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Thursday's DHL Entries & Concepts

I left a link on the Facebook page and retweeted it on Twitter, but I have to mention the new retro marquee outside of Maple Leaf Gardens.
(Image: National Post)
Some of you may be too young and don't know/understand how important MLG is to people like myself. It had to be one of my favourite places to go, in the entire world. The fact that it stood dormant for 10 years was nearly heartbreaking. Now there's a grocery store in there that just opened yesterday. Also, a local university will be opening a new rink in the spring on the upper floor under the classic Gardens dome shaped roof. I don't think I've ever been so excited to go grocery shopping before! Here's a great blog on the changing looks of the marquee over the years.

Keep those DHL "Top 5" votes coming in. The voting phase for Pittsburgh and Toronto entries ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Today is the last day to vote for COTW! It is a very tight race as of this posting. If you're a Committee Member and haven't voted yet, be sure to email your vote in before 11:59pm EST tonight. Tomorrow we will begin the COTY-November vote!

I have updated some of the templates on the TEMPLATES page to reflect the use of the Reebok wordmark on the back.

Also, I'm still taking any tutorial ideas for weekend posts.

Brooklyn & Vancouver DHL Entries

Vancouver DHL entry (by Alan)
Vancouver DHL entry (by John T.)
Vancouver DHL entry (by Kris)

Brooklyn DHL entry (by Alan)

Brooklyn DHL entry (by Kris)

Vancouver Canucks concept (by D3troit1388)We get the inaugural Canucks sweater turned green here with the new "stick in rink" logo has been applied. Decent looking jersey, but the logos are a little pixelated (especially the shoulder patches). Also there are some "loose" pixels at the bottom right of the logo and some uncoloured pixels at the corners of the front hem.

Chatham Jr. Maroons concepts (by Alan)Their current primary sweater look like this. It appears that Alan has left their 3rd jerseys unchanged and in my opinion he should have done the same with the primaries. The change that he has made on the side panels seems unnecessary. It seems like something Reebok would do just to be different.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by WhiteLightning)White gives us a completely 80's retro set for the Kings. He's also added a 90's retro jersey, but with the updated crown logo as the primary crest. Very good execution on the concepts.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Brady)Brady has adjusted the Winter Classic jersey a bit and added a circle with text around the logo. A couple of notes, the Reebok logo on the pants is a good idea for a Euro league, but it wouldn't be allowed in the NHL. The Reebok on the back of the jersey is too big, but the updated template on the TEMPLATES page will help that. Finally, the logo that Brady has put together is fine, but I think its shape is better suited for a shoulder placement.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Brian B.)I seem to be getting a few of these Penguins "fixes" nowadays. Steven G's version won COTW a couple of weeks ago. This one is a good combo of eras, I think I'd only change the captain's C to a more traditional font.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Brandon C.)Canucks fans look away, someone is shining the light of truth on your team again! Hahaha, it looks like Brandon has singled out Burrows here as his target (although there are many other candidates on that team). I think though that the diving board would be hidden under the players' arms and around the side of their body when they put this jersey on. COTW nomination for creativity though!
Thursday's DHL Entries & Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on December 01, 2011 Rating: 5


cody said...

brandon for cotwe. that is the first jersey to ever make me laugh.

Stéphane Sinotte said...

WhiteLightning for COTW! I just love the clean, simple and complete work on his Kings concept. I particularly like the third, which combine elements from different years that are easily and rapidly recognizable. Only one comment: the yellow road jersey wouldn't go through NHL approval nowadays, because yellow is now considered as a primary color. Imagine the Kings playing against the Predators in Nashville...

@Ryan: if we make an all-star team for the DHL, how do you call the players? Death Stars? (ha! ha! ha! Shanahan to Crosby: "Sidney, I am your father!")

spirit104 said...

I love Brandon's jersey! Of course this is coming from a Bruins fan.

Avi said...

brandons jersey just made me lol

Tex said...

Brandon's concept is great.

Brian's Penguins for COTW, the Vegas Gold isn't too bad, I like that it takes a lesser role in this concept.

Brian said...

That Brooklyn DHL entry by Alan is really nice! Can I nominate it for COTW?

Ryan said...

@Brian: No. It's a competition entry.

michaelnedrow said...


Thanks for updating the template page.

Also here are some great inkscape tutorials, which I have been doing lately and have really helped.


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