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August 31, 2011

Wednesday Concepts

Hockey season just can't get here quick enough. I don't know how it will be for your team, but the Leafs report to camp for medicals on Friday, September 16th. Then, their first pre season game is on the 19th against the Sens. I can't take it anymore, I need my hockey!!!

In another last ditch attempt to sell some HJC shirts, the price has again been lowered. Price of the shirt is now $10 ($15 for Canadian shipping, $12 to the US). Click the banner on the right to purchase. No credit card? Shoot me an email an we can work something out. Too bad this couldn't really get going. I also understand that I may have missed the price point with the original $25 price. Maybe if HJC gets more popular in the future we can do HJC hoodies or something?

Over on the HJC Facebook page, I asked the question on Monday, what should be the next ReDesign? The leading candidate right now is a NCAA competition. Head on over and leave your two cents.


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Mason II)
Hartford Whalers concepts (by Cody)
Kitchener Rangers concept (by Alan)

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kevin)Kevin puts together a combination of the new black and silver jersey set, the old purple and gold retro jersey, and the former black and purple home and away sweaters. What came out were these. He has an interesting idea where there are two home sweaters instead of an alternate. I like them, but I also like the Kings in black and silver. I guess I'm good either way.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mason H.)Mason offers up this concept as an alternate jersey. He attempts to keep the purple in the Kings' colour scheme with this version of the new jersey set. I like this idea I just think the sweater is a little dark. Maybe you could solve that by switching the black and the silver?

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Ryan)This obviously isn't what the Jets are going to wear, but I saw a picture somewhere of a similar jersey pattern and that inspired me to create this concept for the Jets. I wanted to use some kind of cuff at the sleeve and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to fit well.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Avi)Avi makes minor alterations to the shoulders of the home and road sweaters. The change comes with the throwback (84-87) jersey. It's not a complete throwback though, as the original, lighter blue is used.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Matt D.)Matt has made a new Leafs logo for his concepts. My opinion is most likely too biased, but I'm not a fan. It looks a little too "cartoonish" for the Maple Leafs. Maybe we can get some unbiased opinions also. I do love the heritage jersey though. Also, if others prefer the white jersey with the yoke to the straight white jersey, then I'm okay with that switch also.

A reminder for those that are voting in the AHL contest, when you send in your vote be sure to include both the entrant's name and their team. Thanks.

Also, to those that emailed me about being on an NHL 12 EASHL team (xBox360), I accidentally deleted your emails. Could you please email me again and this time I will write down your names!

August 30, 2011

No Theme For A Tuesday Post

COTW and AHL Create-A-Team voting is still ongoing. Check out the respective pages for all the entries and send in your vote, if you're on the Committee.


Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Sam O.)
Minnesota Wild concept (by Mason II)
Florida Panthers concept (by Dylan)

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Martin)I enjoy the simplicity of the blue jersey on the top. I like the grey jersey, but without the blue yokes. After that, nothing really catches my eye. I think I'd like a more "sports" looking font on the back. TV numbers (sleeve numbers) would help improve this. That goes for everyone, it shows others that you have put time into your concepts.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mason H.)Even though we are 6 months removed from the game, better concepts for a Canadiens Heritage Classic jersey still come in. If the NHL were to make an exception to the rule that at least one team has to wear white, the outdoor games would be the place to do it.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kris)Kris altered the unused Nordiques logos to make these concepts. I really like them except for the yoke. I think removing the yoke would make these jerseys look even better. The retro jersey, as always, looks great on the Edge cut.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Ryan)Simply, I took the 1967 jersey (with some adjustments) and applied the Pens' current colours and "Robo-Penguin".

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Mason H.)Ok, usually I like Mason's work, but this one I just can't like, sorry Mason. However, if there was to be an ugly jersey it might as well be the black, red and yellow of the Canucks (think early 80's).

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brian)This one is based off of the Blues' inaugural 1967 white jersey. I think this is great as a Winter Classic option. I also really love the classic collar that Brian has used! I give this one a COTW nomination.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Matt D.)Following Matt's extremely popular Wild concepts from yesterday, today comes the Tampa Bay Lightning! I really like this concept. I think it does a nice job of using the new elements and bringing back the old elements that Bolts fans want. The only thing I don't like is the alteration of the shoulder patch. I like it as it is, without the state of Florida in it.

August 29, 2011

Week of August 29 - September 4, 2011

Today's post may be the biggest ever here on HJC. No need to waste more time.

The winner of the HJC Open is...
You can go to the HJC OPEN page for the next couple of days to see the complete tournament board and the 4 entries that Brad won with. Brad now gets to choose one of those entries to enter into next week`s COTY-August vote! Brad had a pretty easy time up until the semi-finals. That`s where Brian provided his stiffest competition. Brad prevailed though and moved on to the Final to face Stephane. There he defeated Stephane by a vote count of 8-5!

The Weekly Poll was asking if you have ever paid for NHL pre-season tickets. It was split, as 41% have both paid and not paid for them. 17% of voters don't care about pre-season.

This week's poll stays with the pre-season theme. Here in Toronto every pre-season game is broadcasted on TV and covered with roughly the same amount of media that covers regular season games. I'm asking if your team has its pre-season games (at least 1) broadcasted on TV? This conversation will also be on the HJC Facebook page, where you can go a little more in depth.

COTW nominees have been announced. Go check them out on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page, then cast your vote. Voting runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. When this vote is complete we will move on to the COTY-August vote!!!

Here are the final entries that have come in for the Create an AHL Team Contest...

Kansas City Blades (by Brendan A.)
Cleveland Fury (by Cody)
Brandon Jets (by Eric W.)
Richmond Tropical Storm (by Kevin)

There are 30 entries in this AHL contest, making it one of the most popular contests ever on HJC. Also on the Facebook page, you can start leaving ideas for the next contest you'd like to see. Voting is now underway for the AHL Create-A-Team. You can go to the AHL CREATE-A-TEAM page to see the gallery of entries. Voting Committee members can then email me their vote by Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Be sure to include the entrant's name and team in your vote. Remember, the winner goes directly into next week's COTW vote!


Clarence Mustangs concepts (by Chuckie9131)
Colorado Avalanche concept (by Mason II)
New York Islanders concepts (by Cody)

Arena Bowl concepts (by Ricky)Ricky made hockey jerseys for the two teams that competed in the Arena Bowl, the Jacksonville Sharks and Arizona Rattlers (Sharks won 73-70). This would be a cool idea as specialty jerseys for AHL teams...if they played the Arena Bowl in the winter.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Avi)Within the next two weeks we should see the new Jets jerseys! Will they leak? It seems that the popular opinion would be a dark blue home jersey and a white road with blue yokes. Will that hold true?

New England Patriots concepts (by Brady)Wow, the Pats jerseys/colours look good when translated on to hockey sweaters. Obviously, these are Bruins inspired. Those blue and red Reebok goalie pads look awesome. Too bad most goalies go with white though. I know why they do it, but it makes the equipment a little boring.

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Arthur)Arthur makes a retro move and places a small logo on the sleeve. He has also added a white yoke to the "candy stripe" jersey. I might be one of a few people who didn't mind that 3rd jersey a couple of times a year.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Spirit104)Spirit has changed the striping on this Flyers jersey. I think the Flyers have a perfect jersey set now, but this does look good. It would be great for the Adirondack Phantoms (AHL).

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)When the Jackets released their 3rd jersey last season they supplied a presentation with a bunch of other concepts that they were considering. Avi took one of those considered jerseys, made some alterations and turned it into a full blown Jackets concept. Nice work and the team's concept is shown in the bottom left.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Matt D.)With the conclusion of the HJC Open I thought I'd share my favourite concept from the tournament. Matt won his first round match-up with this Minnesota Wild concept! I think everything on this works great and I'm giving it a COTW nomination. I think this really has COTY potential!

August 27, 2011

AHL Contest Winding Down

You have until tomorrow @ 11:59pm EST to get your AHL Create-A-Team entry in. Voting will begin on Monday after I post the final entries (if there are any). Here are the entries that have come in recently.

Whitehorse Yukon (by Dave C.)
Levingston Roughriders (by Kyle M.)
Saskatchewan Nationals (by Mark S.)
Utah Gunners (by Marty)
Oakville Red Barons (by WinnipegJets96)

The HJC Open is soon coming to a close. It's Brad's Bruins concept versus Stephane's Flyers concepts in the Final. If you have yet to vote go to the HJC OPEN page to see the concepts then send in your vote. As of this posting the score is VERY close, but I'm not saying who is winning. Also, I have yet to place my deciding vote. The details of how that will be done are also on the HJC OPEN page.


Derek Boogaard Minnesota Wild tribute (by Arthur)
Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Cody)
Team France concepts (by Marty)

Texas Stars concept (by Arthur)The AHL loves their specialty jersey nights. Apparently, it draws some crowds. Arthur has gone along with that and created a "Military Night" themed jersey for the Texas Stars, Dallas Stars' AHL affiliate.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Arthur)Arthur now switches to the parent club and returns them to their 93-94 look. Except this time he's added numbers on the front of the jersey. One of these concepts could be good if used as inspiration for a new 3rd jersey.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brendan A.)Brendan has used the former North Stars jerseys to create a new set of Dallas Stars jerseys. I like the slight colour alterations to the logo on the black and green sweaters. As good as these look, I think HJC readers know that I think the North Stars belong to Minnesota and it wouldn't really fit the Dallas Stars to wear their jerseys. Still, great looking jerseys here.

Nashville Predators concept (by Brendan A.)How about a simplified script jersey for the Preds? i think with a little more life added to the wordmark this could be a great 3rd to the new set. The reason I'd like to see some character added is because the logo and numbers have so much going on, but then this script is so plain and white. I like this and it has potential.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Kris)Kris has switched the orange and the white, making orange a secondary colour now. I think I like it the other way. What about everyone else? Do you like white or orange as the secondary colour?

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Ryan)We recently got the news here on HJC (from Bryan S.) that the Blackhawks will NOT have an alternate jersey this season. That leads me to think that in the future they will have a completely new 3rd jersey or just go back to the original black 3rd (or no 3rd jersey at all?). I suggest my favourite concept of all time as a new 3rd jersey...when that time comes.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)This is a really great set by Avi! The only complaint that I have is that the 4th jersey, with Carter on it, just looks like a Rangers jersey with CBJ on it. Other than that, the home road jerseys that have fused together the two jerseys eras look great. The lighter blue 3rd jersey looks awesome! I'll go ahead and give Avi's concepts a COTW nomination.

For those that may have missed it, here is yesterday's post.

August 26, 2011

COTW Winner & AHL Entries Keep Rolling In

Here are some AHL entries that have come in recently.

Indianapolis Blizzard (by Bryan S.)
Cincinnati Steamers (by Dwayne)...ahahaha
Victoria Tides (by Dylan)
Saskatoon Oilers (by Shaun)
Pittsburgh Nuclear (by Stephen)

The COTW voting has finished. Here are the results...

Ryan - 8
Michael N. - 2
Kris - 1
Lachlan - 0

For the first time in three months I've won the COTW with my Hartford Whalers concept. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry.

The HJC Open Final voting continues to Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. It's currently only a ONE vote difference! So, if you haven't voted for the HJC Open yet be sure to check out the entries and cast your vote.

Most of you probably saw the new Houston Aeros jerseys on Icethetics.I really don't like that home jersey. It looks like a bunch of Reebok Edge elements and they are trying to jam them down our throat. The green road sweater and the white alternate are AWESOME!!! I really like how they used their star logo on the sleeve stripe and how they used a reverse of the Wild's alternate for their alternate. It looks awesome and maybe it will convince the Wild to switch to that and their alternate full-time. Please, no one send me that concept now. We all know what it would look like.


Utah Devils concepts (by Cody)
Dallas Stars concept (by John T.)
Florida Panthers concept (by Brendan A.)
Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Spirit104)The home and road concepts are a little too plain, I think. Especially when compared to what they wear now. I like the look of the alternate, but without a yoke outline. If the outline HAD to be there, I'd make it white.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Brendan A.)This is an old Alberta Oilers (WHA) jersey Edge-ified. This is my personal choice for an Oilers 3rd jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by Arthur)Orange helmets would be crazy outside on the ice. We'd have no problem seeing who was on what team then. The Flyers jersey isn't too bad. The Rangers' concept I just don't make a connection with. It has Rangers' logos, numbers and colours, but it doesn't look like a Rangers jersey to me.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Stephen)We get some combining of eras here. There's the '67 stripes, the '80's arms, numbers from the 2000's, and the '30's logo. Overall, a pretty good jersey. I think a cool jersey would be this logo on the 1980's jersey.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Kris)Yesterday Kris gave us a Toronto Arenas throwback jersey. Chronologically, the next step is the St. Pats, which he gives us here. The Leafs did wear this jersey for their 75th anniversary season for one game (in March, I think) against Buffalo.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Avi)Avi sent in a 1980's Kings jersey, Edge-ified...

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Arthur)Arthur just goes full-on retro with the Kings, except for the logo. The jersey is straight out of the 90's and I think it looks better than what they use. Arthur keeps the purple retro as the 3rd, which I think most would prefer over the Kings keeping the old home jersey.

I posted yesterday, on the HJC Facebook page, that I was thinking that the prize for Concept of the Year could be the COTY Cup trophy, a championship hat and shirt (kind of like what the Cup Champs get). What does everyone think?

If you're around tomorrow, look for a new HJC post around noon eastern time. That's the idea anyways, no promises though.