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COTW Winner!

Winning his 3rd COTW this week was Brandon S. with his St. Louis Blues concepts! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry. Thank you to the Voting Committee Members who voted, as you really made it a close race! The results of the vote are below.

Brandon S. - 4
Avi - 3
Dave C. -2
Michael N. - 2
Brian B. - 0

Everyday a new jersey collection is sent in and I'm enjoying looking at all of them. I'm really looking forward to posting them during the January 2nd Live Blog! If you want me to post your jersey collection, then take pictures of your jerseys, put them together in a collage and email them in!

Speaking of jerseys, this Christmas was very good to me as I was able to order 5 new sweaters to add to my collection! Unfortunately those jerseys won't arrive before the January 2 Live Blog. However, I thought a neat idea would be for you guys to guess which jerseys I purchased. The first person to guess at least 3/5 will get a sneak peek at the new look HJC! Don't just guess which teams, also guess home or road and year, if applicable. Leave your guesses in the comments. Here are some clues...

- 1 is a retro jersey from the CCM Vintage collection - 1 is a Winter Classic jersey - 3 of them are current jerseys - of those current jerseys, none are older than the 2010-11 season

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Stephen)Stephen has used the Peace Tower from the ASG logo and applied it inside the "O" logo. He's also used the 3rd jersey colours. The black jersey is really the only one I like. On the vintage white jersey the stripes look to be in reverse order of the black jersey. As I've mentioned previously, you'll want to fill in the shading on the player model and the stripes go over top of that shading. Also, it appears that the Sabres stitched numbers were attempted to be used here, but it looks like there has been a big bite taken out of them on the bottom right.

Ottawa 67's concepts (by Torin)
Torin adds vintage white to the 67's red sweater and he's also added a vintage white jersey to match, with red shoulder yokes. The previous Edge black jersey is used here as an alternate. I'd say this is a near perfect set if two changes were made. First being removing the yokes on the white jersey and second being making the TV numbers white on the black jersey. Oh, and for the alternate jersey, a different stitching pattern would be used.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Spirit104)Spirit has removed the black from the 3rd jersey and added "Avalanche red" sleeve striping. This jersey isn't great, but it's also not bad. I sort of feel indifferent towards this one. I like the execution though. Personally I'm not a huge fan of jerseys that read "ABCDE #12" on the back, but that's only a personal preference.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Jack)I think this is a great combination of old and new as far as a Lightning concept goes! I really like the striping design on the sleeves as well. I can't even think of anything I don't like about this one. Great job Jack!

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Scott)Scott has made a mash-up Hawks logo and placed it on the original black 3rd jersey. This is decent except I'd like the "native head" logo to fit inside the red circle. What if you kept the "native head" logo as the primary and move the tomahawk logo into the circle script logo (as a shoulder patch)?

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brandon C.)These are really great Flames concepts and nice work with the player model as well! The one adjustment that would make them a 10/10 to me would be to remove the double yoke outline and the red sweater. Still, great concepts and well executed. COTW nomination from me!

Oklahoma City Barons concept (by HJC)What started out as an Oilers concept quickly became a Barons concept. I didn't think the bronze would work on the shoulders at first, but then I added the thicker white outline and I was pretty happy with it.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Justin)I really like the home sweater, but the road sweater loses me with the blue side panels. In my opinion, blue yokes would have looked better. Perhaps someone could explain the ship reference in the logo to me?

Regina Pats concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.
New York Islanders concept (by Avi)You know I'm going to say it, but here's another black Isles concept that is better than what they use! The stripes are somewhat unique, yet classic. The "four stripe" shoulder patch looks great on this jersey as well!

Finally, don't expect a tutorial this weekend, with it being New Year's Eve and all.
COTW Winner! Reviewed by Ryan on December 30, 2011 Rating: 5


michaelnedrow said...


Is that the new logo in the lower left corner of the live blog banner? If so,nice, it has a nice modern feel.

AJH said...

2nd nom for Brandon C!

Anonymous said...

Here are my guesses:
Minnesota North Stars 1988-91 green
New York Rangers 2012 Winter Classic
Winnipeg Jets 2011-present blue
Philadelphia Flyers 2010-present white
Tampa Bay Lightning 2011-present blue

Ryan said...


You got 1.5 out of 5

D3TROIT1388 said...

Here's my guess.
1. Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jersey
2. Toronto St. Patricks 1926-27 Jersey
3. New York Islanders Road 2010
4. New York Rangers 2010 3rd
5. Washington Capitals 3rd 2011

Torin said...

My guesses:

Boston Bruins- Winter Classic
Nashville Predators- Present, home
Columbus Blue Jackets- Present, Alternate
Hartford Whalers- Vintage 89-92 Green
New York Islanders- Present, Alternate

Ryan said...

@D3troit: 2 out of 5

@Torin: 1 out of 5

Brandon C said...

Quick question, what are the CCM Vintage Throwbacks?

Ryan said...

@Brandon: They are vintage jerseys made by CCM

Brandon C said...

My guesses:
1. Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jersey
2. Winnipeg Jets Current Home
3. Tampa Bay Lightning Current Home
4. Nashville Predators 2010-11 Alternate
5. Toronto St. Patricks 1926-27 Jersey

Ryan said...

Brandon: 2 out of 5

Brandon C said...

My new guesses(if I can make more):
1. Boston Bruins Winter Classic Jersey
2. Columbus Blue Jackets Current Alternate
3. Nashville Predators Current Home
4. New York Islanders Current Alternate
5. Toronto St. Patricks 1926-27 Jersey

Ryan said...

1 out of 5

Brandon C said...

3rd round of guessing.. (3rd time's the charm?):
1. Boston Bruins Winter Classic
2. New York Islanders Current Road
3. Winnipeg Jets Current Home
4. Columbus Blue Jackets Current Alternate
5. Toronto St. Patricks 1926-27 Jersey

Ryan said...

3 out of 5 for Brandon!

#'s 1-3 are correct.

Next person to guess the other 2 also gets a sneak peek.

Brandon C said...

Yay! Will i get an e-Mail?

Ryan said...

Yes I will email it to you late tonight.

Anonymous said...

Last 2:
Canucks 2010-11 throwback
North Stars 1988-91 green

What site did you get the Bruins WC jersey?

Ryan said...

Kris: .5 out of 2


Anonymous said...

Last 2 (second guess):
North Stars 1981-91 white
Ducks 2010-present third

Ryan said...

1 out of 2

Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: The ship refers to Québec city's logo, which refers to Jacques Cartier's ships. Cartier "discovered" Canada in 1534.

Tyler said...

Does anyone know where i can get a Winnipeg Jets Innagural Season Patch? I bought a jersey on boxing day but am not sure where yo get a patch. Thanks,


Ryan said...




Andrew B. said...

How are we going to be able to watch the Live blog tomorrow. I'm really excited and hope the Blueshirts win.

Ryan said...

@Andrew: There's nothing to technically "watch" here. You just keep coming back to HJC (or refresh the page) every 3-5 minutes and new content will be posted. It will be a place where we can all share our thoughts on what's going on, but all at the same time. We're all going to experience everything together.

Justin said...

My guesses for the last two are:
- Ottawa Senators 2011-12 alternate jersey
- Minnesota North Stars 1981-91 white jersey

Ryan said...

1 out of 2. My collection will NEVER have a Sens or Habs jersey

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