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The COTW vote was tied last night. It remained tied up until 9 minutes before the deadline, then the winning vote was emailed in. The COTW for December 12-18 is Kevin and his Brandon Wheat Kings concepts! You can see those concepts of the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.

Kevin - 4
Ross - 3

The only vote remaining is the Battle of the Legends vote. Committee Members, we need your votes! This vote ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm EST

Dylan, a frequent contributor, has just started up his own blog. You can check it out here.

Team Macedonia concepts (by Ricky)I like that Ricky used the KHL cut jersey. It definitely gives the idea that these are international concepts. My personal choice with the home and road jerseys would not to have the side panels a different colour than the chest of the jersey. I'd keep the yokes the way they are not, but make the sides and chest the same colour.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Thomas)I feel like that stripes going across the chest should be wider. I guess the arm stripes would need to do the same, to match. Then maybe the cuffs would have to decrease in size also. The logo might also pop more if it remained yellow.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Jeremy)This is a good idea by Jeremy and it's almost there. There are some execution errors that hold it back. The loose white pixels around the logo, the un-coloured Reebok logo on the back and the vertical stitching which technically should end at the hem stripes. Also in my opinion, the gold stripe on the arms would look better white.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Kyle C.)Kyle makes a white version of the current 3rd jersey. Except I miss the bluenote shoulder patches! Also, the blue in the logo is not the same blue that he uses on his jersey. The numbers and logo on the full body model might be a little small, but good work nonetheless.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Spirit104)Spirit borrows the L.A. Dodgers' script for his concept. I like this concept, but only if it were used as merchandise and not on the ice. Also, it might look even better if the crown logo moved from the shoulder to the front in place of the number.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Dave C.)A nice classic simple jersey here which would be great as the Kings' 3rd! I personally might make the number gold. I'd also think about just the crown as a shoulder pacth. Having two of pretty much the same logo on one jersey doesn't look great to me. Still, a really nice concept!

Indianapolis Racers concept (by WinnipegJets96)This definitely works with the Racers theme! Even the Reebok logo on the back gets involved! I guess for this concept Jets96 has moved the Racers to the NHL, judging by the collar insert? Nice work, as Jets96 originally sent in THIS Racers concept 3 months ago. He knows how much he's improved and he wanted to update his concept!

Moose Jaw Warriors concepts (by Kevin) Description on the concepts.
Dallas Stars concepts (by Michael N.)These North Stars based concepts look awesome! Colours are great and I like the shoulder patch! You would just want to make it a little smaller so that it would sit properly inside the yokes. Also, on the full body model the shading has not been completed properly. I'm not crazy about a gold helmet on the green uniform. This is a really great look for the Stars though and I give it a COTW nomination!

Tomorrow at 4:30pm EST this weekend's tutorial will be posted. After that, I will be celebrating and enjoying my Christmas holidays. That means that HJC posts will not be posted at regular times. They may not even be posted regularly. You never know what can come up and if I'll be able to find the time to get to a computer.

The best way to know when a post goes up is to "Like" HJC on Facebook and "Follow" HJC on Twitter. So, I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and stays safe! Remember, NHL Winter Classic on January 2nd and to go along with it HJC will be doing a Live Blog. Also, the new look blog will be revealed that day!
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on December 23, 2011 Rating: 5


Brandon said...

ryan you update the templates site with the new look already???
(if im ruining the surprise feel free not to approve this comment)

AJH said...

Michael N for COTW!

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