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Inbox Is Filling Up Again!

Last season, at the height of HJC's popularity there were over 110 concepts in line waiting to be posted. At it's lowest point this summer, there were only about 20 concepts waiting to be posted. I'm happy to say that it looks like HJC is back to where is was last year plus a little bit more. There are over 115 concepts waiting to be posted, so thank you everyone for your contributions and keep them coming!

COTW Dec 19-25 (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's jersey collections that they have sent in. We will have collections of all sizes, from mine, which will contain 29 sweaters to another which has 1. If you would like your jersey collection posted for everyone to see during the Live Blog on January 2, then take pictures of your jerseys and put them together in a collage. Then send them in. I did this last year as well and you can take a look at some of those posts HERE.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Michael L.)I think this suffers from the same thing that happened to the Leafs' sweaters during the Edge-ification of the league. They have been over simplified. Perhaps making the jersey white in between the red arm stripes would help? I understand that this is supposed to be a throwback style concept, but I still don't think enough is happening on this jersey.

Stockholm Vikings concept (by Chuckie)Hot pink, yellow, and blue just aren't good colours for a hockey jersey, in my opinion. I understand Chuckie is trying to come up with "fantasy" teams, but all I continue to see is other team's logos on different sweaters. Here is an execution note, stripes on jerseys go over top of the stitching. I will commend Chuckie on his creative layout of the number and NOB.

Winter Classic concepts (by Chris Z.)On Monday I posted a 1935 inspired Blues vs Hawks Winter Classic concepts. Today Chris has a 1944 inspired game between those two teams. The Blues' sweater is taken from the old St. Louis Flyers of the AHL. My only note would be to make the logo, number, and pants the same shade of blue that is on the jersey.

Boston Red Sox concept (by Spirit104)Would a Red Sox hockey jersey be acceptable in Boston? I know here in Toronto they made a Raptors hockey jersey and people loved it. However, if they were to make a Leafs baseball or basketball jersey people might riot. Actually we'd probably just be really angry and leave the rioting to Montreal and Vancouver.

Buffalo Sabres concept #1 (by Jack)Buffalo Sabres concept #2 (by Jack)Concept #1 is a cool idea, taking the buffalo out of the circle. Concept #2 is also pretty neat. It has the look like it's a throwback to an original jersey, but we all know they never wore this. This may sound weird, but I could see #2 as a Sabres sweater if they were ever in the WHA.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Spirit104)This is a nicely executed concept by Spirit. It's funny, this concept kind of gives Pens fans a choice of which Reebok cookie cutter jersey they would like better. This or what they have now?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Steven G.)Steven went back to his first ever concepts contributed to HJC and has fixed them up and applied all of his new skills. I love that! He's used colour combinations of the Jets and CFL's Blue Bombers to create these "Golden Jet" concepts. Bobby Hull would be proud to wear these.

Portland Winterhawks concepts (by Kevin) Description included on concepts.
California Golden Sharks concept (by Ross)This is my favourite from Ross' "mash-up" series. I really think he's done a marvelous job combining the old Seals' logo with the Sharks' new logo. The same can be said for the jersey that he has placed the logo on. Despite the loose pixel on the front left side of the collar, I give this a COTW nomination!
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AJH said...

Ross got My vote for COTW from me very nice Golden Sharks concept!

Sam said...

Concept o' the week from me!!! I'm loving the Mashed-up logo.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was supposed to be light purple. I'm not sure why it looks like pink on the post though.


I'm gonna have to go with an anonymous I.D. because of PC problems.

Ricky said...

Boston would absolutely accept, especially as a way to one up rival teams. I go to school in Springfield, MA and am around enough fans who mostly live in the Greater Boston Metro area.
When a NE Patriots cross-brand concept appeared on this site, I asked around to the true fans out of about 200, who all said that they enjoyed it to a majority extent.

P.S. - Gambro gets a COTW from me on his first concept ("Buffalo out of a circle")

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