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Week of Dec 26 - Jan 2

To begin with, a special Christmas treat from Stéphane
Here we go, the final week of the 2011 COTW calendar!

The COTW nominees are up and listed on the left side of the page (and below).You can see the nominated concepts by clicking the banner on the left or going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Committee Members can vote for the COTW until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The slightly unpopular Battle of the Legends competition came to an end over the weekend. The winner was me!Here are the results of the vote.

Did you get a hockey sweater as a gift this holiday season? Even if you didn't this still applies to you. Take pictures of all of the jerseys in your jersey collection and put them together in a collage. Send them into HJC and I will begin to share those collages with everyone, beginning with the Live Blog for the Winter Classic on January 2nd!

Boston Bruins concepts (by Stephen T.)These are some of the cleanest concepts that Stephen has sent in! I like the vintage feel of them. A couple of notes, be sure to fill in the shading spots of the player model. Also, you want to draw your jersey stripes over top of said shading spots. For full details, check out the tutorial from a couple of weeks ago.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Dylan)Dylan really goes with the "Canucks" theme here...literally. These just aren't for me. Some execution notes; the shoulder patches are too small, the TV number isn't placed properly (but this was sent in before last weekend's tutorial) and the shoulder patches on the alternate are facing backwards.

Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights concepts (by Alex)This team existed before the Edge era, so Alex has shown us what they would look like if they followed the same path as their parent club. He's also created a new 3rd jersey that seems to play of off some retro Flames elements.

Calgary Flames concept (by Connor)This is a really good black Flames 3rd jersey! It looks like Connor has used the red from the Heritage Classic and it looks great with the black sweater. TV numbers should be split on both sides of the jersey, but I'll give two weeks of letting it slide. Also, the collar is a collar that would use 3 colours, you'd want to use the simple/classic Edge collar. COTW nomination from me!

Winter Classic concepts (by Chris Z.)Chris has the 2013 Winter Classic in St. Louis and he has the Blues playing the Blackhawks. He's used the same jerseys that the Hawks and St. Louis Eagles wore for the 1934-35 season. Thus he gets away with not having TV numbers because sweaters didn't have TV numbers back in those days.

Nashville Predators concept (by Dave C.)Dave has turned the Rangers' Winter Classic sweater into a white 3rd jersey concept for the Predators. Looks good and nice use of the guitar pick logo on the back. It would be hard for any team to look bad in this striping.

Nashville Predators concept (by Spirit104)Nice job here by Spirit to re-introduce the checkerboard pattern with the new Predators look! My only preference would be to switch the NP logo with the primary logo.

New York Golden Blades concepts (by WinnipegJets96)Even though the Golden Blades barely lasted half a season, Jets96 shows us what they would look like "if" the WHA was still around and "if" it adopted the Edge jersey system and "if" the team managed to survive the last 38 years. The old Sens 3rd jersey does adapt their design quite well and I like the arm stripe that has been added.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Kyle C.)Cool concepts and after seeing this logo in blue and red I think it looks better this way. There's a few loose pixels around the logo on the blue jersey that could have been fixed. Other than that, these look good! Perhaps one star on each shoulder would work even better?
Week of Dec 26 - Jan 2 Reviewed by Ryan on December 26, 2011 Rating: 5


AJH said...

Dave C for COTW!

Anonymous said...

What will be the next competition Ryan?

Ryan said...

That will be announced on Jan 2 Live Blog

Anonymous said...

OK. Can't wait!

michaelnedrow said...


I just have a quick question. I created a logo using portions of someone else's logo. Do I credit them for the logo?

Ryan said...



Anonymous said...

as an Omaha Ak-sar-ben Knights fan, i'm appalled at Alex's concept. no effort was put into that at all. the knights wore the same uniforms as the flames did during their tenure in omaha...great, all you did was the exact same thing...and their vintage third jersey was better than what you "designed"

Ryan said...


Try to be more constructive. Any ideas on what you would like to see?

OAKnights said...

@Alex...AHL teams wear white at home...fail...

thesensfan99 said...

I second Connor for COTW

Alex (LEGOSWHockey) said...

@Anonymous I will make different ones if you prefer.

@OAKnights I also went to many of their games but I prefer having the dark as a hoke opposed to the white like in the NHL unlike the AHL.

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