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June 30, 2011

Thursday Concepts

Free Agent "frenzy" starts tomorrow at noon. If you ask me, it'll probably be pretty tame. The trade deadline used to be the same way. Now I find it's the Draft that is the most exciting. Tomorrow's big questions are, where will Brad Richards end up? My guess is with the Rangers. The other question being, will anyone sign Steven Stamkos to an offer sheet or will the Lightning re-sign him? My guess is even if someone gives him an offer sheet the Lightning will match it.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David brings back WHA home and road jerseys but, he also has made a new logo with a small bit of help from clipart. Also, the alternate red "fauxback" jersey looks pretty cool!

Manitoba Moose concept (by Jack)Ok, this is the last Moose concept that I have in the inbox. This one used the former Thrashers road jersey template. For a little more colourful jersey I would have switched the green and black. I personally think TNSE wanted desperately to go with the Moose name for the new team but, too many people wanted the Jets back and they were afraid of disappointing the loyal fans.

Glendale Sun concept (by Dylan)Dylan has created his own team here. Don't know if it's the best choice placing another team in Glendale, Arizona though. For the logo, Dylan has used the Arizona Sundogs (CeHL) mark. Hard to form an opinion on this concept when there are no numbers, back or TV, or shoulder patches.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Kyle M.)These have a unique design to them, nice work Kyle. They could do with shoulder patches and/or TV numbers.

Florida Panthers concepts (by YellowKid180)These definitely fit the new Panthers slogan, "We See Red". However, I think they also need to see some blue on here so it matches the logo.

New York Rangers concept (by Mike A.)This sort of looks like a white version of the current 3rd just with yokes. I like the vintage patch on the front. I've never seen it but, I wonder if TV viewers would be able to see the vintage white on regular white?

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Kris)I think a great move for the Sens would be grabbing the old Ottawa 67's (OHL) home jersey and using it in their jersey rotation, such as Kris has done here. The home and road jerseys are also respectable. As is that side profile logo that hasn't been used too much (unfortunately).

Ottawa Senators concepts (by WhiteLightning)The 67's style jersey is used here also but, I think I like Kris' better. I do like the way the shoulder patch is placed in this black jersey though. The home and road look good, I'd just use thin white striped on either side of the big gold stripe.

Kansas City Indians concepts (by Michael N.)Michael has also created his own team. Kansas City may possibly be Gery Bettman's next choice for an NHL team. After all, they do have a rink waiting to be used. Quebec will be in the same situation in a year or two and then it'll be an all out battle between the two cities!

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Dwayne)They had the Scouts for two years but were plagued by attendance and financial problems. I love this identity and really like what Dwayne has done with these concepts. That logo on the alternate may be deemed "politically incorrect" these days but, it does look good on that jersey. I give this one a COTW nomination.

Today is the last day to vote for COTW, on the left side of the page. Only 6 votes separate 1st from 3rd! If you haven't voted, be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST tonight.

Las Vegas Vipers jersey concepts are still being accepted until Sunday. The next competition will start on Monday. A clue as to what we are doing? Get your BEST ready!

June 29, 2011

Blues, Assorted and of course, Winnipeg

It looks like the Winnipeg concepts are going to keep flowing in this summer, and that's okay with me. I'm going to try and start each post with a Winnipeg concept for the next little while, we'll see how it goes.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David creates a couple rounded logos using a clipart jet. I like that shoulder patch. It's a logo shape we really haven't seen used yet in the NHL. I wonder if the actual logo will go into as much detail on a jet?

Winnipeg Falcons concepts (by Cody)Cody used the WHA's Miami Screaming Eagles logo for this Winnipeg Falcons concept. He's also used black and red instead of the classic blue and red that Winnipeg fans are expecting. Check out the white pants on the alternate.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Liam)We move a little west for this concept. This one is vintage inspired with a neat wordmark on the front. The orange font on white may be a little hard to see from far away. Maybe it could be helped with a small blue outline?

Cincinnati Stingers concepts (by Cody)This was the best looking team in the WHA, in my opinion. Cody has added grey to their colour palette for these jerseys.

New York Rangers concepts (by Roger)Roger used NHL 11 to create these 70's inspired Rangers concepts. Might we see the John Fergusson 1970's Rangers jersey at the 2012 Winter Classic? Remember when the Rangers wore it for the 2003 Vintage Jersey Program?

Florida Panthers concept (by Kyle M.)I like these colours together. Personally I'd add a little more gold. Maybe another hem stripe and an outline on the numbers?

Calgary Flames concept (by Scott)This one looks great and would be awesome as an alternate. It gives the Flames a black 3rd jersey again and doesn't have the current piping that people don't like. This is just a personal choice but, I'd use the horse logo as the main crest instead. I think that logo looks awesome on a black jersey!

St. Louis Blues concepts (by WhiteLightning)White has used Blues retro inspired striping but, has used the 3rd jersey logo as the main crest. The current home gets demoted to 3rd jersey status and has had its gold vertical piping removed.

St. Louis Blues concept (by WhiteLightning)Mr. Lightning also included a Winter Classic concept for the Blues. It's obviously based on the old St. Louis Eagles, who called the St. Louis Arena home before the Blues did.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Tex)Speaking of vintage jerseys here is a 1968-74 Blues white jersey Edge-ified. The only change that Tex has made is the order of the thin stripes on the shoulder yokes.

The Las Vegas Vipers jersey concepts look great so far! If you haven't sent yours in yet be sure to read the rules first (click the banner on the right), then send it on in. Concepts are being accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

June 28, 2011

Lots of Winnipeg concepts and more

I just got a new phone today (Motorola Atrix) and I'm going to be spending the day messing around with it. So, this post will be a little short.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Jack)We had a Burger King concept yesterday and another one today! This one features a little more black. If it was up to me, I'd switch the black and the purple.

Boston Bruins concept (by Andrew)Andrew used the Bruins Winter Classic jersey and threw the retro logo on as shoulder patches.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Cody)Cody introduces gold into the colour scheme. A move I can possibly see happening as the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers use gold.

Manitoba Jets concepts (by John)Another possible name was the Manitoba Jets as TNSE wanted the team to represent more than just Winnipeg. Silver is also a possible colour addition.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Gary)Simple and classic striping. Most times you can't go wrong with it. Gary alters the Jets logo a little bit for this concept.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Kyle S.)Kyle sent these before we got confirmation that they would be called the Jets. It's a shame that such a great brand has to be put away in the closet.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Roger)Roger made these in the NHL 11 Create A Team mode. How about the Stars with a gold jersey, would it work?

Dallas Stars concept (by Alex)I think most of us would like to see a green jersey for the Stars. Yet, I think the state of Texas logo should be kept to the shoulders.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Tex)Tex took the white jersey of the 40's and Edge-ified it. I think we'd all be agreeable if the Habs used this again as a 3rd jersey?

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Scott)A little bit of the same thing here but, Scott added a yoke and took the name off the back. I'd love for more teams to get permission to do that for special occasions.

I didn't have too many comments about this post so, please you guys, fill up the comments section!

June 27, 2011

Week of June 27 - July 3, 2011

The last Weekly Poll asked what jersey number do you wear, or would you wear? This was one of the more popular Weekly Polls and the answers were scattered across the board. One classic jersey number was slightly more popular than the rest and that was #9. Seven people said that they wear the number 9 on their back. Check out the full results below and find out how many people wear your number.For the record, I voted for and wear #16...unless I'm in goal, then I wear #29.

The next Weekly Poll is asking what position you play. If you don't play hockey just answer with whatever position you would want to play. Just typing that made me think of a second part to the poll which asks if you play organized hockey or not. The polls are on the right side of the page and run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

In case you missed it, we have our Las Vegas Vipers logo. Jersey concepts are now being accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Click the banner on the right for all of the rules. They MUST be followed.

The nominees for the Concept of the Week are up. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see them. Then, you can vote on the left side of the page. The poll closes on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

With some of the Las Vegas logo submissions I also received jersey concepts which, I've hung onto until today to post them. These are all eligible to be nominated for COTW if you feel inclined.

Las Vegas Vipers concept (by Mike A.)I really like that pattern at the hem of the alternate jersey.

Las Vegas Skulls concepts (by Cody)Cody uses a flaming skull circle logo along with the old Canucks colours.

Las Vegas Vipers concepts (by John)I like the fang design coming down the front of the jersey. Personally I would have made the green a little darker.

Las Vegas Vipers concept (by Brandon)These are pretty cool desert themed jerseys by Brandon. I also enjoy the hem and arm stripe designs here.

Las Vegas Vipers concepts (by Scott)This set reminds me of the great jersey set that the London Knights currently have. I don't know why but, I like Scott's white jersey.

Rider U. concept (by TommyGentz)I think this concept needs a little more black trim. I like it on the yokes but, I think it would also serve well on the arm detail.

Calgary Flames concept (by Alex)The horse head logo would do well on this jersey if, as the above concept, it had more black trim. There's a decent amount of black in the logo, I think the jersey could use some black to help the two match.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Alan)Almost a return to the pre-Edge design but, the checkerboard pattern is put to use. I like it on the sleeves and the hem but, I would remove it from the sides of the jersey.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Cody)Cody uses Sweden's Tre Kronor and colours them purple for a gold and purple Kings concept. Here's something for concept artists to keep an eye out for; why is the stripe on the back of the jersey black when on the front it is purple?

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by WhiteLightning)I like that alternate jersey alot! However, I'm not really liking the yokes on the purple and gold jerseys.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Glen)Burger King is back! At least on Glen's concept he is. I never had a problem with the guy, just the jersey that he lived on. Glen borrows elements from the Manchester Monarchs pre-Edge jerseys here. I also like the font on the back which I think, is also from the former Burger King jersey.

June 26, 2011

More on the New Sweaters...and Concepts

I was taking a closer look at some of the jerseys released at the Draft again today and I notice a few things.

Los Angeles
From the first picture of the kid/table runner, you couldn't see that there was a new hem stripe on the road jersey.It matches the arms stripes. Speaking of which, when I compared the black version to the white version, it looks like the size of the thick stripe is smaller on the new road jersey. I wonder if these changes will also be happening on the black home jersey? Also, for those that are interested, here is my new unofficial blank LA Kings road jersey template.
Funny thing about the new Panthers home sweater is that when I first saw it I felt like "So what? We've seen that before". Well, at least I had seen that before as back in October of 2008 I put together one of my first concepts. It turns out that it was 3 years too early.

Florida Panthers concept (by Ryan)

Now it just seems like they hyped up the new "We See Red" campaign but just threw together the most obvious jersey possible. Also, here is the unofficial blank template of the jersey.
Turns out that the leaked pictures that we saw were prototypes. As the final product did not have "NASHVILLE" on the front. This is a jersey that I really like! It's a few additional things that I noticed that really makes it enjoyable for me.I like the NASHVILLE on the back of the collar. If you look at the jersey on the left and look inside the collar you can see piano keys, love it! I also love the new style collar itself. I enjoy how there is now stitched in neck insert for the NHL crest to sit on. It's now part of the jersey. The collar is the style that is usually used for laced jerseys which clearly these jerseys do not have. Here is the unofficial blank template of these jerseys.

The only new blank template that I have, that I am willing to call official is the new Oilers road jersey.

You can find all of my blank NHL team jerseys HERE.

I found this cool feature on the Edmonton Oilers website called Rinks 101. They have a video tour and a bunch of quick factoids for 20 different NHL rinks.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by TommyGentz)This isn't what Winnipeg is expecting when they get their Jets back. Nice cross branding effort of the NHL and NFL teams that share the name.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Timmy)Here's an old Thrashers 3rd jersey turned into a Kings jersey...

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Sam)This is sort of like the old Av's pre-Edge 3rd jersey but, with yokes and the main crest instead of a wordmark. I always liked the striping on that jersey.

New York Rangers concepts (by Stephen)What started out as vintage New York Americans jerseys turned into Rangers jerseys. I'm really starting to love that vintage Rangers logo and I definitely want to see it at the 2012 Winter Classic.

New York Rangers concepts (by WhiteLightning)Mr. Lightning demotes the classic blue jersey to 3rd status and then has the Lady Liberty set as the new home and away...Edge-ified of course.

New York Rangers concept (by Tex)People really love this Lady Liberty jersey. It even won HJC's All-Time Favourite Jersey Tournament last September. Most of you probably weren't reading this blog at that point so, we'll probably have to do that again.