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COTW Winner!

The COTW vote ended last night and the winner is Avi with his Ottawa Senators concepts! You can see the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The results of the vote are below.

Avi - 5
Ryan - 2
Joni -1

The DHL Divisional vote tied at 2. That's right, all 6 entries got 2 votes each! That means we extend the DHL Divisional vote and it will now end on Saturday @ 12:00pm EST (that's noon). If you have yet to vote for your favourite DHL divisional concept, please do so before the deadline.

No more entries came in during the last 24 hours for the Battle of the Legends competition. Hopefully you're all getting your logos and concepts together to drop on me during the weekend!

New York Rangers concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 continues with his throwback jerseys for the Original 6 era. Here we get the Rangers' 1946 jersey with some changes. The colours of the numbers have been switched and Jets96 adds a two coloured collar. He's also removed the stripes from the pants and used a red helmet instead of blue (not that they wore helmets back in 1946).

Boston Bruins concept (by WinnipegJets96)This is the 1939-48 sweater...Edge'd of course. This could use a little more character by adding the triple striped socks the B's wore at the time. I know it's accurate to have the B logo on the arm, but just for aesthetics I would have it as a shoulder patch.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Spirit104)Eventhough there are a lot of stripes used here I still sort of like it. I find that the one drawback, for me anyways, is that the jersey is red. I always think of the Jets in blue sweaters, not red. Most people seem to hate on the wordmark, but I really like it. I think it does well as a primary crest on a jersey.

Kootenay Ice concepts (by Kevin) Descriptions on the concepts.
Worcester Sharks concepts (by Alan)These are really cool jerseys. Even if the Jacksonville Sharks' (Arena Football) logo wasn't used, these would be good AHL sweaters! Obviously Alan doesn't care for Reebok too much, as he's replaced all of their logos with his own, haha!

New York Islanders concept (by Ross)Coming of his very successful "Rockalanche" concept, Ross brings back the fishsticks! The logo looks really good, but I don't like the use of the two Islander blue's in it. I also feel that those 4 Stanley Cup stripes could be a little more subtle. Those are just my opinions though.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Avi)Avi uses the old Iowa Stars' jerseys of the AHL to create these awesome looking home and roads! This style has worked before here on HJC as I won COTW way back in March with a similar design. The white road looks amazing as well! The green alternate is really great also, except I think that the shade of gold used on the home and roads should also be used on the 3rds. I know Avi used this different shade of gold because he wanted the alternate to be used as "something different" for the team.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Scott)We finish one of the best HJC posts ever, in terms of quality, with Scott's Dallas Stars concepts. They kind of work off of the mid-90's sweaters, but they also have their own identity. The green pants with the vintage striping looks fantastic. That pants striping gets my attention everytime. My only note would be that if you're going to have black gloves maybe a small amount of black should be elsewhere as well. Perhaps the helmet? COTW nomination from me!
COTW Winner! Reviewed by Ryan on December 16, 2011 Rating: 5


Colin M. said...

ross' isles for COTW. that logo is sick!

Kris said...

I actually prefer the gold Avi used on the third than the one on the main set. COTW nomination from me!

spirit104 said...

Ryan, i have a quick question, how do you make a full body model for paint. net. i already saw the one for ms paint, do i do the same?

Scott Markiewicz said...

The only reason the gloves are black on my concept is because i suck at doing gloves. so i just leave them as they are sometimes, unless a solid color works with the set.

Ryan said...

@Spirit: Sort of. Work in LAYERS. SO create a new layer to draw your stripes on (do that each time you draw stripes). You can even draw way outside the lines if you work in layers! After stripes are drawn, go to the jersey layer and use the MAGIC WAND to select the jersey. Then go back to the stripes layers and select the EDIT tab, CUT. Now what you have remaining is the trim (stuff you don't need). Delete all of it, then EDIT tab, PASTE. Repeat those steps for everything. Hope that works for you!

Ryan said...

@Scott: Check out the tutorial from a couple of weeks ago on how to do the gloves.

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