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Tuesday Concepts

Here is the first entry that came in for the Battle of the Legends Competition.

Battle of the Legends entry (by Brady)
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Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that some of you have been sending in concepts only to send in a revised or updated version a few hours or a day later. If you're not sure that you're done with a concept it's okay to sit on it for a day or two and make sure that it is how you want it to be before you send it in. There's no rush here, everything gets posted eventually.

Winnipeg Bears concepts (by Chuckie)This is supposed to be a concept team, but unfortunately all I see is a recoloured Memphis Grizzlies logo on a recoloured Panthers jersey. Execution errors include a lack of TV numbers and the TM left on the logo of the alternate jersey. The problem here is nothing about this seems like a created team. I could do the exact same concepts and send it in, then say it's a team I created called the Regina Growlers.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Jeremy)The arm stripes are similar to the first ever Canucks jersey. The hem stripes go for a crazy journey though. It seems like two separate jerseys held together by the stick-in-rink logo. This was sent in before last weekend's details tutorial, but that it worth a look if you missed it.

Edmonton Oil Kings concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Everett Silvertips concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Kyle C.)I like the two tone blue for the Avs, but fans might dismiss that look as "too typical" nowadays. I'd switch up the logo recolour and use the Nordiques blue on the A, grey on the swoosh, and the darker blue on the oval behind everything. Good concepts though!

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by John T.)Nice fusion of the movie Ducks with the pro Ducks! Even the numbers look good on this jersey. This would be a really good concept if there were TV numbers though.

New York Rangers concept (by Spirit104)Spirit wanted to put the Rangers in blue for the Winter Classic. A blue vs orange game might have looked pretty cool. I like the simplicity of this sweater, but I think the stripes should be thicker to help this jersey not look so empty. Execution note, there are loose pixels at the tip of the front collar.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Brian B.)I'm a definitely not a fan of gradients, but something attracts me to this concept! Even though the gradients are all over it, they make sense on this hockey sweater. They aren't too over powering and they work with popular jersey elements. I wouldn't want to see it in the NHL, but any minor league team wearing this would get my attention. COTW nomination from me.
Tuesday Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on December 13, 2011 Rating: 5


Brandon C said...

Kyle C for COTW!

spirit104 said...

Kyle C. for COTW seconded

John Turcotte said...

Would like to have my Ducks' concept for COTW, once ! Is there someone who could give me a trick to how to put diagonal TV numbers ?

cody said...

i suugest you should check this page out. it wioll help you tremendously! the arms are straight upward, making it for you to do tv numners. just for the fact that you aksed im noming your jersey for COTW! http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/76598-paint-users-paradise-20/

Anonymous said...

Chuckie, I think that you need to stick to teams that are real dude. You basically did a Hershey Bears concept and changed it to Winnipeg.

johnnyturcotte@hotmail.com said...

Thanks Cody ! :-)

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