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Last Day for COTW Votes

Committee Members, this week more than ever I need you to place your vote for the COTW! It's nearly tied across the board and voting ends tonight at 11:59pm EST. If you're a Committee Member (there are over 30 of you) and you have yet to vote for the COTW, please email your vote in before the deadline. We need you this week!

I am really loving the jersey collections that have been coming in. Rangers and new Jets jerseys seem to be most popular so far. What's in your closet? Again, don't worry about how many you have. So far, we have collections ranging in size from 1 jersey to 29 jerseys. Christmas was good to me this year as I was able to add 5 jerseys to my collection. Hopefully they arrive before the January 2 Live Blog.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Jack)Jack presents an alternative to what the Flyers will wear on Monday. For me, this has too much vintage white and it seems to "bleed" into the orange too much. Get rid of the vintage white yokes and this could be good.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by WinnipegJets96)I don't like the home and roads very much. If you removed the gold parts that run under the arms they would be much better. The 3rd jersey is okay, but a little boring to me and the vintage sweater seems somewhat poorly executed. The colours are in the wrong places and the eggplant stripe comes too far down the chest. Also, the jersey would be stitched a different way if this jersey were to be made.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)Tex has Edge-ified the Penguins' pre-Edge sweaters and made some modifications. The mods include the pants, collar, and curving of the jersey stripes. Also, he switched to somewhat of a more traditional block font. Too bad, I like the font that the Penguins use as it seems classic yet unique to them.

New York Rangers concept (by Kyle C.)Decent concepts from Kyle. I just feel like the Rangers shouldn't wear a predominantly red sweater. After all, they are called the "Broadway Blueshirts". Perhaps there could also be some grey in the outline of the numbers to go along with the grey in the logo.

New York Rangers concept (by Jack)Jack gives us a 1946-47 Rangers sweater where he uses the colours of the team's 3rd jersey. Really nice execution here.

Seattle Spacers concept (by Spirit104)When Spirit sent this to me he said the team was called the Spacers, but the title on the concept calls them the Space. Ah well, I like that he went with a "Seattle colour scheme". It's not bad that Spirit used pre-existing images for his logos, and he's cited them properly as well. I just think that the idea of the shoulder patch would be fairly simple to create yourself. Perhaps next time consider attempting to draw your own logo?

OHL Winter Classic concepts (by Torin)Torin takes the OHL outdoors with his concept here. I really like that Generals fauxback and the Majors' sweater definitely fits their look. My only improvement would be that the Generals might look better in blue pants. Either way, well done!

Brandon Wheat Kings concept (by Scott)Scott promotes the team's 3rd jersey and places their primary logo on it. He then has added a matching Bruins white road jersey. The Wheat Kings seem to have one of the better looking brands in the WHL. Nice work Scott and again, nice presentation.

Red Deer Rebels concepts (by Kevin) Description on concepts.
Minnesota Wild Stars concept (by Ross)Another awesome concept by Ross. The combination of the logos is brilliant and the jersey stripes and colours mash the two Minnesota teams together extremely well. I have no choice but to give this a COTW nomination!
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AJH said...

2nd nom for Ross.

Tommy Gentz said...

Ross is hitting god-mode these last couple weeks!!! talk about a spree! CTOW Nom aswell

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