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January 31, 2011

Tampa Bay Releases Jerseys for 2011/12

The Tampa Bay Lightning held a press conference today at noon to announce their re-branding and re-vitalization efforts. The main event was the unveiling of the new logo and home and road sweaters to be used at the start of the 2011-12 season. I find good and bad with this sweater. I'll start with the bad.

"The Bad"
The jersey is blue and white, which may be a little too close to the Leafs. I understand wanting to have a classic look, but you can have a classic look where the blue and the white are the main colour. Then have grey or black be trim colours that are used very sparingly. The other bad things is the "circle logo" created for the shoulder patch. While it looks fine, I deemed that any circle logo created after the Panthers released their 3rd jersey, was a copycat. It's not a bad logo, I just can't accept it because everyone is doing it!

"The Good"
I'm a big fan of the Lightning going with a classic look. The jerseys are very simple and so is the logo. You know instantly when you look at it that it's a hockey jersey. I also love the "Tampa Bay" that is on the road jersey. When you play at home all of your fans know you and the city that you represent. But when they go on the road now, they are bringing their city name along with them and wearing as a badge of honour. I see it kind of what baseball teams do with their road uniforms.

I really like the promotion that they are doing where season ticket holders get a free jersey which denotes them as a season ticket holder. The jersey also will have a "STH" (Season Ticket Holder) patch on the right chest and a lightning bolt on the cuff. The jersey will be implanted with a micro chip that will get the season ticket holder discounts at concessions etc.

As a jersey geek, as many of us are, I really appreciate the fact that they took an initiative and released the jerseys now so that THEY could be the ones to do it. Now their buzz can't be ruined by a leak during the summer. Look, we're all talking Lightning today aren't we?

I also appreciate that they provided digital art of the new sweaters and logos on their website. How many jersey releases have we seen that don;t provide quality pictures of the ENTIRE jersey and then don't provide any additional information?

Overall Grade: BThe JERSEY RUMOURS page has been updated to reflect this new information.

Now, to usual Monday business.

I recently provided with a bunch of 2011 Winter Classic logos that I received over the summer. You can go see them here.

As you know, the Hurricanes hosted the All Star Game over the weekend. I found this year's events fun to watch. You know why? Because it seemed like the players were actually having fun. More so than Montreal in '09 and especially Dallas in '07. That also leads into last week's poll which asked if you would watch the All Star Game with the new format. 85% said that you would watch it. I wonder if the TV ratings will reflect that. I know that here in Canada, TSN was blown away by the amount of people who watched the Fantasy Draft (the Skills comp and game were on CBC).

This week's poll was only supposed to be one question, but I thought of another fitting question at work. Here's the first question; at the unofficial half-way mark of the NHL season, which one of the teams listed do you think will win the Stanley Cup? The second question is based off of the copious amounts of people that I know who have beer league hockey/shinny hockey on Sunday nights. This Sunday night is the Super Bowl. I'm asking would you go to Sunday night hockey or stay home and watch the Super Bowl? Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST
I have changed my original TEMPLATES/TUTORIAL page to only include templates now. If you need a template, go there, as most of them will be there. If you have a template that is not there, email it in and I will post it on the page.

This week's COTW nominees are posted on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Go check them out and then vote on the left side of the page. Voting runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Speaking of COTW, on Friday I will release all of the details regarding the 2011 Concept of the Year!

That was a long post and no concepts! I promise, lots of concepts tomorrow.

January 30, 2011

Tampa Bay Lightning Speculation

With the Lightning's press conference rescheduled for tomorrow at noon, where it is expected that they will release a completely new look for the team, I thought I might share some Tampa concepts that have come in over the past week.

I'll start with White Lightning who has sent in a complete uniform set based on the current 3rd jersey.
Tampa Bay Lightning concept
Brian sent this set in before the information came out that the colours were going to be blue and white.
Tampa Bay Lightning concept
After the colour notes were discovered, he sent in another concept conforming to those rumors.
Tampa Bay Lightning concept
I thought I might take a stab at the Bolts jerseys. I went to their website and noticed that a lot of the colour there is two shades of blue. I took their original blue and I also used their current blue to come up with this;
Tampa Bay Lightning concept
Finally, Jonathan put his entry into the ring. This one blew me away. Not only with its mega professional presentation, but I also really like the jerseys. My favourite part is the lightning bolt on the shoulders. Yes it is blue and white, and is classic looking in a way, but it doesn't look like the Maple Leafs.
Tampa Bay Lightning concept
Can't wait until tomorrow to see what we get for real.

January 29, 2011

Caps, Rangers, and Kings

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I would reveal details next week about Concept of the Year 2011. I have not changed my mind on that and just wanted to continue to tease it...

Concepts!!! In the last couple of weeks I have been really pleased to get concepts from first time contributors. I hope they become regular contributors. Today I received some concepts from another first-timer, John B.
Washington Capitals conceptJohn says this is his "out there" Caps concept. Maybe a few too many stars for my liking. I do like the thin stripe containing stars that runs through the middle of the jersey though...just less stars.

New York Rangers conceptJack sent this Rangers concept in. I like the idea of a vintage wheat jersey. Unfortunately the NHL would count that as a "colour" jersey and thus the other team would have to wear white. That wouldn't be distinctive enough to tell them apart. Yet, if the Canucks can get an exception to the name on the backs rule, maybe a team can get an exception to the colour jerseys vs white jerseys rule.

Los Angeles Kings conceptI end today's post with a retro Kings concept. I love the idea that they may bring back the purple and gold as an alt next season, but why not switch it up a little bit? Either jersey (70's or 80's) would be fine by me.

I have a few Tampa Bay Lightning concepts saved up for the unveiling of the new brand sometime next week. I'll try and post them before (if not, then after) the press conference to stir up some speculation. If you got some Lightning concepts for that post, send them in.

January 28, 2011

All Star Draft Tonight

Oddly, I'm looking forward to the All Star Game Fantasy Draft tonight. Evidently, so are most of you, judging by the weekly poll results so far. I'll get to that on Monday though. Usually my favourite part of the ASG is the Skills Competition on the day before the game.

The COTW winner for January 17-23 is Avi with his Columbus Blue Jackets set. Go check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see his winning entry. Next week I'll let you in on the details about how we are going to get a Concept of the Year - 2011!!!!

Montreal Canadiens conceptJack took the Habs current road sweater on tried to apply the same elements to a home version. As you can see, it's a little plain but the Habs with all of their tradition and heritage might be able to get away with plain. I say if you make the numbers solid white along with the collar it could work.

Florida Panthers conceptsGary created these Panthers jerseys. Gary lightened the yellow in the panther logo and darkened the yellow in the jersey. He said it creates a good balance. I also like the idea of yellow numbers on the back. They might need a thicker blue outline though.

Ottawa Senators conceptThis is from Jack who has been doing really well with the tutorial. I believe this was one of his first efforts with the program. It seems like everyone is asking for the retro "O" logo on the new Sens jerseys. Will they come through or disappoint?

Speaking of All Star Games and Ottawa, those two things will come together next season. Though very unlikely, I hope to see retro inspired uniforms used. I put together these concepts.
All Star Game conceptAll Star Game conceptThese are based off of the Rendez-Vous '87 jerseys and the Wales-Campbell jerseys worn from 89-93 (excluding 92). Which are my favourite of any All Star jerseys.

That's all for now. I hope to have some more for this All Star weekend.

January 27, 2011

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VIII

I've had an absolutely crazy week so far, and it's only going to get worse from here. Here are some crazy concepts from this crazy week.

PHILADELPHIA- I am one of the people that dislikes the Flyers’ retro jerseys. I especially hate the off-colour nameplates. The one thing that I do like about them is that they brought back orange as the primary colour. I went back to the template that the team originally used when the Edge system first came out. The road jersey is now orange, and the black jersey has been relegated to alternate status. The nameplates also match the jerseys.

PHOENIX- I was considering using the Native American striping for the primary jerseys, but instead decided to go with the striping from the current alt. I did however use the Native American striping on the alternate jersey. The logo on the third jersey is from the Zephyr X-Line of hats. “Goals for Kids” returns to the right shoulder, while the rising sun logo is on the left shoulder. This symbolizes the sun rising in the East, and the Moon rising in the West.

PITTSBURGH- Two words: Sunday Yellows. That’s right, the 90s jerseys are back, and with them comes the old yellow alternate. I wanted the Penguins to once again match the Steelers and Pirates, so Vegas gold had to go. The only change from the 90s jerseys is that the sleeve stripes are now straight, and the TV numbers are lower on the arm.

January 26, 2011

Stars, Sabres, Canes, and Marlies

Time to attempt to empty out the inbox again. I've got a lot of concepts in there so lets dive right in.

Buffalo Sabres conceptJack, from Goal Line Design, has been using my tutorial and came up with this altered Sabres concept. He has reverted back to the retro blue. Yellow is also a little more prominent on the jersey stripes.

Carolina Hurricanes conceptStephen sent this Canes concept in. Stephen has taken elements from the Hartford Whalers logo to make a "CH" logo.

Toronto Marlies conceptWith the Leafs changing their alternate jerseys next season, I figured their farm team could jump on that design and take it for their new 3rd jersey. I made a few adjustments, but anything would be better than their previous alternate (which thankfully only lasted one season)

Dallas Stars conceptBrian sent this in. He took some striping elements from the North Stars and created, what we all want to see, a green Dallas Stars jersey.

I've also updated the JERSEY RUMORS page.

Tomorrow Glen will be posting the next part of his re-brand. I'll be back with you on Friday (maybe).

January 25, 2011

NHL & NCAA Concepts

It's not often that I get NCAA concepts but, Avi sent in these Ohio State concepts.
Ohio State ConceptsAvi has included a home, road and alternate. He's also maintained the Nike Swift cut jersey. What do you think? I like it and would like to see more NCAA concepts from others!

In keeping with the NCAA, Stephen sent in this Navy concept.
Navy conceptsThe Seals logo is from the former California Golden Seals. The colour scheme is...interesting. I'll let those in the comments section discuss this one.

Over at Wild About Design, they are having a contest asking for concepts assuming that the 1967 Minnesota expansion franchise were the Wild not the North Stars. Tex sent in this entry and then sent it here.
Minnesota Wild conceptI like the stripe and the "Wild" inside it. I also really like the "State of Hockey" inside the collar. This seems to be one of the new trends in the NHL and I like far. Don't go overboard though.

Yesterday I posted Zack's first contribution to HJC. Today comes his second.
Detroit Red Wings conceptI read a lot that people would like to see a black Wings jersey. I'm not one of those people. The use of the "D" logo that was used in the '09 Winter Classic also seems to be very popular with Detroit concepts that I get.

I've been thinking a lot about the Thrashers new 3rd next year. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally came up with a concept I'm happy with.
Atlanta Thrashers conceptThe logo is supposed to look like a skyline. The yellow and red stripes represent the streaks of car lights that you see in a lot of skyline photos.

January 24, 2011

A New Week (Jan 24-30)

Last week I gave four options and asked what your hockey dream would be. The most popular response was to have season tickets, as 40% of you would like that.In a tie for 2nd, at 29% a piece, the choice was to attend the Cup winning game every year and seeing 30 NHL games in 30 cities. This was weird, only ONE person chose to go to the Winter Classic every year!

This week's question revolves around the upcoming All Star Game. I'm asking, because of the new format are you going to be watching the GAME. Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 4pm EST.

Concept of the Week nominees have been announced. Check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominees. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Here we go with the concepts. Again, my inbox is filling up with some great concepts. Keep them coming in and thanks to everyone who has sent something in. You WILL see it at some point on this blog.

Pittsburgh Pirates conceptTex sent this in. It's a concept of the old Pittsburgh Pirates hockey team. I like the striping but, I would personally make the numbers on the back black with a white outline.

Buffalo Sabres conceptFirst time contributor Jacob, sent in this yellow Sabres concept. He says that ever since the Sabres returned to the blue and yellow in '06, that he has wanted to see a yellow alternate introduced.

New York Islanders conceptThis is from another first-timer, Zack. He brings a return of the fish sticks colours, but not the logo itself. Using this colour scheme might not be that bad of an idea for the Islanders' new alternate next season.

Phoenix Coyotes conceptGlen took a break from re-branding the league to send in this Coyotes concept, on the old CCM cut jersey. The logo was a very little used logo from a series of hats, if I'm not mistaken. I think the desert dogs would have worn this in the pre-Edge era. It's a little wacky, but not too wacky to be unacceptable.

January 23, 2011 Tutorial

I have made a basic tutorial for anyone who is interested in getting started making concepts with the program.

I find to be a slight cross between Photoshop and MS Paint. Give it a try, you might like it.

Click the TUTORIAL tab to get started.

Full Jersey Sets

This is a quick post, lacking in opinion. Please leave opinions in the comments section. Why is this so quick? I'm glad you asked, I'm working on an updated tutorial on jersey creation. I've gotten a few emails this weekend on how to use

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Gary)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Stephan)

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Gary) (logo by Ryan Haslett)

Concept artists always appreciate feedback so please leave some critiques in the comments section below.

Tutuorial should be posted tonight or tomorrow night.

January 22, 2011

Quick Post

Just a quick hit here.

A few days ago I posted a Tampa Bay Lightning throwback jersey. Someone in the comment section mentioned that I should have used the old "paintbrush" numbers from the late 90's.

Turns out that font is called "Reporter". Instead of applying those numbers to my concept, I made a sheet of them for everyone to use on their concepts.
Late 90's Tampa Bay Lightning numbers
I have also updated my Photobucket account to include this addition.

January 21, 2011

Kings, Thrashers and Stars

COTW voting has been completed and Ryan's(me) winning Capitals concept can be found on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Atlanta Thrashers conceptThis is from Avi. Great design here using the CCM 6100 pattern. Except for the hem which uses the baby blue jersey 6100 lines. Again, I love this logo as the main crest, without the wordmark maybe? It's also nice to see the "A" logo with the bird's head as a shoulder patch. I wouldn't be surprised if that logo were to be used on the new alternate jerseys next season.

Dallas Stars conceptsFirst time contributor, Mason sent in these photos of a jersey he did up using Athletic Knit jersey customizer. You can find a link to the AK Customizer on the TUTORIAL/TEMPLATES page. Unfortunately the images are a little bit grainy. I hope you're not too upset Mason, but I took what you did and made it a little bit clearer...while still providing your photos. Hope to see more work from you!

Los Angeles Kings conceptAvi sends in a concept here that makes you think what the Kings might look like if they kept the "Gretzky logo" for the Edge jerseys. I'm all for it, except the white shoulder yokes. I even would keep the silver outline on the shoulders.

Soon, I'll be putting up a new page where I will be posting my concepts based on all of the information that comes out regarding new sweaters for the 2011-12 season!

One final note, to anyone who submits artwork. For best quality, I recommend saving in .png or .gif format. I also recommend having your name or some sort of identifier on your concept. These images come up quite often on Google image searches and you want people to know who did the work.

January 20, 2011

Coyotes, Leafs and More!

Avi sent this in.
Hartford Whalers conceptHe combined the new Blue Jackets third jersey template with the colours and logo of the Hartford Whalers. Jersey looks good, but obviously people would cry foul because it looks like the Jackets' jersey. Am I alone in preferring a green Whalers jersey to a blue one?

I was just messing around and came up with this.
Tampa Bay Lightning conceptAs you can see, I combined the late 90's template with the Reebok Edge cut. I do like the numbering style the Bolts used to use. It really set them apart from other teams in the league.

Here is Tex's recent contribution.
Phoenix Coyotes conceptI think it might be a little more interesting if the PHX patch were on the left side of the jersey, as in over top of the player's heart. This is a good use of a third jersey because the Coyotes' home and away have very traditional elements. Here, Tex uses the third jersey to employ designs that don't appear on the home or road and aren't as traditional.

Now we finish back where we started.
Toronto Maple Leafs conceptHere is Avi's Leafs concept. I love that leaf, but as a shoulder patch. I think you need the team name if it's to be used as a main crest. That may just be me with the blue and white goggles on though. I like the striping on the jersey. Even though it's all different it seems to work for me.

January 19, 2011

Glen's NHL Rebrand Part VII

ISLANDERS- The Islanders have had a rather interesting jersey history to say the least. The look that I like best from the Islanders was their pre-Edge look. So that is what I returned to. The lighthouse logo from the "Fishsticks" jerseys has been updated and placed on the shoulders and on the chest of the third jersey. The four stripes on the third represent the 4 straight Cups that the Isles won in the '80s.

RANGERS- The new retro jerseys that the team unveiled this year were the inspiration for this concept. I just can't get over how good the Rangers look in navy blue and dark red. I changed the road to match the home. I also went with "New York" as the wordmark on the home. The third jersey was inspired by the Kitchener Rangers of the OHL. Instead of a soldier like Kitchener usually has, I used Lady Liberty.

OTTAWA- In the years immediately preceding the Edge jerseys, Ottawa couldn't decide on its identity. Is it a modern team with swooping stripes and a front-facing logo, or is it a classic team with straight stripes and the original logo? I went classic for this Rebrand. The black jersey returns as the road, and the updated side-facing Senator is placed on both jerseys. The maple leaf/Peace Tower logo is on the shoulders of the home and road. I combined the O from the team's current shoulder logo with the "winged S" logo from their pre-Edge days for the alternate.

For those of you marking your calendars, after this post my Rebrand will now appear on THURSDAYS instead of Wednesday. I don't have classes on Thursdays, so it will give me more time to work on my Rebrand.

Stay tuned for a rather interesting Coyotes design next week, as well as a welcome change for the Penguins.