vintage inspired" I would make the blue and grey stripes thicker. I'd also not try to draw attention to the Reebok collar insert by colouring it a different colour than the jersey itself. I like the direction of this, but a few tweaks could make it better.

Brampton Battalion concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brandon C.)
The concept is nearly perfectly executed, except for the small traces of red left on the player model's neck. I'm not against the vegas gold or a vegas gold sweater, but this one just doesn't seem to work for me. It's not a bad concept, but I can't seem to find anything that I really like about it.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Brendan A.)
Brendan really tried to combine eras here. Obviously it's the sweaters of the 80's, but what appears to be black is actually "Midnight Blue" and what appears to be white is actually "Ice Blue". I like the creativity with the colours and I think it would be a great idea for a 3rd jersey.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Matt M.)
If the Nordiques came back, these would be good jerseys. I like how Matt has used the white version of the igloo logo on the blue jersey. I also think the number font is a perfect choice! It's simple striping, but for some reason I really think the cuffs add some life to this jersey. I REALLY like this, so COTW nom from me!

January 28, 2012

Tom's Winter Classic & New Comp

Beginning now, the All Star Game Competition is on!
I will have the banner up later, but for now CLICK HERE to get all of the info. This contest will be a quick one as submission phase is from now until Thursday. Voting will then take place Friday to Sunday. After this competition ends we will immediately begin the "Create-A-Team" Competition, but don't get a head start as there will be rules and stipulations.

COTY Final Vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST) click the banner on the side


I've always been a fan of Tom's work. At the start of 2011 he was a frequent contributor and then he went dark for a few months. Over the last several weeks he has been sending in his fantastic works again. Today I will feature his Winter Classic program that has been in the works for a couple of months. Words in italics are Tom's own. Before I even start, I'll let you know that I'm giving this a COTW nomination!

Winter Classic mark
Tom decides to go against the rumours and places the game in Denver. I really like that he worked the puck swoosh into the logo and the mountains looks great up top. My only small concern is that the wood panel which holds the wordmark might be a touch too bare. Maybe it could be shorter? Still a really nicely put together logo and believable that it could be an actual Classic logo.

Tom has the event at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. It would no doubt be the biggest Winter Classic ever as the stadium holds over 75,000 fans (thanks Wikipedia).

Game Program
This could be great as the "official souvenir game program". Can't you picture yourself going to Denver and over paying for this thing?

Promo spread
Something like this would appear on or on NBC's website to promote the game. The "program" above could be used in the same manner.

Colorado Avalanche jersey concept
Colorado is almost 100% inspired from the Nordiques 1972 -73 uniform. I decided to do the old Rockies logo with a simple edit on the mountain for an A. I made sure to keep the yellow in the Rockies logo to make it seem like more of a Rockies inspired jersey, even though it is mainly Nordiques inspired.

I like that Tom took the yokes past the typical Reebok Edge yoke stitching. Very retro. I do have to note home the vertical stitching shouldn't go over top of the hem stripes. I do love this jersey, it's my favourite of the two.

St. Louis Blues jersey concept
As for the Blues concept, I was tempted to use the red but stayed away. I used the old school wordmark with a similar striping pattern from that era. For the secondary I used the old sharp edged logo with the writing inside.

I personally don't think the vintage white collar works, but I really like the arm striping. At first I thought just the wordmark looked too plain, but after seeing it on the player model it really helps with that vintage look.
The full body rendering is where most of the work was. I have been in the process of cleaning up the template you provide on your site for quite some time now. In the end I'm glad with how it turned out.

For the numbers and names on each jersey, they are both accurate to the numbers and names used on their current jerseys with slight colour changes of course.

I added a credits page out of respect to the Logo's and photo's I've used. I don't want to be stepping on any toes. I would have added it to every page but decided there was too much information, so i decided to create a separate page for credits.

January 27, 2012

COTY Final Begins!

It all comes down to this. The 2011 Concept of the Year Final has been determined. Josh S.'s Lethbridge Hurricanes concept will go up against Eric W.'s Team Canada concepts! It's the 2nd Quarter winner versus the 3rd Quarter winner. April's COTW up against August's COTW. The results of the two semi-final votes are below.
Semi-Final 1 vs. 3
Eric W. - 8
Ryan - 4

Semi-Final 2 vs. 4
Josh S. - 8
Glen - 4

Eric and Josh, if you guys could please email me and let me know if you are willing or not willing to provide me with a shipping address in the event that you win. You would like to receive the COTY prize, no?

Click the banner on the side of the page or go to the 2011 COTY tab to see the Final match-up and place your vote. Voting for the 2011 Concept of the Year ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW Jan. 16-22 vote also ended. The winner was Avi and his Colorado Avalanche concepts. You can see the winning concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of that vote are below.
Avi - 4
Brian D. - 2
Scott - 2
Stéphane - 1
Kyle C. - 0
Steven G. - 0

The only vote still going on is the 3rd Jersey Comp vote...
3rd Jersey Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)

To make it a little easier I have provided a link to the three tutorials, that I did earlier this year, on the side of the page. If/when I do more tutorials they will also appear when that image is clicked on.

Some AHL 3rd and specialty sweaters aren't made by Reebok, they are made by a company in Quebec called SP Apparel. In fact, SP used to be the jersey manufacturer for the AHL prior to the Reebok Edge system. Even though SP makes some of those 3rd and specialty sweaters, they still are required to place Reebok tags on their AHL sweaters to make them appear as if Reebok made them. As they do tend to look a little different, I have made a new template for those sweaters. This can now be found on the TEMPLATES page, along with a lot of other goodies (if you haven't been there yet).
click & save
We will be starting a new contest tomorrow! It will be a quick one as the entry phase will only run until Thursday. The vote will then be Friday to Sunday. All of those details are coming tomorrow. After that quick contest, we will be doing a "Create-A-Team" competition, but those details will be announced at that time.


Houston Aeros concepts (by Russ)
Russ brings back the Aeros to the WHA. I like the wordmark as I think it suits the WHA Aeros better. When I see that jet logo I instantly associate it with the Aeros of the IHL/AHL. I like the small arm stripe design that has been used. I think a matching yoke on the blue concept would be good. Not a reverse colour, an exact copy. Good execution here Russ.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Mason H.)
This is Mason's "fix" to the Jackets' sweater. In my opinion, it's a downgrade. I like the idea of combining the eras, but I think the current shoulder patch is better than the cannon logo. I also think that the red is too bright on this concept. I would like to see a jersey that uses the arm and hem stripes here, but not the blue sleeves. Again, good execution.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Brendan A.)
Brendan uses the current 3rd jersey as the base of a new home and road set. Wow, look how much better true white looks on this jersey and the white version looks great as well. I also prefer the traditional block lettering to the "square" numbers that are currently used. The alternate concept here just doesn't do it for me. That old logo doesn't look good in white in my opinion.

Boston Bruins concept (by Justin)
Justin has made some simple alterations to the Winter Classic jersey, intending to make it an alternate. Those changes include removing the vintage white and the collar laces. He's also tweaked the yokes and placed numbers on the front. Execution note, the hem stripes on the back nearly interact with the vertical stitching properly, but on the front they are intercepted by the stitching. Take a look at Brendan's Jackets jerseys to see how that should be.

Belleville Bulls concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Steven G.)
These concepts, based on late 70's North Stars sweaters, really use the Edge cut well. How could you complain if Dallas were to wear either of these sweaters? Nice work Steven.

Toronto Maple Toros concept (by Ross)
This isn't one of my favourite mash-ups by Ross, but obviously it's still well done. I prefer the shoulder patch to the logo mash-up itself. On a jersey execution note, the TV numbers are too close to the yokes, they should be halfway between the arm stripes and the yokes. I guess on Ross' concepts it's more about the logos than the jerseys.

Logo Mash-ups (by Ross)
Ross also sent this along. It's a recap of all the logo mash-ups he's sent in over the last couple of months. I'd have to say that my favourite is either the Sharks/Seals or the Wild/North Stars mash-up. Thanks for sending all of those in Ross!

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Stéphane)
I wish Montreal would wear this as a 3rd jersey again. I think it looks great on the Edge cut and I love how Stéphane has provided us with a mock-up photo. The vintage striping on the pants is a perfect addition. COTW nomination from me!

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Fredrik)
I think the Blues may be a leading contender for new uniforms. Fredrik has done a great job here providing us with vintage inspired concepts. I really like the road concept here. I like how the two shades of blue look together and how the darker blue is more prominent than what it actually is now.