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My tickets arrived today for the 2nd 2012 AHL Outdoor Classic in Hamilton on January 21st.A quick check of Ticketmaster shows that tickets don't seem to be selling very well. Hope I'm not sitting alone or else it could get very cold. Tickets are decently priced as well, $40 with taxes and all the fees for the first 15 rows or so. Even if it turns out to be a weak crowd I'm still looking forward to the experience of watching an outdoor game live.

Today is the last day to vote for the COTW!!

It is also the last day to vote for COTY-November, which as of this posting is tied!

Also, "Top 5" Brooklyn & Vancouver DHL voting continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Jeremy)We get a combination of Sabres sweaters on this concept. The 40th anniversary script doesn't look great when laid out vertically like this, in my opinion. Also, the vintage white hem seems out of place, I think it should just be blue. The usual execution errors are here also such as uncoloured pixels on the front collar and on the back just under the collar. Also the Reebok logo has been left black. How many more times will I have to note these kinds of things?

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Josh)The jersey striping wold be great if the hem wasn't coloured blue. The old Lightning paintbrush numbers would be better if they were at least coloured to match the jersey. As much as I love the logo that Josh has used here, I think it's much better suited as a shoulder patch. I do like the idea of blue collar laces though!

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brian B.)Brian has used a modified Reebok sweater design on this one. I'm not sure I like it. What I do like is "Robo-Penguin" in blue! I also like the style of collar the Brian has chosen to use.

Winter Classic concepts (by Kris)If Kris had his way these are what the Winter Classic jerseys would look like. I agree with the Flyers concept except for the outline of the yoke. I prefer the sweater that the Rangers will use, but this concept by Kris is pretty good as well.

Winter Classic concepts (by Steven G.)And if Steven had his way the Flyers would wear their sweaters from the 80's. He'd also have the Rangers wear a true white jersey that combines the current white sweater with the script from the 1947 sweater. Is that Flyers jersey old enough to fit the theme of hockey played outdoors? I guess it doesn't matter, as the Sabres wore a 1970's jersey for their Winter Classic and I loved it!

Nashville Predators concept (by HJC)I was a big fan of the Preds' checkerboard sweater. I tried here to bring it back in the same style as their new sweaters. Even though the blue numbers look to be a different shade of blue, they are the same. The black makes the blue in the stripes appear darker. Perhaps getting rid of the white outline on the numbers would help that.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Spirit104)This is a great concept from Spirit104! I love the stripes on the sleeves. My only small changes would be to have matching stripes on the hem and to use the unique font that the Jackets use on the home and road sweaters.
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cody said...

Ryan i have been looking all over for a goalie pad template! there isn'tone on the templates page, so if you could do the honour and post it up there, it be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, keep on working with your Predator's concept. There's a lot of potential in it, but it's not ready...


Ryan said...

@Marty: Absolutely. Any thoughts on what you would like to see?

Avi said...

I would make the hem and cuffs blue. It seems a little bare with all of that white space

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