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Legends Entries & DHL Final

The DHL Divisional playoff vote has ended with one additional person voting. Advancing to the DHL Final are the Brooklyn Americans and the Toronto Blueshirts.Seeing as interest is fading in this project, we will try to get this vote over with a little quicker and it will end on Tuesday @ 11:59pm EST. Click on the banner on the right side of the page or the DHL tab to see the entries.

The deadline for Battle of the Legends entries is tonight (Sunday) @ 11:59pm EST. Here are some of the entries that have come in over the last two days.

Battle of the Legends entry (by Eric W.)
Battle of the Legends entry (by Justin C.)
Battle of the Legends entry (by HJC)
Battle of the Legends entry (by Victor)

Check out the Legends page and get your entry in before 11:59pm EST.
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Dylan said...

Ryan, there was a conversation in the summer about what The winner of COTY gets, have you thought of what they will get?

Ryan said...

@Dylan: Right now it looks like the prize will be a shirt & a trophy/plaque. I want to include a hat in there, but it's quite expensive to get a custom logo on a hat.

Kyle C. said...

Ryan, if you win COTY, are you going to buy yourself a trophy?

Ryan said...

@Kyle: Yeah! If I win, I will have won just the same as any other person.

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