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Solid Tuesday Post

On Monday, January 2, the new look HJC will be revealed during the Winter Classic Live Blog (begins @ 1pm EST). During the Live Blog I will be doing the regular Monday post items and concepts, along with posting YOUR jersey collections! Take some pictures of your hockey jerseys and put them all together in a collage, just like I have done below.Then email them in and I will post as many as I can during the January 2nd Live Blog!

There's only one vote happening this week...
COTW Dec 19-25 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Washington Capitals concept (by Roger)This could be a really good concept. I like the stripes and the colours are spot on. I think the shoulder patch would look better if it was kept in its original colours and a white outline was applied. Also, there are no TV numbers.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)This is a REALLY creative jersey design! I like it a lot. My only small nitpick is that I don't think the new "simplified" shoulder patches go with the old logo, but that's not a very big deal. Nice work Spirit104!

Colorado Rockalanche concept (by Ross)This was posted a couple of weeks ago and got COTW nominated. Ross made some adjustments based on comments he got on CCSLC and sent it in again. I love the captain's C's and A's and the "big foot" state flag inspired shoulder patch!

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Jack)Haven't posted anything from Jack in a while so it was good to get stuff from him again. Here he gives us a very modern Flyers design, which Flyers fans may not be too happy about because it looks like a Penguins jersey. Great execution of the concept though.

Soviet Union Tribute jersey concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 keeps it classic and simple, nice work. Also, that's a good idea with the design on the cuffs. In my opinion, that design would look even better if it were a darker red and was "hidden" in the cuffs of the jersey. Side note, I think the team known as the "Red Army" was actually the club that now plays in the KHL called CSKA Moscow.

Jokerit SM-liiga concept (by Glen)Jokerit has always had my favourite logo of any club team in Europe. Ever since the Leafs went over there and played an exhibition game against them in 2003 I've loved their logo. Typically, Jokerit uses the same sweaters that the Florida Panthers wear, but Glen does a nice job here giving them new jerseys and a unique look. I love the accuracy of the sweater as well with the sponsor patches and the Reebok logos! COTW nomination from me!

Atlanta Flaming Thrashers concept (by Ross)Another awesome mash-up concept from Ross, and there's more coming. I like the shoulder patch even though it's a circle logo and the striping of the jersey. The primary crest is good as well, but perhaps could be better if the bird was used as the strike-through in the A, like this logo?

Prince Albert Raiders concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Prince George Cougars concepts (by Kevin) Description included on the concepts.
Get your COTW vote in and your jersey collection collages!
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Tex said...

I just find the whole "tribute" to the soviet union kinda funny.

"Better dead than red."

AJH said...

Spirit104's Lightning Concept got my vote for COTW cool look!

Connor Hanley said...

I second Glen's Jokerit concept

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